Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2384

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Chapter 2384: Recognized

Ling Han smiled faintly before taking a small breath and exhaling.

Raging wind instantly swept forth.

However, the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire shook his head upon seeing this. His opponent was Kong Lingqi, a Third Secret Immortal Palace Tier elite from the Kong Clan. How could he be regarded as someone on the same level as Kong Xiang? Even the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire would have to unleash his full power against him. Otherwise, he would definitely be killed.

Yet, Ling Han was simply blowing some air? What was this? Celestial wind?

Meanwhile, Kong Lingqi was also infuriated. This brat actually dared to attack him with a breath? Why didn’t he spew some hot air to blow himself to death?

“You’re seeking death!” he roared with a humph. He rapidly pressed down with his large hand, yearning not to only suppress Ling Han, but also to subject him to immense torture. Otherwise, he couldn’t quell his anger.


The wind howled, and a devastating power swept through the surroundings.

Kong Lingqi’s attack was utterly futile as it was immediately crushed into pieces, scattering with the wind. However, the wind didn’t stop, and it continued to howl toward Kong Lingqi, causing him to sway.

Thud, thud, thud…

He retreated several steps, with his clothes all torn to shreds. He looked much like a fluttering butterfly.

When the wind dispersed, it was clear that Kong Lingqi had suffered the same fate as Kong Lingqi—he was butt naked.


Ling Han couldn’t help but feel astonished. This was because Kong Lingqi was also smooth and bare down there. This wasn’t an innate condition, but rather a result of external action.

‘F*ck, he truly knows how to toy with them!’

The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire and the remaining members of the Kong Clan were all stupefied. With a single breath, Ling Han had actually repelled the attack of a Third Secret elite. Not only that, but he had even shredded his clothes. Just what kind of astounding power was this?

“Ascending Origin Tier!” the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire exclaimed with a gulp. He was filled with shock and disbelief. Ling Han had actually ascended to the Ascending Origin Tier?

The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire was still only at the Immortal Palace Tier!

One had to realize that he was recultivating, so his cultivation speed should have been hundreds or even thousands of times quicker than Ling Han’s, yet he was actually surpassed?

No wonder Ling Han was brimming with confidence. As an Ascending Origin Tier elite facing off against a fellow Ascending Origin Tier elite, even if he were much weaker, he could still come and go as he pleased as long as he wasn’t encircled. He could do as he pleased.

“He’s only at the Immortal Palace Tier, so how in the world is he so powerful?!” The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire was in a bad state right now, so it was understandable that his judgment would be off. However, the members of the Kong Clan were fine, so their judgment naturally wouldn’t be affected. They were all beside themselves with shock.

Ling Han was clearly exuding the aura of an Immortal Palace Tier elite!

They hurriedly sent another signal, asking for more reinforcements.

Ling Clan smiled, and said, “Since you’re all calling me father, why don’t you come over and pay your respects?” He plucked the members of the Kong Clan up as if he were an eagle plucking at small chicks. He then forced them to kneel in a row before the city gates.

At the end of the day, he was acquainted with the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire, while he only harbored disgust and contempt toward the Kong Clan. Thus, since he was free anyway, he decided to vent some anger for the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire.

“You’re still only at the Immortal Palace Tier?” the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire exclaimed in astonishment.

Ling Han pondered for a moment before replying, “It’s hard for me to answer with a direct yes or no.”

The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire rolled his eyes upon hearing this. He either was at the Immortal Palace Tier, or he wasn’t. How was this hard to answer?

Ling Han continued, “After all, you’re not aware of the existence of the Foreign Realm. What if I told you I reached the Ascending Origin Tier there? However, after returning, I was suppressed back to the Second Secret. Right now, I’ve recultivated back to the Eleventh Secret. Do you understand?”

The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire chuckled in reply. ‘Reaching the Ascending Origin Tier in some Foreign Realm? What Foreign Realm? Moreover, what the hell is the Eleventh Secret? Do you take me for a fool?’

Ling Han couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. Those who had ascended from the Lower Realm were now extremely far apart not only in terms of cultivation, but also in terms of knowledge.

Not mentioning himself, the Rain Emperor had also advanced to the Ascending Origin Tier and become a monarch star. Hu Niu was no different. However, people like Feng Po Yun, Mu Rong Qing, and the others had only reached the Dividing Soul Tier at the highest. Meanwhile, even with a lifetime of experience, the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire had only recultivated to the Immortal Palace Tier.

