Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1017 - Killing the Saber Lord, The Grudge Crystal, Launching Revenge

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Chapter 1017 Killing the Saber Lord, The Grudge Crystal, Launching Revenge

Chu Kuangren did not leave Slumbering Sword Ocean immediately.

Instead, he came to Slumbering Sword Lake in the depths of Slumbering Sword Ocean. Even though the swords here were mobilized by his Immortal Physique to fight the Saber Crown, there was still a lot of rageful sword qi in them.


Chu Kuangren saw someone here. It was one of the Twelve Kings of Immortal Progenies, the Saber Lord.

He was walking out from Slumbering Sword Lake, holding a black irregular stone the size of a human head in hand.

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes slightly. “That is…”

“The Grudge Essence is still here. As long as it’s here, I’ll have the chance to make a comeback. Now that the Slumbering Sword Ocean has been destroyed, I can’t remain here. Chu Kuangren, I definitely won’t let you go!” muttered the Saber Lord.

There was a look of resentment in his eyes as he mentioned Chu Kuangren.

At that moment, a figure in white suddenly appeared in front of him.

“I thought I heard someone calling me.” Upon seeing the white-robed figure in front of him, the Saber Lord’s pupils shrank in horror, and his resentment turned to panic.

“C-Chu Kuangren!”

Although he wanted to seek revenge against Chu Kuangren, he did not have the strength to do so now. Before Chu Kuangren, he could not hold his own.

“Yes, it’s me. Nice to meet you.” Chu Kuangren chuckled.

Then, he slowly pointed out a finger.


The Saber Lord’s head exploded into a mist of blood!

With the same expression, Chu Kuangren held the black stone in his hand and looked at it carefully for a while. “Lil Ai, analyze for me.”

“This is a Grudge Crystal. It was born by gathering grievances in the realm…”

After some analysis, Chu Kuangren figured out the effect of the Grudge Crystal. It was a treasure that could transform heavenly and earthly spiritual qi into resentment, and the terrifying rageful sword qi in Slumbering Sword Lake was primarily due to it. It could be said to be the foundation of the Slumbering Sword Ocean.

The Grudge Crystal was a coveted treasure for cultivators who cultivated Grudge Dao. Its value was no worse than that of a Heavenly Immortal Weapon.

However, although it was powerful, it was tough to refine. If one were careless, his mind and soul would be eroded by resentment and become a massacre machine. Even the Saber Crown dared not refine it and could only slowly absorb and refine it by accumulating rageful sword qi. “Interesting.”

“My trip to Slumbering Sword Lake wasn’t in vain.”

His visit to Slumbering Sword Lake was because he sensed a strange aura here that the Grudge Crystal seemed to have released.

The treasure would be of great use to him.

He may not cultivate Grudge Dao, but Self-empowerment and Invincible Source could be transformed into any sources known in the universe. Grudge Source was one of them, and it was one of the sources that Chu Kuangren gained insights into previously.

Therefore, he could absorb and refine the Grudge Crystal completely.

“Its preliminary estimation is that I should be able to advance to become a true Immortal after refining it,” mumbled Chu Kuangren.

After keeping the Grudge Crystal away, he turned and left.

At the entrance of Slumbering Sword Ocean, the Sword Crown was standing there with a grim expression on his face, having already buried Cai Yi’s body. The surrounding cultivators looked at him curiously and wondered why he was still alive.

“Why do you think the Saber Crown kept the Sword Crown alive after capturing him? What’s the point of locking him up?” “Apparently, it was because of a woman’s


“I heard that the woman is the Saber Crown’s wife. Tsk, I even heard that the Sword Crown had a relationship with the woman back then…”

“No way. How could the dignified Slumbering Sword Ocean Matriarch do such a thing? Did the Saber Crown endure it?”

Swish, swish…

Several surges of sword qi swept across.

Those gossiping cultivators died on the spot.

The Sword Crown put down his hand indifferently. Upon witnessing such a scene, everyone fell silent and dared not spout nonsense anymore.

Although the Sword Crown’s reputation was not as it used to be, his strength was still incomparable in Planquilon Immortal World.

“Sword Crown, you’ve been traveling for so many years. When will you come back?” asked Master Daoist Dragon Roar as he approached the Sword Crown.

Sword Crown glanced at him and said, “Dragon’s Roar Sword Orthodoxy is doing well under your lead. As for me, I’ve decided to follow Master.”

“Chu Kuangren? That’s good.”

Master Daoist Dragon Roar pondered for a while before he nodded.

Chu Kuangren was extremely powerful, and with the Sword Crown as a bond, they could build a good relationship with him.

To the Dragon’s Roar Sword Orthodoxy, there were only good things about that.

Soon, Chu Kuangren came out from the Slumbering Sword Ocean after searching through the area.

When the Sword Crown him, he went up to greet him. “Greetings, Master.”

He had heard of the incidents happened here and knew that Chu Kuangren challenged the entire Slumbering Sword Ocean for him. A group of orthodoxies even attacked Chu Kuangren for that reason, and that only made him even more loyal to Chu Kuangren.

“Alright. Let’s leave.”

Chu Kuangren looked into the distance. “The matter isn’t over yet.”


The Sword Crown followed Chu Kuangren and left Slumbering Sword Ocean, but many people were confused by Chu Kuangren’s comment.

“The matter isn’t over yet? What does he mean?”

“Does Chu Kuangren intend to avenge the few immortal orthodoxies that besieged him?!”

Someone suddenly thought of something and gasped. Everyone else was stunned too.

That was quite a lot to take in.

The battle of Slumbering Sword Ocean quickly spread throughout Planquilon Immortal World.

Many people were shocked.

At a magnificent fort, an Immortal rushed out and said with a horrified expression, “Activate the Holy City’s defensive formation! Everyone on first-level alert!”

Countless Daoist patterns interweaved in the void, and a huge white barrier shrouded the entire fort.

“Deputy City Lord, what’s wrong?” an enforcer asked the Immortal.

The Immortal, Holy City’s Deputy City Lord, took a deep breath and said, “Holy City… is in imminent catastrophe!”

Before the enforcer could further question, ripples appeared in the void, and out walked two figures. They were Chu Kuangren and the Sword Crown.

“Brother Chu, Holy City is willing to apologize to you for our past actions.Please forgive us…” Before the Holy City’s Deputy City Lord could finish his words, Chu Kuangren raised his hand, and a dazzling sword ray burst out from his fingertips. The sword ray fell on Holy City’s defensive formation, causing the entire formation to tremble wildly.

Following that, several cracks spread on the shield.

With a loud bang, Holy City’s defensive formation was… broken!

Chu Kuangren watched the incident indifferently and pointed a sword hand sign out. Then, a terrifying sword ray locked onto the Holy City’s Deputy City Lord. Terrified, the Holy City’s Deputy City Lord unleashed a punch in retaliation.

However, the sword ray pushed forward and shattered the palm qi!

As a result, the Holy City’s Deputy City Lord exploded into a mist of blood. Many cultivators’ faces in Holy City turned pale with fright.

That was a top-notched Immortal in Holy City, second only to the Spear Crown, yet such an existence could not even withstand an attack from Chu Kuangren. The gap in strength between the two of them was so big that no one could say otherwise. “After today, Holy City will no longer exist in Planquilon Immortal World,” Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

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