Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! - Chapter 72 - A Talent That Can Be Groomed

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Chapter 72: A Talent That Can Be Groomed

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Gu Qingjiu didn’t mind the opponent. How Xie Ya attacked her, even stunned Yu Bao’er was stunned.

Under that situation, she felt that she couldn’t dodge Xie Ya’s attack if it were her.

Seeing Gu Qingjiu narrowly dodging it, Yu Bao’er was so anxious that she was close to losing her breath.

That shouldn’t be the case—Qingjiu was formidable!

But the observant Yu Bao’er instantly sensed that there was something unusual with Xie Ya.

Someone around her whispered. “I think Xie Ya’s family used to run a martial arts school? Looking at her aggressive moves, Gu Qingjiu is in danger of losing.”

“Not in danger of losing, but bound to lose.”

Someone ridiculed disdainfully.

“What’s the use of only having a pretty face?”

If it weren’t because she couldn’t turn around, Yu Bao’er would have retorted back at them.

They were a bunch of people who couldn’t bear to see others do well.

But learning that Xie Ya’s family ran a martial arts school still surprised her.

It was no wonder that her stance had such a contrast from the beginners.

Although Qingjiu was formidable, she was but a beginner. Yu Bao’er really couldn’t be sure if she would be able to defeat Xie Ya, who had been learning martial arts from a young age.

Chen Haoyang, too, raised an eyebrow as he watched them fight.

With years of experience training recruits, he could tell who was the stronger opponent.

Xie Ya was both quick and aggressive, and he knew from her records that her family ran a martial arts school, so she definitely had a firm foundation.

As for Gu Qingjiu…

Her reflexes weren’t slower than Xie Ya, else she wouldn’t have been able to dodge Xie Ya’s attacks.

However, she might ultimately lose because of the lack of practical experience.

Stroking his chin, Chen Haoyang watched as the duel unfolded before his very eyes.

As he had expected, Gu Qingjiu was having a harder time dealing with her opponent in the duel arena.

After her rebirth, she realized that her agility and sensitivity became rather high, but that didn’t mean she immediately turned into an expert.

In the past, she had never undergone combat training and had only learned for a month like the others. She was only at a slight advantage because she had a talent for it.

Xie Ya was no ordinary recruit!

Since Xie Ya had completely suppressed her, she could only defend passively.

And somewhere in the distance, two people were peeking at them from the woods.

“That lass Qingjiu probably won’t defeat this girl!”

Huo Yingcheng smacked his mouth and let out a sigh.

They strolled there by chance and saw that the Third Company’s Seventh Squad was training its recruits in the art of fighting.

When they saw Gu Qingjiu, it stunned Huo Yingcheng for a good while. He could not believe that in the brief span of ten odd days, Gu Qingjiu had undergone such a great transformation. If it weren’t for her strikingly fair skin and the traces of the old Gu Qingjiu in her eyes, Huo Yingcheng wouldn’t have thought it was her.

She wasn’t like that ten days ago. How did she turn into a little beauty in such a brief span of time?

As Huo Yingcheng observed them, he saw that Gu Qingjiu and the other girl began fighting with each other, and it seemed like Gu Qingjiu was about to face defeat soon.

The sharp-eyed Huo Yingcheng could tell at one glance that Gu Qingjiu’s opponent was an expert at taekwondo.

Although Gu Qingjiu’s reflexes were quick, she was new to fighting and wasn’t a match for her opponent, so losing was just a matter of time.

He Niancheng was next to him.

He trained his eyes at the duel. Shortly after, he saw Gu Qingjiu hit the ground and heard Chen Haoyang announcing that she had lost the duel.


He gently spat out this word. It bewildered Huo Yingcheng.

So what if she lost? How was it embarrassing?

However, within a few seconds, he heard He Niancheng speak in a cold tone of voice. “She’s a talent that can be groomed.”

That left Huo Yingcheng speechless.

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