Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! - Chapter 891 - Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao’er (63)

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Chapter 891: Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao’er (63)

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“Looks like you two got together? Aiyah, me stuffing your lighter into her luggage did not go to waste!”

Huo Yingcheng’s mother was delighted to hear her son telling her about him and Yu Bao’er.

He said he had started dating Yu Bao’er.

But Huo Yingcheng’s countenance wasn’t so pleasant. He said in a low voice, “Mom, this was what you were up to when you stole my lighter and framed Bao’er?”

“What framed!”

Huo’s mother disagreed. After all, since she was in the wrong, she was a tad sheepish. “Didn’t I do it for you two? I feel that lass is not bad. Look, didn’t you two get together? I was the matchmaker!”

Huo Yingcheng: “…”

He inhaled deeply. “I didn’t dare to tell her you were the one who took the lighter. But Bao’er said if she found out who it was, she would hack that scumbag to death.”

Huo’s mother: “…”

She chuckled awkwardly. “Daughter-in-law is a hot-tempered one, huh.”

Huo Yingcheng snorted.

Although she knew that she was at fault, she yearned to see her daughter-in-law, so she couldn’t help but ask, “Then when are you bringing her back to meet me?”

“Didn’t you see her at Qingjiu’s wedding?”

“That’s different! That was at the wedding, and she was then someone else’s relative. If you bring her to see me alone now, is it the same?”

Huo Yingcheng rolled his eyes. “Got it. I’ll ask her if she’s free when I go back this time. She’s working now. When she is on break from work I’ll bring her over here to have fun.”

“Why is she working?! It’s not like our family can’t afford to raise her. Now, the urgent matter at hand is for you two to give me a grandson!”

“Mom quit dreaming. Bao’er and I have just confirmed our relationship, and she’s not ready to settle down yet. You can forget about carrying a grandson anytime soon. Moreover, I want to be alone with her for now. If you really can’t wait, you can help Hilda look after her grandchild.”

Huo’s mother: “…”

This unfilial brat!

However, Huo Yingcheng had to leave before she could lecture him for long.

He had been back in Penalan for some time now. Lately, Yu Bao’er was also incredibly busy in China.

From the way she sounded over the phone, she sounded tortured taking care of those kids. Huo Yingcheng planned to go back to see what that lass had become now.


It was a brand new week.

During this period, Yu Bao’er gradually familiarized herself with her work procedure. Also, she figured out a few habitual problems with the kids.

But after all, there were so many of them, so it did get quite troublesome.

Moreover, since this kindergarten would organize activities frequently, she was often required to contact the parents. Some of those parents were busy elites, so Yu Bao’er had to take note of her speech when speaking with them.

Lest she offended them.

In the past, she was a boisterous girl, but due to the demands of this job, over time, Yu Bao’er felt that her temper was gradually improving.

At least, she wasn’t as quick-tempered as before.

Today, one of the kids in her class cried, and the kid’s parents happened to come to pick him up and saw it.

That parent immediately assumed Yu Bao’er had done something to her kid. Anyway, this parent was the most unreasonable one that Yu Bao’er had come across lately.

This made Yu Bao’er feel a bit gloomy.

Based on her temper, if in the past she would have scolded back. But Yu Bao’er held back that strong urge today.

Though, afterward, she still felt awful about it.

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