Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1016 - Killing Azure Dragon Elder, Brokenhearted Sword Crown

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Chapter 1016 Killing Azure Dragon Elder, Brokenhearted Sword Crown

‘How powerful is Chu Kuangren’s soul energy?’

Currently, he has cultivated the Nine-Cycle Trinity Soul Refinement to the Seventh Cycle and has three Immortal Souls with the strength of an Earthen Immortal. In addition, he could utilize Immortal Soul energy independently, hence it was ridiculous that Commander Moya wanted to deal with him using a soul technique attack.

A soul technique attack was terrifying because it was difficult to guard against. Cultivators who did not cultivate Soul Dao had difficulty resisting it effectively, but soul cultivators in the same realm were almost invincible.

Challenges across realms and levels were pretty common.

However, when Soul Dao cultivators met, they would compete for soul energy and their level of Mastery.

Commander Moya was far inferior to Chu Kuangren as the Nine-Cycle Trinity Soul Refinement was a God-tier cultivation technique, which was also of an Immortal’s Scripture level.

“It’s time to end it now,” said Chu Kuangren. With his fingers on the strings, guqin music sounded.

None of the remaining Immortals could withstand it, and they fell one after another. Even a Golden Crow Guardian like Commander Moya could not resist it for long.

The only Earthen Immortal, Azure Dragon Elder, fled into the distance when he noticed that the situation was over.

With his strength, it was not difficult for him to break through the guqin music’s enchanted boundary and Chu Kuangren’s Heavenly Sword Qi Web.

However, a stern look flashed across Chu Kuangren’s eyes. “As I said, it’s too late to leave now.”

A crimson rope-like Immortal Weapon dashed toward Azure Dragon Elder as Chu Kuangren mobilized his thoughts.

It was a true Immortal Weapon, the Binding Dragon Rope!

Binding Dragon Rope dashed toward the Azure Dragon Elder speedily and tied him up in the blink of an eye, rendering it difficult for Azure Dragon Elder to break through with his Earthen Immortal’s strength.


With a roar, the Azure Dragon Elder instantly transformed into his true form, an Azure Dragon with a body length of ten of thousands of meters!

However, the strange thing was that even when he transformed into his true form, and his body expanded in size, the Binding Dragon Rope grew longer.

The roar continued, and the Azure Dragon struggled continuously. However, he could not break free from the Binding Dragon Rope.

Daoist patterns were circulating the Binding Dragon Rope, radiating with Immortal Sparks. After a while, the Azure Dragon Elder, who was struggling, fell to the ground as if he had lost his strength.

With a bang, the entire ground trembled.

“Tsk tsk. As expected of a true Immortal Weapon. Its power is not bad.” Chu Kuangren was amazed.

Then, he kept the Cloud Nine Insignia away and came to the Azure Dragon Elder. Without saying a word, he raised his hand and struck forward with his sword!

A large amount of blood spewed out. Whenever the dragon’s blood splattered, dead trees came into life, and the earth rejuvenated.

The Azure Dragon was a Wood Elemental Divine Beast, and his blood had powerful life energy. Chu Kuangren’s eyes lit up as he looked at Azure Dragon Elder whom he killed. “A true dragon of Earthen Immortal Realm. What a treasure!”

He then kept the Azure Dragon in the Yin and Yang Ring in his inventory.

After doing all those, he retracted his Immortal’s Core fluctuation.

He looked into the distance and mumbled, “This battle is not over yet. Holy Divine Fire Cult, Holy City… Please wait.”

With that, he turned around and dashed into the depths of Slumbering Sword Ocean.

Only a large group of sluggish cultivators remained.

“A-All dead?!” A cultivator said absentmindedly while looking at the countless broken limbs and arms in front of him. It was like hell on earth.

Following that, countless cultivators gasped. “All dead!”

“H-How many Immortals are dead?!” Far away, in the academy, all Masters, the Dean, Gong Yue, and those who came to hold them back, such as the Azure Dragon Ruler and Yokai Ruler, felt the aura of Slumbering Sword Ocean in the distance.

“Unfortunately, even if you all try your best, the anomaly is beyond your imagination,” said the Dean with a faint smile.

Although he looked calm, he was as shocked as the others.

No matter how much he overestimated Chu Kuangren, he never thought that he would be able to kill so many Immortals!

‘Is he a human?!’ ‘He’s a monster!’

“This person’s strength is far beyond our imagination. It seems like I’ll have to find another way if I want to deal with him,” Yokai Ruler thought to himself.

He and Azure Dragon Ruler looked at each other before they left quickly. “Dean, I finally know why you were sure he could win the Saber Crown. With such strength, not to mention one Saber Crown, it won’t help the situation even if ten Saber Crowns turn up,” said Gong Yue with admiration.

“I guess Chu Kuangren used some methods to force his ascension. I think he took some kind of medicinal pill just now,” said the Dean thoughtfully. “Medicinal pill?”

Surprised, Gong Yue pondered. “Could it be the rumored Immortal Ascension Pill that could help people become Immortals?!”

“Well, it’s possible.”

“No way. The Immortal Ascension Pill is an extremely rare medicinal pill even in the ancient complete Immortal World. It has not appeared in Planquilon Immortal World for nearly an epoch,” said Gong Yue. “Heh, Brother Chu has a lot of secrets.” The Dean chuckled.

In Slumbering Sword Ocean, only a few candles flickered in a dimly lit dungeon. Inside it locked an elder with loose hair.

At that moment, accompanied by a faint fragrance, footsteps sounded, and an elegant woman in a luxurious robe slowly approached. The elder, who was the Sword Crown, looked up at her with surprise. “Cai Yi, what are you doing here?”

The Saber Crown wanted to kill him, but he survived because of Cai Yi’s plea.

“I’m here to let you out.” Cai Yi smiled. Then, she raised her hand to unlock the restriction and release the Sword Crown from the dungeon.

The Sword Crown was taken aback. “What are you doing?”

“Juexin, if you could’ve promised me not to participate in that competition back then, what would we be now?” asked Cai Yi.

A hint of nostalgia appeared on the Sword Crown’s face. “At that time, you urged me not to fight with Saber Crown and leave with you, but I couldn’t avoid the battle as a sword cultivator.”

“What an arrogant person you are,” mumbled Cai Yi with a slight bitterness in her eyes.

Then, her face turned pale before she vomited a mouthful of black blood.

It shocked the Sword Crown. “What’s going


He stepped forward to check Cai Yi’s condition and found a powerful force in her body that was corroding her heart.

After a while, Cai Yi was lifeless.

“Juexin, you’re the person I’m most sorry for in my entire life, but I didn’t have a choice back then…”

“The Saber Crown is dead, and I’m his wife. Since I didn’t love him when he was alive, I’m going to be with him now that he’s dead. I’m sorry, Juexin…” mumbled Cai Yi.

The Sword Crown was extremely puzzled listening to her words, and his heart ached to see the woman in front of him draw her last breath.

“W-Why are you so silly?” “Why…”

At that moment, Chu Kuangren walked into the dungeon.

He frowned when he saw the Sword Crown holding Cai Yi’s body in tears.

“Master, please save Cai Yi,” the Sword Crown uttered upon noticing Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren stepped forward to check and shook his head. “She’s dead. I can’t bring her back to life.”

Sadness overwhelmed the Sword Crown, and his eyes turned dull.

“Take care of her funeral. I’ll wait for you outside the Slumbering Sword Ocean.” Chu Kuangren sighed.

Love was so mysterious that even Immortals could not understand it.

He could not find a better way to comfort the Sword Crown but to leave the latter alone to calm himself.

After he finished speaking, he turned and left.

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