Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets - Chapter 243 - Zheng Shaoyang, Devil-Type and Demon Spirit-Type

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Chapter 243 Zheng Shaoyang, Devil-Type and Demon Spirit-Type

Lightning Soul Earth, third level.

The berserk soul beasts on this level were much stronger than the previous two levels.

They all had soul power cultivation above 2,000 years, and some could reach 2,500 years.

There were basically no first-year students on this level.

Even if there were extremely different teams, they would basically only take a look at this level.

It was naturally very difficult to explore this level.

“How strong is your Lightning Crown Root King?” Wang Che asked the Lightning Hyacinths.

The second level’s Worm Faking Dragon’s Might was too effective and was smaller than the first level.

Wang Che swept through the area, but he did not see the Lightning Crown Root King. The soul beasts on the third level had a soul power cultivation of 2,000 years.

If that Lightning Crown Root King ran to such a place, it would not live for long.

The Lightning Hyacinths hissed.

‘It’s slightly stronger than that Golden-Winged Lightning Bird.’

The Golden-Winged Lightning Bird’s soul power cultivation was about 1,500 years.

“Then it should be on the third level. The Lightning Crown Root King’s soul power cultivation shouldn’t exceed 2,000 years.”

“After all, these Lightning Hyacinths only have a soul power cultivation of 700 years, some have a thousand years.”

“It’s not suitable to use the Worm Faking Dragon’s Might in the third level. The berserk soul beasts here are relatively stronger… The difference in soul power cultivation is too great, so they might not be afraid of this power.”

Wang Che pondered and said, “Let’s find that Flying Dragon first. It’s better to take the initiative to lure it out. The Magnetic Sword has absorbed its lightning seed. The lightning seed contains the aura it left behind. It should come looking for us soon.”

“We’ll wait while walking.”

Wang Che brought the green caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword to explore the third level.

In the third level, there were many low-level resources, and there were occasionally some intermediate resources.

Moreover, there were slightly more debris in the third level.

However, powerful soul beasts usually stayed at the side.

As it walked, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck down from the sky.

Silver-black lightning!

“The lightning in the third level is all this silver-black lightning!”

Wang Che looked up, “I wonder what the name of this lightning is… Could it be related to a soul beast in the Thunder Soul Earth?”

However, the frequency of lightning dropping was not high and was not suitable for cultivation.

After walking for about two to three hours, Wang Che encountered two to three waves of soul beasts. A group of second and third-year students from other schools met. Seeing that they were not students from his school, they did not speak much.

However, the Flying Dragon had not been found.

“Do I have to find it myself?”

Wang Che pondered, “Alright, I’ll give you some face.”

After all, the Flying Dragon should have other lightning seeds.

Only by absorbing a few more lightning seeds would the power of the Magnetic Sword be stronger.

As he thought this, a vague dragon roar came from afar.

“Dragon’s Roar, so it’s just ahead.”

Wang Che immediately walked over.

After walking for about ten minutes, Wang Che saw a team of eight.

There were men and women in the team, but they were all black and had their hair standing up. They were still in a daze.

“What are you doing?”

Wang Che walked over and asked, “Students, what’s going on?”

The leading student said with a bitter expression, “I encountered a 2,500-year-old Cloud Lightning Dragon. I wanted to challenge it, but I only lasted for a few moves.”

“You need to be treated in time.” Wang Che looked at them.

They should have escaped in time. The injuries on their bodies were not very serious, but they were clearly not in good spirits.

They were clearly injured.

The injuries were rather serious.

Without a soul pet by their side, they would probably be even more heavily injured and return to the soul realm to recuperate.

As classmates, Wang Che distributed some recovery pills that he had refined for them.

So far, the recovery pills had not been used. They were all moldy. “Thank you.” The senior looked at Wang Che gratefully, “Student, quickly leave this place too. That Cloud Lightning Dragon is currently in a violent state. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in such a tragic state.”

Violent state?

Wang Che did not have to think about it. It was definitely because the lightning seed had been absorbed by the Magnetic Sword.

In that case, the reason why these teams were so heavily injured was because…

Wang Che knew about the Cloud Lightning Dragon.

He did not see its appearance on the first level and could not determine it.

There were still some Flying Dragons with the lightning attribute.

The Cloud Lightning Dragon was a Flying Dragon that had barely reached the King-ranked level.

A King-ranked soul pet was not ordinary.

It was a Flying Dragon, so it was naturally very powerful.

Especially in such an environment, its strength would increase to a certain extent.

There was too much lightning energy in the air, which was very beneficial for it.

“Eh, the effect of your medicinal pills is quite strong… I feel that I’ve already recovered quite a bit.”

The senior took the pill. They had used up all their supplies along the way.

He looked at Wang Che and said in surprise, “Where did you buy it? I’ll buy some next time too.”

“I’m a student of the Forest Academy’s agriculture major. I refined it myself,” Wang Che said, “Is anyone still challenging that Cloud Lightning Dragon?”

