Accepting My Massive Inheritance After Divorce - Chapter 371 - Great Humiliation

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Chapter 371 371 Great Humiliation

Shen Yan, who was beside Fu Hang, was taken aback for a moment. However, she regained her composure swiftly and turned to look at Fu Hang

She had never thought that Fu Hang would embarrass others in public.

She had seen Fu Hang being like this.

Shen Yan retracted her gaze. She should not develop any curiosity toward Fu Hang.

Li Cheng’s face turned grim from anger. He wanted to retort, but since Shen Yan was here, he could not say anything. Thus, he could only smile bitterly and reply, “Mr Fu, you really misunderstood me. I did prepare an invitation for you. Perhaps the subordinates were careless and didn’t send it to you.”

Even a child wouldn’t believe Li Cheng’s words.

Not to mention Shen Yan and Fu Hang.

Shen Yan was so angry that she chuckled. Li Cheng obviously took her and Fu Hang as fools. She followed the tone of Li Cheng’s words and responded, “It seems that the people of the Li family are indeed useless. They can’t even handle such a small matter. Tsk tsk.”

Shen Yan’s tone was full of mockery. She directly linked the Li family to trash.

When Li Cheng heard Shen Yan say this, he didn’t know what to say for a moment. He could only purse his lips and remain silent.

Cheng An, who was standing at the side, looked at Fu Hang with resentment. If it wasn’t for Fu Hang, he would have been the noble young master of the Fu family since he was born. No matter where he went, he would always be the center of attention. How could he have been living uselessly in that small family of the Cheng family for half his life?

What made Cheng An the most puzzled was that even though Old Master Fu didn’t like Fu Hang, he still didn’t give him power after kicking Fu Hang out of the Fu family.

What was so good about Fu Hang?

Cheng An glanced at Shen Yan, and his gaze finally landed on Fu Hang’s face, he smiled and said, “Mr. Fu is really not an ordinary person. Even without the Fu family, you can still get along with your ex-wife. I heard that the two of you have already moved in together. Congratulations, good things are about to happen.”

Cheng An didn’t study hard in the past, and he was especially lecherous. He looked at Shen Yan with an unbridled gaze, “Miss Shen, the way Fu Hang treated you before, only you have a good temper. You’re even willing to take in a homeless trash like Fu Hang. What exactly do you see in him?”

Cheng An didn’t seem to see the coldness in Shen Yan’s eyes. He continued, “Fu Hang’s face is the only one that’s pleasing to the eye. What else can he compare to me? Why don’t you just kick him out and be with me?”

Cheng An completely ignored Fu Hang’s anger and continued fearlessly, “Don’t worry, I won’t despise you for being divorced once. How great would it be for our two families to be united by marriage?”

Cheng An used to like to bother girls. Now that he was recognized by the Fu family, he felt that with the Fu family as his backer, he was even more impudent when he teased others. Now, he even had the guts to bother Shen Yan.

Li Cheng, who was standing beside Cheng An, was completely stunned. He didn’t expect Cheng An to be so stupid to dare to bother Shen Yan. He felt that Cheng An really didn’t want to live.

Fu Hang saw a waiter come over with a glass of wine. He naturally brought a glass of red wine and poured it over Cheng An’s head without hesitation.

The ice-cold red wine poured down from his head. Cheng An shivered, and his eyes were livid and said furiously, “Fu Hang, are you f*cking crazy? How dare you attack me? I’m telling you, if you don’t crawl out from under my crotch tonight, you won’t be able to get out of here for the rest of your life!”

Cheng An was so angry that he was panting heavily. He saw Li Cheng, who was standing at the side like a wooden man without any expression, spitting directly at Li Cheng’s face, he said fiercely, “Are you a dead man? I’m your distinguished guest. Now that Fu Hang has done this to me, hurry up and arrest him!”

Li Cheng closed his eyes and tried hard to suppress his anger. He was the President of the Li Group and was a well-known figure in the outside world. Cheng An actually spat at him!

It was such a great humiliation for him!

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