Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 2504 - Shenkun Small World

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Chapter 2504: Shenkun Small World

Su Mo was stunned. This was unexpected.

If he remembered correctly, the Flaming Devil Ghost Sage was a Demon, an ancient one that had lived many years. His current identity was certainly surprising.

Back then, the Flaming Devil Ghost Sage had possessed the body of Wu Tianyu from the Sorcerer Tribe, and parted ways with Su Mo.

In the years that followed, Su Mo had spread his name across the Infinite Region and gone on to dominate God’s Path, but he never saw the Flaming Devil Ghost Sage again.

Who would have known, when they saw each other again this time, so many things would have changed.

“Su Mo, there are people coming for you in the Thousand Selection Fight. Many of them. You have to be careful!” the Flaming Devil Ghost Sage told him.

“Who’s coming for me?” Su Mo raised both eyebrows and sent another message back. He knew this had to be related to either Di Yihun or Tuoba Qingyun.

But in the Thousand Selection Fight this time round, the two would not stand a chance. So they must have instructed others to do their bidding, and they had to be the disciples from the Heavenly Palace and Earth Palace, or of other forces.

“It’s hard to say. Take it this way. Watch out for everyone, including the Nether Tribe!” the Flaming Devil sent another message before going silent.

So many powers gathered here. Sending messages via thought was risky. It could easily be intercepted by Supreme Beings.

All was well because within the valley at that moment so many thoughts were drifting here and there. Most were sending casual messages, so no one had noticed theirs yet.

Su Mo nodded and stopped asking more. He had a very good idea what was happening.

The Nether Tribe disciples participating in this Thousand Selection Fight were out to get him. And they were probably not be the only ones.

It seemed that these forces were called forth by either Di Yihun or Tuoba Qingyun, to trigger something during the Thousand Selection Fight.

Coldness took over his mind but he had no fear. With everyone at the same level, no one could kill him. Some of them might originally be Ninth Grade fighters with foundations and powers stronger than his, but they could not possibly kill him.

“Su Mo, that’s Young Master Yan of the Nether Tribe!”

Long Teng stood next to him. He spoke when he noticed Su Mo’s gaze fall on the Flaming Devil Ghost Sage.

“Right!” Su Mo nodded lightly.

“That’s Young Master Wu Ji from the Starlight Court, and that’s Young Master Helan from the Immortal Holy Court!” Long Teng introduced the camps to Su Mo one after another.

Su Mo looked around. His gaze lingered at the Starlight Court’s camp. He already knew Helan Shang from the Immortal Tribe, but he had had never met Young Master Wuji from the Cosmic Tribe.

Young Master Wu Ji wore a cosmic robe. If he were to describe the man in one word, it would be handsome.

This man was handsome beyond compare, with eyes that shone like stars. He stood tall and straight as the skin on his entire body shone with faint starlight.

But, based on Su Mo’s observation, his training was not too high, only at Seventh Grade, High Rank.

The Nine Young Masters of the Deity Plane had talents at the very top of existence among the Favored Ones. Yet, their levels of training differed.

Among them, at Ninth Grade, High Rank, were Ye Lingtian and Prince Gu Mo.

Young Master Ba Yun was at Eighth Grade while Young Masters Wu Ji and Helan were at Seventh Grade.

Gongsun Changjue of the Eternal Shrine, Long Yu of the Dragon Tribe, and the Flaming Devil Ghost Sage of the Nether Tribe, all of whom were not here yet, were only at Sixth Grade.

As for the one from the Chaotic Tribe, whose name sounded like Young Master Ling, Su Mo did not know who he was.

He scanned the crowd that hailed from the Chaotic Holy Court and very quickly locked in on one person. This man stood next to Wei Tian Supreme Being, donning a loose white robe. He looked young and had fair skin that made him seem somewhat childlike.

However, this person had achieved the Ninth Grade in training, though he was not at a High Rank yet. He seemed to be Middle Rank or lower.

Su Mo was quite certain this man was Young Master Ling, firstly because of the man’s young age, secondly because he was from the Chaotic Tribe, and thirdly because of the thick aura around him. It was a lot thicker than other Ninth Grade fighters’.

