Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress - Chapter 263 - Embarrassing Oneself in Front of Gu Jingyuan

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Chapter 263: Embarrassing Oneself in Front of Gu Jingyuan

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Once everyone arrived, the lecture began.

Today, the entire venue was packed. The students from both schools were present. This was unlike other years, where many third-year students had used the excuse of revision to not attend the lecture.

On the other hand, Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming were looking forward to hearing what the young hunks had to say.

Speaking of which, the elites invited by the two schools were mostly researchers. There were also two successful businessmen, one doctor, and the rest were the fresh meat celebrity and Wen Yaoming.

Although Wen Yaoming wasn’t as handsome as the fresh meat celebrity, he knew that he would definitely crush them in other respects.

As for the academics and businessmen, they might be very capable, but their looks… Forget it, they usually relied on their charisma.

The teacher said to Wen Yaoming, “You’ll be the finale. You still have time to prepare.”

“Teacher, I’m ready.”

The teacher looked relieved.

After the two principals gave their usual speech, the scientific and business elites took turns to go on stage.

The business elites were indeed very capable. Very soon, the students became mesmerized by their words. Everyone wished they could immediately fill in the relevant applications.

However, the researchers were usually introverted, so their performance was average.

“Now, we welcome Gu Jingyuan to speak to everyone.” Principal Lu extended his hand and made a gesture of invitation.

Gu Jingyuan stood up and walked to the seat beside Principal Lu.

The students below the stage whistled and cheered when they saw him.

Someone could not help but shout, “Gu Jingyuan! Gu Jingyuan!”

Wen Yongwei frowned. “What is Second High planning to do? Are they going to let the students debut together?”

After that, she heard Principal Lu proudly announce, “Although Doctor Gu did not attend Second High School, when he was 15 years old, he attended a junior class at Beijing University. After that, he was selected by the German National Medical Academy. He finished his medical master’s degree before he was 20 years old and then started to perform independent surgery. Currently, Doctor Gu is not only a doctor at Germany’s National Medical Academy, but he is also a medical professor at Beijing University. He is also participating in the investment, research, and development of Country S’s new medical equipment. If you have the intention of applying to Beijing University, or the medical school, please listen to Doctor Gu’s advice.”

Even those who didn’t want to apply pricked up their ears.

Wen Yongwei’s expression immediately changed. Fortunately, the lights had already dimmed, and no one could see her rapidly changing expression.

It was the same for Wen Yaoming.

The two of them had known that there was a doctor from Second High School coming over, but they had never thought about how young and outstanding the doctor could be.

So when they had initially seen Gu Jingyuan, they had not associated him with the doctor at all.

Now that they had heard Principal Lu’s introduction, they realized that the young hunk was Doctor Gu, whose resume was so impressive that it made people tremble.

When Gu Jingyuan went up on stage, Wen Yongwei and Wen Yaoming could only pray that he would be like the other scientific researchers who didn’t know how to read people.

However, they were wrong. Gu Jingyuan was humorous and funny, and his words were clear and fluent, causing the audience to laugh from time to time.

He even gathered the opinions of the three elites who were involved in scientific research. He combined their suggestions and inspired everyone.

Those who were only obsessed with his appearance also listened attentively.

Those who had originally discriminated against him for his looks also put away their contempt, wishing to obtain more experience and knowledge from him.

Wen Yaoming’s mouth opened with great difficulty. So, what did he want the finale position for?

He had enrolled in the junior class of Beijing University at the age of fifteen… He could directly crush Wen Yaoming, this straight-A student.

He was participating in the investment, research, and development of new medical equipment… Wen Yaoming was going to talk about the experience and insights he had gained from investing in movies and television dramas later. He’d be humiliated.

As for the identity of the actor… It was fine if an actor was not as good looking as other doctors, but even his body language and oratory skills were not as good as the other’s. No matter how he looked at it, he could not surpass Gu Jingyuan.

Despair swept over Wen Yaoming.

He had been born into a musical family and had good grades since he was young. Naturally, he had only ever received praise along the way and had never been defeated, but now, he was facing losing.

Gu Jingyuan finished speaking at the appointed time and said to the audience, “If anyone has any other questions, you’re welcome to discuss them with me.”

His clear and melodious voice was extremely pleasing to the ear, and his words were also extremely clear. Even the students seated in the last row could clearly hear his words.

As soon as he finished speaking, thunderous applause rang out. Everyone couldn’t help standing up and expressing their utmost respect and gratitude to him.

Gu Jingyuan walked towards the scientific research elites with a humble expression. He greeted them and chatted with them for a while.

The elites of scientific research were all talented people. Their ability to express themselves was not good, but their knowledge and talent were unquestionable.

Gu Jingyuan got off the stage, and many people surrounded him. They were no longer looking at his appearance, they were sincerely asking questions.

Ye Ke was extremely excited. “I’m so glad that I took the Beijing University examination. I can go to the same school as Doctor Gu in the future! Although the chances of us meeting are close to zero, it’s better than not having any chance at all! Shi Jin, don’t you regret rejecting Beijing University?”

“No.” Shi Jin shook her head. After all, she was someone who could meet Gu Jingyuan whenever she wanted to.

Ye Ke swore. “I want to become an outstanding person like Doctor Gu!”

Shi Jin could tell that this was simply idol worship and had nothing to do with romance.

“Let’s go over there. I also have a few questions to ask Doctor Gu.” Ye Ke pulled Shi Jin over.

Father Wen had also arrived. When he saw Gu Jingyuan, his eyes lit up. He didn’t even have time to listen to his son’s speech and quickly walked towards Gu Jingyuan.

In order not to affect other people’s speeches, Gu Jingyuan had already walked out of the venue.

Because of his departure, more than half of the students had left. Only a few people were still sitting below the stage.

After all, many people really wanted to ask Gu Jingyuan questions, and most people would not dream of being an actor or working in the entertainment industry, so they did not take Wen Yaoming’s speech seriously.

Wen Yaoming stood on the stage and watched as the teachers of the two schools tried their best to stop the students from leaving, but they couldn’t detain them.

Looking at the sparse crowd below the stage, Wen Yaoming didn’t know if having fewer spectators was his good luck or misfortune.

Meanwhile, Father Wen was already walking towards Gu Jingyuan.. At the same time, Ye Ke and Shi Jin were also heading that way.

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