... eaf Flower in the black market.

Thus, she didn’t go to the VIP room where she often went to gamble. Instead, she directly found Manager Dige in the hall on the first floor and instructed him to release a piece of news on the black market, telling everyone that she would give a good reward to anyone who helped her to buy a Seven Leaf Flower.

She didn’t care about the cost!

As long as it was available, she would buy it!

Manager Dige was also conv ...

Dragon-Marked War GodChapter 3048: The Dignity of Hun Wan Mountain

The once greatest Saint underneath the heavens has been reborn after one hundred years. He cultivates with mighty skills, and he fights to once again reach the top of the world!

Don’t compete with me when it comes to concocting pills, 100% effectiveness means nothing to me.

Don’t compete with me when it comes to cultivation speed, I won’t be responsible when you die from embarrassment.

Don’t compete with me when it comes to experience, as I’m an ancient ancestor.

The existence of Jiang Chen is destined to ridicule thousands of geniuses…

MTL - After Marrying the Villain, I Became PopularChapter 91 end

Xia Wan wore a book and became a cannon fodder who was cheated by the protagonist in the book.
When he arrived, he was in the midst of Slag Gong’s engagement banquet and was frantically humiliated.
Xia Wan grabbed the tallest, most handsome, and most aura man in the audience and quietly asked for help. In the silence, it was easy to see the almost top-quality man’s star-shaped eyes and a smile on his lips. He quietly hooked Xia Wan into his arms. inside.
Later, Xia Wan learned that the handsome man who held him tightly in his arms was actually his brother, Huo Yu, the biggest villain in the book.

In order to survive, Xia Wan trembled and signed a marriage agreement with Huo Yu.
In front of the people, Xia Wan raised her face with a smile, kissed Huo Yu’s lips, and did not hesitate to praise her sweetly.
“My husband hurts me the most.”
“Husband is great.”
“I love my husband.”
After the people, Xia Wan quietly slandered.
“Mom’s dead cleanliness, not even a single kiss.”
“As expected of the eldest young master, it’s cold enough.”
Huo Yu has an indifferent personality, acts ruthlessly, and will do anything to achieve his goals.
Until that engagement banquet, the handsome young man was helpless, but unintentionally grabbed his hand that was going to hell.
At first, Huo Yu was on a routine basis,
“Wan Wan is kind and naive, what evil can he have?”
“Wanwan is Xiaoxiannan, what Xiaoxiannan says is right.”
“Wanwan is my lover, who dares to touch him?”
Later, the routine changed at some point,
Huo Yu tightly guarded Xia Wan behind him, as if anyone dared to touch him, he would perish with him.

Xia Wan became popular overnight and became the darling of major brands. The popularity was so high that even the top players in the entertainment industry sighed to themselves. A live broadcast even brought millions of goods.
Once Oolong, sharp-eyed netizens found a new semi-finished painting by another genius-level popular and cutting-edge artist on the desktop of the summer evening.
Netizen: Oh!
It turns out that the host I like is actually the same person.
Crazy for you, crazy for you, crashing against the wall for you.
So cute and so talented, I love you lately!
For a while, the words “love you” filled the screen.
That night, a certain upstart boss couldn’t bear to add a photo on Weibo.
In the photo, the two hands are tightly clasped.
On the smaller hand, it is precisely the ring that never leaves the hand in the Xia Wan live broadcast.
For a while, the whole network was fried, and Weibo was almost paralyzed.
At the same time, the wealthy Xue family finally found the young master who had been lost for 18 years. In the photos released by the media, it was Xia Wan who was hugged tightly by Xue’s husband.
Three popular hot searches were posted on Weibo, and the network was completely paralyzed.
Crowd: Wow, what surprises do you have that I don’t know about?
I also want such a peak life ah ah ah ah ah!
You are my light, illuminating the whole dark world behind me.
Paranoid belly black beauty strong attack X squeamish cute prosperous beauty food lover

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Tangled By FateChapter 503 THE PLAN


“You don't know what love is? I will teach you.” his deep, husky voice made her shiver. His hot hands were roaming freely around her body, making her jolt in a unique sensation she never felt before.


She is a curious student who wants to know about pleasure and he is a patient teacher who knows everything she wants to learn.


Growing up in the temple, the troublemaker and yet pure-hearten and innocent Veronica decided to go outside the walls. Her first time experience ended with something disastrous. She learned about a unique part of male body she never heard of its existence. He found out about her deepest secret that no one should have known,

That's how their fates tangled. She soon realized, her heart pounded whenever he touched her. His hot gaze would give her goosebumps.

MTL - Forced To Fall In Love with the Villain AAChapter 129

Wen Ye, the lead dancer idol of a well-known boy group in Huaguo, he loves to be provocative by nature and often flaunts his eight-pack abs on stage.

However, his private identity is the young master of a certain ancient martial arts family who is gifted in martial arts and caused headaches for the elders of the family.

One day, he accidentally entered an Abo novel that would be 404, and became a cannon fodder Alpha in the original book.

The original owner summoned him at the cost of his soul, and he was put on the shackles to protect the other’s parents and prevent the collapse of the empire.
Facing the black-bellied villain of the original book who fell to the ground in a flash, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of the Empire, the young master silently swallowed the blood he wanted to vomit.

too weak! Could it be that the villain in the original book relies on IQ instead of force?
no! Must practice more!
While practicing the opponent to death, he teased the opponent desperately.
The young master, who follows the policy of equal exposure to rain and dew, watched the Alpha with long legs and hips in the military academy start a happy vacation life.
Unexpectedly, one day, the aftermath of the secondary differentiation of His Highness the Crown Prince broke out. Facing His Highness the Crown Prince with hungry wolf eyes and ghostly demeanor, the young master who was pinned against the wall had only one sentence in his mind:
After a long time, I really have to pay it back…

small theater:
1. Xu Shen saw Wen Ye’s flirtatiousness on the first day, and His Royal Highness crushed the cup in his hand.
Xu Shen saw Wen Ye being provocative the next day, and His Highness the Crown Prince pinched the edge of the table.
On the third day, Wen Ye was about to start flirting, but was directly carried away by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince who couldn’t bear it.
2. Wen Ye: Your Majesty, stop biting my neck! It cannot be marked permanently!
His Royal Highness (with a toothy grin): Knot and bite a few more times, so everyone will understand who you belong to.
Wen Ye: Knot?
His Royal Highness: Oh, so you don’t understand? Come, I will teach you slowly.
Bystander: We now suspect that you are driving illegally!
1. Black-bellied rabid king Alpha attack X love. tease.
2. Wife abuse is fun for a while, chasing wife crematorium!
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4. Weibo: It’s not Houttuynia cordata, the cover person is on Weibo.

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