Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1416: Challenging the Monastery!

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Chapter 1416: Challenging the Monastery!


Upon hearing Desolate Martial's words, a soft holler sounded from Dapamkara Monastery, as though the person who spoke was enraged as well!

No matter what, Dapamkara Monastery was one of the six Buddhist monasteries and was definitely a super sect in Tianhuang Mainland that had been passed down through history. It had never been threatened like this before.

"This is Dapamkara Monastery! How dare you behave so insolently here!"

The voice from the monastery was extremely stern.

Su Zimo scoffed coldly.

If it was in the past, he might not have been qualified. But now that he had entered the Conjoint Body realm, he dared to challenge even super sects!

Since this concerned Ming Zhen, he had to find out the truth no matter what!

Su Zimo ignored Dapamkara Monastery's warning and flew into the air, heading towards the monastery on the mountain.

"Desolate Martial!"

When he saw Su Zimo ignore the warning, the voice from Dapamkara Monastery seemed to get anxious as well. "If you dare to advance recklessly, don't blame Dapamkara Monastery for taking you down!"

"That's great! I want to witness the capabilities of the accomplished monks of Dapamkara Monastery!"

Su Zimo burst out in laughter.

"Activate the formation!"

The voice of Dapamkara Monastery sounded.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Instantly, a blinding golden light burst forth from the surroundings of Dapamkara Monastery and illuminated the entire place in a blinding manner!

Dapamkara Monastery's Sect Protection Formation!

At the same time, sacred Sanskrit sounds echoed from the formation one after another. When heard clearly, it made one feel a sense of guilt and regret unconsciously.

If a cultivator with a lower cultivation realm were to hear the Sanskrit sounds, they would have surrendered to their sins immediately.

Furthermore, there was a high chance that they would even convert to Buddhism!

However, Su Zimo was well-versed in Buddhism and sat in the Dao Inheritance Ground for 5,000 years to deduce the Martial Dao. His experience forged an unshakable and indestructible determination!

The Sanskrit did not affect him at all.

It went in by one ear and out by the other.

However, the Sect Protection Formation was indeed troublesome to deal with and it was almost impossible for him to barge in!

Su Zimo's expression was unchanged as he focused his gaze at the formation.

The monk of Dapamkara Monastery sensed that Su Zimo had stopped in his tracks and seemed to be in a predicament. He could not help but say again, "Patron Desolate Martial, please head back."

"Power of the Ancestor realm is required to break through this Sect Protection Formation. Even Half-Martial Ancestors can't do it, let alone you who have just advanced to the Conjoint Body realm, patron."

Su Zimo was unmoved.

Actually, at that moment, he was already deducing the Sect Protection Formation. His mind was churning rapidly as he tried his best to locate the formation eye!

The transformation and evolution experienced by Su Zimo after 5,000 years of contemplation in the Dao Inheritance Ground was indescribable.

The Martial Dao was the final gain and outcome.

However, during that period of time, Su Zimo obtained the inheritances of more than 30 Mighty Figures and Half-Martial Ancestors—formation techniques were one of them!

Without the inheritance of formation techniques, he could not have comprehended the incomplete teleportation formation either.

"Patron Desolate Martial,"

When the monk of Dapamkara Monastery saw that Su Zimo was still unwilling to leave, he seemed to get impatient and said in a deep voice, "Buddha is benevolent and our monastery is unwilling to sow ill will with you. This formation is only in a defensive state right now."

"If you refuse to leave, don't blame me for activating the offensive formation!"


Right then, Su Zimo's eyes flashed and he suddenly laughed.

"You won't have that chance!"

Su Zimo said indifferently.


He waved his sleeves and conjured a sword art. Instantly, 49 extremely sharp sword qi burst forth from his sleeves in a blinding manner!

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

The world changed in a vast expanse of white and killing intent surged through the starry skies!

Those were all Heaven Slaying Sword Qi and were extremely sharp!

Under Su Zimo's control, the 49 Heaven Slaying Sword Qi shot towards every single corner of Dapamkara Monastery with extreme precision.

Some of the sword qi entered the grass.

Some of the sword qi stabbed into the green stone.

Some of the sword qi severed the ancient trees!

When the monk of Dapamkara Monastery saw that, his expression changed!

Those sword qi were not stabbing casually.

Every single sword qi landed at the formation eyes!

Actually, the Sect Protection Formation was already rather complicated and had as many as 49 formation eyes. It formed a Heavenly Cycle and had an extremely strong defense!

Only true Mahayana Patriarchs could break through the formation with their divine powers.

However, no matter how complex or powerful the formation was, it had weaknesses and openings—the formation eyes.

Formation eyes were the crux and core of how formations functioned.

No matter how strong a formation was, once the formation eye was destroyed, it would naturally not be able to hold out.

There was no way the 49 formation eyes could defend against the sharpness of the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi and they were pierced almost instantly!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The Sect Protection Formation dissipated instantly!

Su Zimo had expended a lot of effort in this clash.

After all, it was an immense burden for him to locate the 49 formation eyes of the Sect Protection Formation in such a short period of time.

However, the monks of Dapamkara Monastery saw the situation differently.

None of them knew how much effort Su Zimo had expended.

To them, Su Zimo merely waved his sleeves gently and the entire Sect Protection Formation dissipated!

"Desolate Martial, you…"

It was clear that the monk from Dapamkara Monastery had not expected such a scene.

Su Zimo strode forward and arrived in front of the tall and tightly shut monastery. He hollered softly, "Since all the accomplished monks are unwilling to meet me, I'll have to pay a personal visit!"

Before his sentence was finished, Su Zimo clenched his fists and punched towards the monastery door!

Although this monastery door was made from a unique rock of the universe and was incomparably tough, there was no way it could defend against the power of a Grade 7 Creation Green Lotus!


The monastery door was smashed by Su Zimo's punch and countless rocks exploded in all directions!

Amidst the rumbling dust, Su Zimo was like a god that looked down on the world and could not be offended. He crossed the ruins and walked slowly into Dapamkara Monastery!

Opposite the monastery door was the massive Heavenly King Palace.

At that moment, many monks stood in front of the Heavenly King Palace. Although their cultivation realms varied, the weakest were at the Void Reversion realm. There were also many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and more than ten Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

As though they were faced with a great enemy, those monks were on guard as they glared at Su Zimo who was walking over slowly.

The Conjoint Body monk in the lead might be rotund, but he had a dignified expression. Holding a Diamond Zen Staff in his left hand and a string of prayer beads in his right, he scrutinized Su Zimo as well.

"Patron Desolate Martial, how dare you barge into Dapamkara Monastery and destroy our monastery door!"

The Diamond Zen Staff in the hands of the fat monk slammed heavily onto the ground with a deafening bang that sounded like thunder!

The thump of the Diamond Zen Staff coupled with the fat monk's shout produced an extremely powerful sound domain attack!

However, Su Zimo's expression was calm.

The sound domain attack could not hurt the Grade 7 Creation Green Lotus at all!

In the current cultivation world, apart from some cultivators of the three aristocratic families, no one knew what sort of transformations Su Zimo had undergone in Beiming Town.

"Who are you?"

Su Zimo asked expressionlessly.

"I'm the abbot of Dapamkara Monastery. My Dharmic title is Hui Shen!"

The fat monk said slowly.

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