Witcher: I Can Extract Everything - Chapter 261: Fierce Battle

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Chapter 261: Fierce Battle

Rumble! A loud sound rang out.

A large circular stone slab that looked like a manhole cover appeared on the ground. It was covered with a complicated hexagram. At this moment, the hexagram lit up and shot out a water tornado.

A stone statue appeared in the water tornado. It had a human torso and a large fish head. It was the Siren that they had seen outside. However, this stone statue Siren had a weapon in its hand. It was a trident.

It was a golem puppet that was based on the Siren.

“The guards are here!”

“The guards are here!”

The streetlamps and stone slabs cheered, especially the streetlamp monster that was the first to examine Heath.

“Sir Guards, here! The thief is here!”

“This damn thief wants to pry open my lampshade and steal my crystal. He was so close to success. Fortunately, I found him in time and caught him!”

“Sir, you must kill this thief! Kill him!”

It twisted the long black pole and shook its head and tail as if it wanted to take credit. It almost grew a pair of hands to point at Heath’s nose and scold him.

Heath was displeased when he heard that. He decisively threw a punch at the streetlamp monster beside him. With a clang, the streetlamp monster’s windproof lampshade was smashed into pieces.

The streetlamp monster cried out in shock, like a noble lady whose beautiful dress had been suddenly torn apart. However, before it could express its resistance… Heath had already grabbed the Magic Crystal inside and pulled it out.

The streetlamp monster, which had lost its magic supply, stopped moving with a ‘ka’ sound. The sound also came to an abrupt stop.

However, when it stopped, the road exploded.

“Oh!!! Oh my god! He killed No. 3! He just killed No. 3!”

“Oh my god, No. 3 has been killed, No. 3 has been killed!”

“A terrifying murderer, a bloodthirsty demon. It’s over, we’re finished, we’re going to die…”

The streetlamps were all trembling, and they let out terrified screams. If it weren’t for the fact that they didn’t have legs, they would have long run away without a trace.

“Roar!” An angry roar sounded.

It was the demon statue, the Siren.

The Siren opened its closed eyes. The cold light instantly locked onto Heath. It opened its mouth and let out an angry roar. It raised its trident high and swung its legs. It charged straight at Heath.

There was a long fin on both sides of its legs, including the soles of its feet. When it closed up, it looked like a wide and large fish tail.

When the fish tail moved, it immediately brought an extremely strong thrust. The water behind the Siren even created a vortex. The Siren’s speed was instantly increased to the maximum, like a sharp arrow that was shot out.

“So fast!”

Heath was slightly surprised. He quickly raised his hand. The space leather case on the back of his hand flashed, and the Red Demon greatsword was still in his hand.

However, at the same time, the Siren had already appeared in front of him. Heath only had time to place the Red Demon greatsword horizontally in front of his chest in a defensive position. In the next second, it collided with the Siren’s trident.

Boom! A loud sound rang out.

The collision between the two directly created an intense ripple.

Along with this surging ripple swept out an extremely powerful force. This sudden force even caused Heath’s expression to change.

‘What a powerful force!’

Being swept by this force, he instantly felt his palm go numb. The Red Demon greatsword in his hand almost slipped out of his hand.

Being swept by this powerful force, he was like a cannonball that had been shot out. He was sent flying for hundreds of meters before crashing heavily into a tower.


The tower collapsed with a loud bang. A large amount of mud and sand rose from the deep sea, dyeing the originally clear seawater turbid.

“Cough! Cough!” Two clear coughs sounded from the turbid seawater.

Heath slowly walked out from the ruins.

He adjusted his breathing. That blow just now had hit him quite heavily. His vital energy and blood churned, and even his internal organs were in some pain. If it wasn’t for his powerful healing ability, he probably wouldn’t have been able to recover until now.

Heath looked at the Siren in front of him with a gloomy gaze. He hadn’t been beaten so badly since he advanced to a Wizard!

“Hahaha, the thief has been beaten! The thief is about to be killed!”

“The thief’s doomsday has arrived!”

“Let him see how powerful our guards are. The guards of Jewel City are invincible!”

Seeing Heath getting beaten up, the streetlamp monsters beside him cheered, as if they were excited baboons in heat.

Heath couldn’t be bothered with these streetlamp monsters. They were just low-level alchemy lifeforms. They didn’t possess true intelligence. All the words they spoke were just runes that the Wizards had set up beforehand. The goal was most likely to disturb the enemy’s emotions when a situation arose, to distract the enemy, and to create an opportunity for the Siren.

Previously, it was precisely because Heath’s attention was attracted by the streetlamp monster that he was unable to defend against the Siren’s sudden attack. How could he be tricked again?

Heath’s guess was right. The Siren was indeed waiting for Heath to be distracted by the streetlamp monsters. However, before it could do so, Heath had already attacked it with Red Demon in his hand.

Da da da! Dull footsteps sounded.

On the narrow and long street, Heath, who was holding Red Demon in his hand, quickly ran towards the Siren. The resistance of the seawater did not seem to affect him at all. As he ran, it was as if he had split the seawater in half.

In an instant, he still rushed in front of the Siren and started fighting with it.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sound of metal interweaving echoed in the deep sea. Red Demon pulled out streaks of cold light from the seawater. His greatsword and the trident interweaved with each other continuously.

After this head-on fight, Heath realized that the Siren’s power was actually not as powerful as he had thought. It had probably only taken advantage of the impact force when he was not prepared and relied on the structure of its body to quickly charge at him.

Now that it was being entangled by Heath at close range, the Siren’s original fish tail advantage was hard to display. After this fight, Heath even had the upper hand, completely suppressing the Siren to fight. He even sent the Siren flying during a head-on collision.


The Siren was furious. It immediately grabbed its trident and roared.


As it moved, small vortexes appeared around the Siren one after another, densely packed.

After the vortexes dispersed, ugly and strange fish immediately appeared inside. They were the Siren’s subordinates, the Sea Monster Fish.

The Siren grabbed its trident and swung it forward. As it did so, the Sea Monster Fish swarmed towards Heath like a swarm of bees. They were densely packed and mighty, and their momentum was extremely terrifying.

In the face of this terrifying scene, Heath was still very calm. He just quietly activated his magic power…

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