Su Mo secretly registered this person in his memory. Although the Chaotic Yuan Wang mentioned he would go easy on Su Mo, and that the Chaotic Tribe would not likely target him, but as far as the Thousand Selection Fight was concerned, it was not likely for the Chaotic Tribe to assist him.

So, Young Master Ling was most likely one of his opponents.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Many more descended from the sky one another another. Sooner or later, about seventy groups of top powers gathered in the valley, totaling two hundred Supreme Beings, more or less.

Those from the Eternal Shrine and Ultimate Supreme Being Palace had also arrived.

It was exactly like Su Mo had predicted. The Ultimate Supreme Being came in person, along with the Destructive Supreme Being.

Yet the representatives from the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace were largely overshadowed by those from the other forces.

The Ultimate Supreme Being put on a long face. He did not greet Su Mo, instead he peered at the group from the Heavenly Palace, with Chu Tianxu among them, before retreating into the valley and waiting in silence.

“Ultimate Supreme Being, I’m determined to emerge victorious by the end of this Thousand Selection Fight!” Su Mo activated his thoughts and sent them adrift towards the Ultimate Supreme Being.

The Ultimate Supreme Being heard Su Mo. He turned around, caught Su Mo’s eye, and then frowned slightly.

After a quiet moment, the Ultimate Supreme Being replied, “I can’t help you this time. I can only instruct my disciples to assist you when necessary!”

The Ultimate Supreme Being acknowledged that it was almost impossible for his disciples to win in the end, so they could give Su Mo a hand when the time called for it.

“That’s more than enough!” Su Mo responded. It would be favorable if the disciples of the Ultimate Supreme Being Palace could help him.

The Ultimate Supreme Being nodded lightly and said nothing more as he waited.

On the other hand, Di Yihun observed Su Mo’s every movement without any hint of expression on his face.

He discovered that Su Mo was conversing in secret with the Ultimate Supreme Being. Though he could not make out what it was about, he had already known that the Ultimate Supreme Being would help out Su Mo in some way.

“Your good luck can’t last forever!” Di Yihun muttered. He had made sufficient arrangements for the Thousand Selection Fight this time. Su Mo could not possibly escape even if he had wings.

In the valley, as everyone waited, it did not take long for all forces to come together. All were divided into ninety-four camps.

Among them were seven Holy Courts, namely the Chaotic Holy Court, the Sky Dragon Court, the Ancient Demon State, the Starlight Court, the Immortal Holy Court, the Nether God Court, and the Sky Tyrant Court. Along with six Palaces from the Reincarnation Holy Court and eighty-one Realms from the Sky Pool Holy Court, there were a total of ninety-four great forces.

In the whole valley, there was no less than six or seven thousand people, with countless strong candidates.

Su Mo felt heaps of killing intents coming at him. Some were coming from the Heavenly Palace, some from the Earth Palace, and others from the Sky Pool Holy Court.

There was no need to guess. These people belonged to the Lightning Flame Supreme Being Palace, the Paramount Holy Palace, and the Great Rotating Divine Hall. Yun Mu, Qianhuan Demon Lord, and Gujian Shan were from there respectively.

Su Mo felt a headache coming. He really could not predict the outcome of this Thousand Selection Fight.

There were too many enemies. The rules did not help at all. It was all up to the heavens to decide.

Of course, his only confidence was the fact that no one could kill him. He was worried about not being able to win in the end

Yet he could only do his best and go from there. This was tied to the safety of the Firmament Palace. He had to give his all.

Right then, Wei Tian Supreme Being of the Chaotic Tribe slowly rose to the sky and was suspended dozens of feet above the ground.

“Everyone is here now, therefore we can start the Thousand Selection Fight!” Wei Tian Supreme Being looked around the valley and at all the faces in it as he announced.

“Let’s begin!”

“Let’s not delay!”

“Open Shenkun Small World now!”

Many gifted fighters echoed, shaking the space.

“Right!” Wei Tian Supreme Being nodded as he looked at the ones from the Sky Dragon Court and the Ancient Demon State. Then, he spoke, “Let us open up Shenkun Small World.”

Some time ago, Shenkun Small World had been properly prepped by the joint forces. Of course, to prevent any sneaky attempts at sabotage, the Small World was completely sealed off after that. Only a few of the stronger ones from several Holy Courts had the power to reopen Shenkun Small World

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