Witcher: I Can Extract Everything - Chapter 262: Fierce Battle 2

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Chapter 262: Fierce Battle 2

“Sword Wind!”

With a swing of the sword, tens of thousands of blades struck out.

Dense wind blades swept up in the deep sea, cutting the water flow into countless pieces, and then pounced on the school of fish in front of him.

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack! Dense cracking sounds rang out.

The Siren in front of him was essentially a golem, and these Sea Monster Fish were naturally not really related to the Siren, but were formed from the energy of Magic Crystals.

The power of these Magic Crystal Sea Monster Fish was almost the same as that of the real Sea Monster Fish. They were only at the level of an Apprentice. Of course, they were far from being able to withstand the wind blades of Heath’s rule-type spell.

The densely packed wind blades swept across the sky and earth, immediately setting off a bloody storm in the school of fish. Wherever they passed by, the Sea Monster Fish were all cut into pieces. With cracking sounds, they exploded into clusters of magic light spots.

In an instant, the huge school of fish summoned by the Siren was completely slaughtered, and the Siren became a bare-handed commander again.

At the same time, a black shadow also emerged from the back of the Siren.

Before the Siren could react, the black shadow immediately turned into Heath’s real body with a swish. A large Red Demon greatsword was placed horizontally on the Siren’s large fish head. Without the slightest hesitation, he raised his hand and slashed down.


The Siren’s huge fish head flew up.

The core magic construct of the golem statue of the Siren was located at the position of the fish head. After losing the magic core, the remaining body immediately lost the color and vitality that it had just given to it. It returned to its original withered stone form. It quickly sank from the water and crashed heavily on the floor. With a ‘crack’, it broke into a few pieces from head to toe.

The remaining fish head was still struggling on the stone slab, but soon, a greatsword stabbed into it and dug the fish head open. Then, Heath bent down and grabbed the core structure inside the fish head.

This was a magic core made of Magic Crystals and some alchemy items. Like the golem core in the Twilight Ruins, it was the main part of the golem.

The fish head that had lost its core immediately stopped struggling and turned into a pile of rotten stones like its previous body.

Golem puppets were like that. They were just some ordinary ore materials. The core was the main thing that could make them come to life and form a fighting force, once the core was taken away, it would be like a human’s brain being taken away.

Wizards would also try their best to find a way to deal with this flaw. The most common method was to place the core in different locations so that Wizards could not locate the core.

However, such a change was ineffective on Heath. Through the system, he could accurately locate the core of the enemy. This was also the reason why he attacked the head of the Siren the moment he launched his attack.


With a soft sound, Heath landed on the floor. At the same time, he bent down and pushed aside the fragments of the fish head, taking out the core of the fish head.

The structure of this thing was still clear for the time being, but being able to keep running after almost ten thousand years was enough to prove its high-end. He would take it back first and study it later.

At the same time, there was another uproar on the street.

“Oh my god! What did he do?! He killed the guards! He killed all the guards!”

“The guards were killed! The guards were killed!”

“Oh my god, that demon killed the guards. He’s crazy. Who can stop him?!”

The streetlamp monsters and the stone slabs on the ground let out ear-piercing shrieks like frightened little rabbits.

Heath laughed sinisterly in his heart. “Ha!”

He did not waste any words. He jumped up and swept his gaze over, immediately breaking the lampshades of the streetlamp monsters into pieces. With a wave of his hand, he grabbed the Magic Crystals that were locked inside.

Heath, who had dug out the wealth password, hacked to his heart’s content, while the streetlamp monsters fell into an apocalyptic hell.

The entire street was in chaos. ‘Murderer!’, ‘Butcher!’, ‘Devil!’, ‘I curse you!’

All kinds of shrieks rang out continuously.

Heath paid no attention to this.

Alchemical lifeforms were not independent entities with real thoughts and souls. Their words and expressions were all runic magic that Wizards used to guard against theft, just like a pre-programmed machine.

In a short moment, more than ten streetlamp monsters were chopped into pieces by Heath, and more than ten Magic Crystals were in his hands.

These Magic Crystals were all of high quality. Although their energy structure was too stable and their uses were too simple, they could easily be exchanged with high-level Magic Stones. With this, he could earn at least one to two hundred thousand Magic Stones.

However, before Heath could be happy for long, a new situation suddenly occurred.




The clear sound of flowing water could be heard. Just like before, a water tornado suddenly appeared on the ground. However, this time, there were not one, but three water tornadoes.

In an instant, three Sirens appeared in front of Heath.


With the previous battle, Heath had roughly figured out the strength of these Siren guards. Although their strength was terrifying, their defense was weak. With the special ability of the system to locate their core… It was not difficult to destroy them.

Clang! It was the sound of a sword exploding in the water.

Standing on the ground, Heath suddenly exerted strength with his legs and shot toward the vs like an arrow released from a bow.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of metal interweaving and colliding rang continuously. Heath was as fierce as a tiger in the middle of the three Sirens. In the blink of an eye, the cores of the three Sirens were destroyed one after another.

Ka-da! With a light sound, Heath fell back to the ground.

Casually twisting his neck, Heath walked to a streetlamp monster at the side and continued his harvesting work.

However, after harvesting a dozen or so, the sound of water flowing rang out again. A water tornado was rolled up on the ground again. This time, there were eight of them. In an instant, eight Sirens had appeared on the street.

Heath frowned. “Is this thing still not over?”

The battle began once again.

Eight Sirens. With such a large number, even with the help of the system to locate the core and construct the battle, it was still extremely difficult to deal with. During the battle, Heath was even sent flying several times, and there were even a few wounds on his body.

However, in the end, he still relied on the abnormal output of the rule-type spell, Sword Wind, to annihilate the Sirens one by one. The wounds that he obtained were also quickly healed under the effect of the healing cells.

“Huff! Huff! Huff!”

Standing on the street, Heath panted.

Although he had won the battle, he had consumed a lot of energy. He had used Sword Wind to heal his wounds. The large amount of mana consumption made Heath’s spirit dispirited.

However, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, suddenly…




Just hearing this sound, Heath’s eyelids twitched, and an ominous feeling welled up in his heart. When he saw what happened next, he froze on the spot.

The water tornadoes on the entire street started to roll up one after another. There were tens, hundreds, or even thousands of them. At a glance, the entire street was filled with them, and it was impossible to count them.

Heath only felt a chill in his heart.

“D*mn it!”

He, who had always paid attention to self-cultivation, could not help but swear.

After saying that, he did not even look at the Siren army floating in the sky. He took Red Demon and turned around to leave…

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