Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! - Chapter 81 - Malicious in the Dark

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Chapter 81: Malicious in the Dark

Indeed, He Niancheng’s tone of voice pricked at one’s heart.

But to Gu Qingjiu, she didn’t quite know why He Niancheng was saying all that to her.

Since she had lost to Xie Ya, she naturally knew she ought to work harder.

Xie Ya had an advantage since she had trained since she was young, so Gu Qingjiu thought it was perfectly normal for her to lose to her and didn’t overly reprimand herself.

Wasn’t that considered normal?

Why did the Chief Instructor sound as if Gu Qingjiu’s loss was her letting the society down?

Gu Qingjiu was still grieving over her older brother leaving. But Hearing He Niancheng mention such things, she merely felt that there was a huge generation gap between them.

He Niancheng and Huo Yingcheng left together.

Seeing those people leave, Yu Bao’er cautiously walked up to Gu Qingjiu. As she looked at her, there was a terror and probing look in her eyes.

“Xiao Jiu’er, fess up. Since when did you get so chummy with Commander Huo? Even the Chief Instructor spoke to you!”

It was normal for Yu Bao’er to feel surprised.

It was all because this was the first time they saw He Niancheng speaking unnecessarily to a girl, even though he had been in the military camp for so long.

Right, unnecessary words outside of training!

Especially with Commander Huo being protective over her! When did Qingjiu get to know Commander Huo and the Chief Instructor?

Moreover, judging from the way they spoke, it was evident they had known each other for a long time.

But Qingjiu spent most of her time with her, and she had never seen her speaking with Commander Huo and the Chief Instructor in private!

Gu Qingjiu found Yu Bao’er’s words incredulous. “Isn’t it normal to speak?”

It was not as if the Chief Instructor was mute!

Seeing that Gu Qingjiu didn’t understand what she meant, Yu Bao’er wanted to press her on for more. The man who seemed to be Gu Qingmo’s old classmate hadn’t left yet, and he was looking at Gu Qingjiu. Finally, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore from coming up to her. He shouted, “Younger Sister Qingjiu!”

Goosebumps nearly rose all over Yu Bao’er’s body upon hearing ‘Younger Sister Qingjiu.’

Gu Qingjiu’s mouth twitched as she raised her head to look at the man. In a polite tone of voice, she said, “Just call me Gu Qingjiu.”

The man wanted to act chummy around her.

“Aye. I was Qingmo’s classmate and you’re his younger sister, so that makes you my younger sister, too. So, I will look out for you in the future. Qingjiu, you know Commander Huo and Commander He?”

It was obvious the man deliberately ignored the way Gu Qingjiu spoke to him. However, in order not to tick Gu Qingjiu off, he addressed her as Qingjiu.

Gu Qingjiu felt a little vexed.

She did not like strangers calling her name in a friendly manner.

Hence, she smiled at him politely before saying, “Thank you for bringing me to see my older brother. Bao’er and I should return to the dormitory now.”

Towards someone she had no interest in, she didn’t even wish to ask for his name.

Yu Bao’er likely could tell what was going on, as she quickly shoved Gu Qingjiu to go back to their dormitory. On their way back, that determined man walked them back to the dormitory, even though the girls didn’t pay him any attention.

This attracted some people’s attention.

For example, Feng Meiyun and Jiang Yu, who stayed upstairs.

Seeing that a man was escorting Yu Bao’er and Gu Qingjiu, Feng Meiyun had a disdainful look on her face. “She acted all noble, but she likes to seduce men. Now she even got a man to escort her back. How arrogant.”

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