Unscientific Beast Taming-Chapter 834 - 834 Dragon Transformation Fruit (2)

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Chapter 834 - 834 Dragon Transformation Fruit (2)

834 Dragon Transformation Fruit (2)

The Immortal Dragon King felt that it was wrong, very wrong. It actually doubted the cleansing ability of the Blue Sea Sprite.

This was simply going to cleanse even its attributes.

“It looks like it can really succeed?”

The Sea Dragon King and the others were secretly shocked. It was really stronger than the Immortal Dragon King’s cleansing ability.


As the strongest healing and cleansing dragon in Dragon Palace City, although the Immortal Dragon King wasn’t strong, its status in Dragon Palace City was extremely high. And now, the legendary Blue Sea Sprite was clearly even more ridiculous.

At the monarch level, it crushed the totem-level dragon in terms of cleansing ability.

In short, Shi Yu was too terrifying. Looking at the Blue Sea Sprite main body beside Shi Yu and the “Chaos Panda” that had sent the Poison Dragon Totem flying with a single hit, the four Dragon Kings momentarily didn’t know how to evaluate this level-six Beast Tamer.

At this moment.

The consciousness of the Poison Dragon Totem was extremely blurry, but it was also extremely clear.

It had originally lost its rationality, but as its poison-element power was purified, its rationality gradually recovered.

Memories that surged like spring water kept washing its brain.

Countless memories gradually made the Poison Dragon Totem understand the current situation.

It was the dragon-element overlord of the Rainbow Sea!

It rose in a godforsaken place like the Rainbow Sea and stepped into the overlord domain with shocking aptitude.

However, after staying in the Rainbow Islands to cultivate for decades, he thought that the small Rainbow Sea was no longer enough for him to break through the limit.

With the thought that it would rather be a weak dragon than a strong lizard, it was determined to sail far and join Dragon Palace City.

Unexpectedly, just as it set off, it was directly hit by two black-clothed humans and lost consciousness. It was forced to drink a mysterious poison. When it woke up, its body had already become poisonous.

It gradually lost its rationality and fell into the huge power, becoming a slave to power…

The Poison Dragon Totem, which had escaped from the laboratory and wreaked havoc in the East Sea, mutated and broke through. It was suppressed by the joint efforts of the two totem-level dragons and gradually recovered its consciousness. When it recalled this, it was more and more shocked.

He understood that it was very unlucky to have been captured by the evil human faction as a biological modification experimental subject. At the same time, it was very lucky to have obtained the potential to break through to the totem level during the modification process.

However, what made the Poison Dragon Totem’s heart turn cold was that after it was lucky enough to escape from the other party, it actually still entered the sea area of Dragon Palace City and even caused a huge commotion!!

It was over!

When it recalled being suppressed here by the two totem dragons, the Poison Dragon Totem directly felt a lingering fear.

Dragon Palace City was famous for being fierce.

If it had caused a scene in that area, it would definitely have been killed by the generals of Dragon Palace City.

What to do, what to do.

Even if it was still alive, there was definitely a death threat.

It didn’t think that it had the ability to fight Dragon Palace City just because it had mutated into a totem.

The memories were immediately suppressed in the underwater prison. When Shi Yu and the others appeared, it… was knocked to the ground by a pet controlled by a human Beast Tamer. Then, its strength gradually disappeared and it gradually regained its rationality.

The eyes of the Poison Dragon Totem began to become clear. Although its body was still in pain, it had already recovered its normal language ability and no longer only knew how to roar like before.

“Roar!!!! (Save… save me!)”

“Wu… (I’m innocent.)”

“Uh… (Don’t kill me…)”

“This guy…” At this moment, they clearly heard the voice of the Poison Dragon Totem. The Golden Dragon King and the others understood that the Poison Dragon Totem had completely recovered its consciousness at this moment and was no longer that crazy dragon that only knew how to attack in chaos.

Under the continuous cleansing power, the huge figure of the Sea Cleansing Spirit became dimmer and dimmer. Fortunately, Eleven completed half of the cleansing work in advance. Otherwise, Susu’s month of hard work would probably be gone.

Now, it could at least support Shi Yu to add points for a period of time.

The Sea Cleansing Spirit’s expression was indifferent and unmoved. After cleansing the last trace of poison-element power of the Poison Dragon Totem, it directly threw it into the pool with a backhand and slowly disappeared.

At this moment, not to mention the Poison Dragon Totem, even the entire prison space had been cleansed by Susu. The polluted black water was extremely clear.


The Poison Dragon Totem kept rolling in the pool, its mouth bubbling. It sat up in shock from its dying illness and widened its eyes as it sat up. It looked at the four Dragon Kings opposite it and the mysterious creatures that had almost killed it in one hit just now.

“Roar!!! (Sirs, please spare me, please spare me. Listen to my explanation, I’m innocent.)” Its tail and limbs kept slapping, and water splashed. Its expression was panicked, afraid that the other party wouldn’t listen to its explanation and would throw a few more skills.


Shi Yu and the others looked at the cleansed Poison Dragon Totem in silence. For a moment, they were speechless.

It was very cowardly.

However, it was better.

“Don’t be afraid, we’re listening.” Shi Yu and the others looked at the Poison Dragon Totem expressionlessly. In the next second, the Poison Dragon Totem immediately spoke like a machine gun, ignoring the bleeding injuries on its body.

“Roar, roar.” The Poison Dragon Totem shed tears and complained about the evil Yun Race, indicating that it was only a victim. Its respect for Dragon Palace City was like a surging river, endless. How could it invade the sea area of Dragon Palace City for no reason?

“But you’ve already invaded,” the Sea Dragon King said. “Golden Dragon King, according to the laws of Dragon Palace City, how should such a life be dealt with?”