Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress - Chapter 275 - It’s Better Not to Care

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Chapter 275: It’s Better Not to Care

Ji Huan suddenly thought of something and screamed uncontrollably, “So why did you apply to Beijing University’s Traditional Chinese Medicine department? With your results, you could choose any university you want!”

“I like this one.”

In her previous life, Shi Jin had experienced so many incidents where important people around her had fallen into depravity because of injuries and illnesses. She had also experienced Fu Xiuyuan dying in her arms. Hence, she had this obsession in her heart.

She wanted to change everything in this life. However, with the medical skills she had now, she was afraid that she would be unable to. So there was still a lot to learn.

“Don’t you want to consider something else? After all, a better uni will make your life easier.”

“I’ve already considered it.”

Ji Huan calmed down. “It’s good for you to have something that you like, and you’ve decided to follow it and live your life the way you want. I believe that with your ability, even if you don’t go to the schools that the other students think are the best, you can still have a wonderful life.”

Shi Jin’s understanding made Ji Huan feel respect for her. She was indeed a rare child to be able to maintain her original purity in such a glamorous environment like the entertainment industry.

She then asked, “Principal Lu doesn’t know about this, right?”

“I haven’t mentioned it to him.”

“Alright, leave Principal Lu and the school to me!” Ji Huan said. “You can focus on your own matters.”

Shi Jin said softly, “Thank you, Teacher Ji.”

She knew how shocked the school would be by her choice.

Which school wouldn’t want to have a few more students who could get into top schools?

Especially when the competition between Second High School and First High School was so intense. Every student who got into a top school was a powerful weapon against the other party.

The more people that attended Qing University and Beijing University, the better the school life would be.

Ji Huan had understood Shi Jin immediately. It was good for her to respect Shi Jin’s wishes, but it would take a lot of effort for her to convince Principal Lu.

Meeting Ji Huan was also Shi Jin’s greatest blessing in her studies.

When Ji Huan found out about Shi Jin’s results, she naturally went over to talk to Yao Jiahong and the school. Shi Jin simply turned off her phone and walked downstairs slowly.

When she arrived downstairs, she realized that Fu Xiuyuan had already returned. Butler Chen was taking care of the coat he had been wearing outside.

“Where is Master Fu?” Shi Jin did not hear him going upstairs.

“Master Fu is planting something in the courtyard and has told us not to help.”

Shi Jin nodded to show that she understood. She changed into a pair of flats and walked towards the backyard.

From afar, she could see Fu Xiuyuan’s figure. He was wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up, revealing his muscular arms. The way he held the hoe didn’t seem out of place at all.

Although his movements were not very proficient, it looked like he had done this before.

If the public knew that the elite of the business world, Fu Xiuyuan, was actually loosening the soil in Shi Jin’s garden, they would definitely be shocked.

Not to mention the outside world, even Butler Chen was shocked for a while when he saw it, but the way Fu Xiuyuan held the hoe was no worse than the way he looked in front of the computer.

A good-looking person would be pleasing to the eye no matter what he did.

When Shi Jin reached his side, Fu Xiuyuan stopped and said, “It’s done.”

“What did you plant?” Shi Jin was very curious and lowered her head to look at the two tender sprouts.

Then her pupils dilated. “You’re growing jade grapes?”

“I saw them in your books, so I went to find a few to plant.” Fu Xiuyuan spoke casually, as if he had just found a few roses to plant.

However, the Jade Grape was a rare breed that appeared in Shi Jin’s “Ancient Flower Collection”!

Though it was called a grape, it was actually a type of medicine. When it was fully grown, its shape was like that of a string of ripe grapes.

This plant was a divine tool used in ancient Chinese medicine to relieve pain!

In a society without anti-inflammatory drugs, it was a life-saving medicine.

Even though society had all sorts of anti-inflammatory methods now, the effect of Jade Grapes on blood circulation still held a unique research value.

Although there were many places in the country where Jade Grapes were planted and used, and some provinces used them as medicine, the Jade Grapes now were completely different from before. Their medicinal effects were also not as good as what was recorded in the Ancient Flower Collection.

The few trees that Fu Xiuyuan had planted were clearly real Jade Grapes, the kind that was almost extinct.

The reason why Jade Grapes were on the verge of extinction was related to the unique climate and soil environment it needed.

So the effort Fu Xiuyuan had gone to to plant these few grapes was far from as insignificant as he said.

Shi Jin stretched out her hand to touch the few saplings. Indeed, even the soil under the saplings had been specially transplanted.

“Do you know about Jade Grapes?”

“I didn’t before, but I do now.” Fu Xiuyuan put down his tools and said, “I’ll leave the rest to you.”

Shi Jin pursed her lips. She knew that the effort he had expended was beyond her imagination.

She had put in a lot of effort to find jade grapes. It was obvious how difficult it must have been for Fu Xiuyuan, who didn’t know anything about this plant.

Shi Jin understood that he knew that she had not done well, so he had tried his best to help.

She couldn’t help but laugh. After tidying up the jade grapes, she approached Fu Xiuyuan and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I have mud on me…”

“No, this is good.” Shi Jin leaned into his embrace. It felt good to have someone to rely on.


Wen Yongwei expected that Shi Jin would not have done well. So after reading the news, Wen Yongwei put the matter aside.

She would not waste her time on a defeated opponent.

Shi Xuexin was also paying close attention to Shi Jin’s results.

Once the news came out, she immediately went to the hospital to visit Old Master Shi.

“Grandpa, you’ve been feeling much better recently. Mom and I are very happy to hear about it.” Shi Xuexin sat in front of Old Master Shi and said gently, “However, Shi Jin has been having some problems. It’ll be best if you don’t take it to heart when you hear it.”

Old Master Shi already heard the score from Shi Jin.

He had been happy the entire day. He had not expected the child that he had been worried about to grow up so quickly and become sensible. The results that she had produced were even more shocking.

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