Moreover, the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire was clearly unaware of the existence of monarch tiers and monarch stars. He was more so unaware of the battle between dimensions.

However, after dropping that huge “bomb” in the Two Realm Battlefield, Ling Han was confident that the entire Celestial Realm would soon learn of the true faces of the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable and the two other Heavenly Venerates. They would also learn about the invasion being carried out by the Foreign Realm.

Creating an illusion of peace was of no benefit to the future of the Celestial Realm. Moreover, the Foreign Realm was also trying to shake the foundations of the Celestial Realm by spreading their practice of praying to “deities.” It was necessary to alert the entire Celestial Realm to guard against this.

“Let me fill you in,” Ling Han said with a smile. He then started to tell the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire about the battle between dimensions. While explaining this, he also mentioned the existence of monarch tiers and monarch stars.

The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire felt as if he were dreaming. In fact, even the members of the Kong Clan didn’t dare to believe this. The world they lived in was actually this dangerous? They were at risk of being invaded by another realm at any moment? They were at risk of being completely massacred?

When Ling Han finished speaking, the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire was completely and utterly stupefied. He was rendered absolutely speechless.

The members of the Kong Clan didn’t fare any better. Right now, their only thought was that Ling Han had definitely gone mad.

It was also at this moment that the reinforcements from the Kong Clan arrived.

“Hmph! Who dares to challenge the might of the Kong Clan?!” A large group of people marched over, with the leader wearing an expression of incandescent fury.

This person had actually forced the members of the Kong Clan to kneel in a row? How humiliating!

Many people arrived this time, and their cultivation levels also varied greatly. Some were at the Ascending Origin Tier, some were at the Immortal Palace Tier, and some were even at the Dividing Soul Tier or Severing Mundane Tier. However, only four of them were at the Ascending Origin Tier.

“L-Ling Han!” someone suddenly stammered in a shaky voice.

Ling Han looked over before grinning, and saying, “I remember you. You’re Kong Ye, correct?”

He was one of the three Ascending Origin Tier elites from the Kong Clan who had gone to Nine Snake Island at that time. However, to his shock, not only had Ling Han not fled, but he had even charged into Three Cloud City!

‘Not good!’ Kong Ye exclaimed in his mind. This was because a large majority of elites from the Kong Clan had been dispatched to Nine Snake Island to hunt Ling Han. However, this brat defied their expectations, and he had actually come straight to Three Cloud City! Was he seizing this opportunity to destroy the Kong Clan?

“Ling Han?”

“Ling Han!”

“Ling Han!”

Some of them wore blank expressions. Who in the world was Ling Han? However, the color drained from the faces of those in positions of power at the Kong Clan.

He was an unfathomably terrifying person. With a single punch, he had easily obliterated the arm of Kong An, forcing the three elites from the Kong Clan to flee from Nine Snake Island in disarray. They had been utterly humiliated.

Now, this death star was actually in Three Cloud City!

“What do you want?” Kong Ye yelled in a fierce voice. Yet, it was clear that his heart was gripped with fear. Ling Han was like an insurmountable beast.

Ling Han patted the shoulder of the Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire, and said, “He’s my underling, yet he was tied up and brutally beaten by you people. Now, I’ve naturally come to avenge him!”

The members of the Kong Clan all felt extremely vexed. When going to Nine Snake Island, it had turned out to be an ancestral ground of Ling Han’s wife. When punishing an opponent of the Kong Clan, it turned out that he was actually Ling Han’s underling. Was the Kong Clan destined to clash with this person?

The Heavenly Emperor of Thunder and Fire felt even more vexed. “I’m not your underling!”

At that time, when Ling Han had begged him to teach him some Mystical Powers, he had put on all the airs he could, yet he had become an underling now?

Ling Han roared with laughter, and said, “Many people beg to become my underling, yet there’s not a chance in hell that they can. If you hadn’t been a good friend of mine, I wouldn’t have opened such a back door for you, either.”

He glanced at the members of the Kong Clan, and said, “Come on, let’s pay a visit to your clan. I want to see what kind of dangerous place it is!”

“Ling Han, don’t push your luck!” Kong Ye roared. However, they only had four Ascending Origin Tier elites present, and there were only five more back at the clan quarters.

Could the nine of them stop Ling Han?

He didn’t have a shred of confidence.

“Obediently lead the way!” Ling Han said with force.

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