“A student from the agriculture major refined it himself?”

The senior did not know much about this major, but he felt that these medicinal pills were indeed very effective.

It looked very ordinary and tasted a little sour after eating it. The taste was actually not bad?

As a recovery potion, most of the flavors were very ordinary.

Who would care about taste? Most importantly, the recovery effect was simply astonishing!

“Hmm, after we left, Zheng Shaoyang went to challenge it alone.”

The senior ate the pills and became more and more energetic.

He looked at the other students and realized that they were gradually recovering.

They felt much better.

“Zheng Shaoyang? It’s quite impressive to challenge him alone.”

The senior smiled and said, “Zheng Shaoyang is one of the only two students in the second year of our North River University who can pass the professional test in the second year. He’s the top student of our North River University’s Battle Soul major and the representative of combat strength. He’s stronger than all of us combined.”

“Naturally, he will challenge it alone to prove himself.”

Wang Che heard that. So powerful? It would probably be a little difficult for the Cloud Lightning Dragon. However, Wang Che did not care.

They could win because they were capable.

It did not matter if he took a few less lightning seeds. In any case, the Magnetic Sword already had silver-black lightning.

“Oh right, student, tell us your name. The pills you refine are very effective. I want to buy them from you in the future. What do you think?” The senior seemed to have thought of something and asked hurriedly.

“Sorry, these pills are not for sale for the time being,” Wang Che said. “Hmm, I’m a little curious and want to take a look first. You should hurry up and go out to recover.”

Wang Che did not have much time and mood to refine such low-level pills for sale.

It was a waste of time. He might as well cultivate for a while longer.

If he refined it normally, it would be enough.

As for money, Wang Che did not care much unless he encountered special resources that he had to have money to buy.

Wang Che might consider earning some money then.

The senior felt that it was a pity but did not say anything “Then be careful and don’t get too close. Oh right, to be able to refine such a powerful medicinal pill, you should be a third-year student, right? I know your Forest Academy’s Shen Mingluan.”

The senior smiled.

“I’m in my first year. I’ll go first.”


The senior was confused.

Looking at Wang Che’s back, he wondered, were the first-year students of the Forest Forest Academy that awesome?

The senior turned around and looked at the student who had eaten the pill and was enjoying his recovery. He asked,

“Third Brother, are you sure we’re on the third level?”

“That’s right?”

The senior was silent for a long time. “My intuition tells me that that student is not simple.”

“Boss, didn’t you see what soul pet he had? He had a green caterpillar beside him. That’s a person who could bring a green caterpillar to the third level. Do you still need to say that it’s not simple?”

“If my soul pet was a green caterpillar, it would probably run away from the first level.”

“I’m not thinking straight. The Cloudstorm Lightning is too powerful.”

After Wang Che left the students of North River University, he walked for a while. Before long, he felt powerful auras spreading from afar.

n roa

came even more

The furious dragon roars became even more terrifying

“Look at the situation, it seems to be the Cloud Lightning Dragon.”

Wang Che thought that he should go and take a look

It was not bad to experience the style of a professional champion of North River University’s Battle Soul major.

After all, it was a top university.

Although North River University was ranked last in the top universities, it was still a top university.

Wang Che walked over and saw a deep valley.

In the deep valley, there were strange rocks.

A purple-black Flying Dragon that was more than 20 meters long was currently fighting a Stone Devil King.

“Stone Devil King.”

Wang Che was a little surprised, “This is a special devil-type soul pet from the Clear Capital War Zone!”

Devil-type soul pets were similar to ghost-type soul pets. They were soul pets born in the new era.

The place of birth was at the Clear Capital War Zone. Later on, when the war zone communicated, it gradually introduced the Eastern War Zone.

It was hard to say if it was strong or not. In the Eastern War Zone, it was indeed an extremely rare soul pet.

Devil-type soul pets innately had powerful physiques and were balanced in all aspects. In this aspect, they were comparable to dragon-type soul pets.

Other than the ghost-type, it was not afraid of the other attributes.

The Stone Devil King was a King-ranked soul pet with a soul power cultivation of 2,000 years.

More interestingly, there was a pair of white wings on the back of the Stone Devil King.

The white wings seemed to be filled with intelligence as it aided the Stone Devil King to dodge the many attacks of the Cloud Lightning Dragon.

It was extremely agile!

“Demon spirit-type soul pet, it’s a special soul pet from the Sunlight War Zone…”

Wang Che was even more surprised. These two soul pets could not be seen in the Eastern War Zone, especially in the West Peak Continent.

This was because these two attribute soul pets had only been introduced to the Eastern War Zone in the last hundred years.

It was still testing on the few continents near the center.

The other continents had not been introduced to them, and there were very few channels for the high schools that wanted to obtain them.

Demon spirit-type soul pets had many forms.

It could be a pair of wings, a hat, a communication device, shoes, clothes, a creature’s wings, a soul pet’s eggshell, or even a soul pet’s corpse hair.

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