Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 1417: A Single Roar!

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Chapter 1417: A Single Roar!


Su Zimo replied casually with a calm expression.

Given his current reputation, he could even address the sect masters of the super sects as equals without bowing down!

"Desolate Martial, Buddha is compassionate. If you retreat now, Dapamkara Monastery will let bygones be bygones for today's matter! If you continue to push your luck, don't blame us for suppressing you as an enemy!"

Abbot Hui Shen had a stern expression and his voice was stern.

"Master, why argue with him?"

A young monk stood out with a burning gaze and a powerful aura. Although he was at the Dharma Characteristic realm, he did not show any fear in front of Su Zimo.

"My previous Dharmic title was Kong Ru and I'm now the titular disciple of Dapamkara Monastery. You can call me Dao Lord Dapamkara as well!"

Kong Ru walked out slowly and looked at Su Zimo eagerly. "I've long heard about how Desolate Martial established the Dao and imparted martial arts to all living beings. Your combat strength is heaven-defying and you're the number one monster incarnate in history, invincible among your peers!"

"Up till this point of my cultivation, I've never lost either and I've also suppressed Conjoint Body Mighty Figures! Patron Desolate Martial, let me witness your capabilities today!"


Instead of getting angry, Su Zimo laughed.

"Dapamkara Monastery has truly opened my eyes today,"

Su Zimo said, "Up till this point of my cultivation, I've overwhelmed strong foes. There are very few low-level cultivators who dare to challenge me. You're one of them!"

"Kong Ru, retreat!"

Abbot Hui Shen frowned and hollered softly.

Although he had never met Su Zimo before, there were way too many rumors about Desolate Martial over the years!

It was definitely not a fluke that Desolate Martial was able to reach his current status!

Kong Ru was indeed a rare paragon and monster incarnate of Dapamkara Monastery in this generation.

However, he was still slightly inferior if he wanted to challenge Desolate Martial across a major cultivation realm.

"Master, don't worry. I'll just spar with Patron Desolate Martial,"

Kong Ru was still insistent and his eyes burned with a raring battle intent. He glared at Su Zimo who was not far away and even provoked, "Why? Fellow Daoist Desolate Martial, are you afraid of fighting me because you're worried that your reputation will be tarnished?"


Su Zimo burst out in laughter.

"Good, good, good!"

Su Zimo praised repeatedly and strode towards Kong Ru, nodding. "It's very rare for you to have such guts. Unfortunately…"

He did not continue and suddenly stopped in his tracks.

When Kong Ru saw Su Zimo walk over, he focused his attention and was on guard. He took out a gigantic staff from his storage bag and waved it gently—it seemed like it was extremely heavy!

The two of them were less than ten feet apart.

Suddenly, Su Zimo shouted!



There was a deafening sound.

It exploded in Kong Ru's ears like thunder!

Kong Ru's eyes widened and turned bloodshot instantly. His mind went blank and he froze on the spot, as though he was struck by lightning!

It was Thunderclap Kill, the sound domain attack!

Now that Su Zimo was at the Conjoint Body realm and his body had transformed into a Grade 7 Creation Green Lotus, the might of his sound domain attack had increased exponentially as well!

Even a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure might not be able to withstand it, let alone Kong Ru who was only at the Dharma Characteristic realm!

"Unfortunately, your combat strength is a little lacking,"

Su Zimo said indifferently.

It was only then that he continued what he had not finished earlier on.


Kong Ru collapsed stiffly with his eyes closed. Although he was still breathing, he had fainted from the shock.

The monks were in an uproar!

The titular disciple of Dapamkara Monastery fainted from a single roar of Desolate Martial!

That exchange was extremely sudden and short.

Sound domain attacks were instantaneous.

Even if Abbot Hui Shen and the other monks wanted to help, it would be too late.

Furthermore, Abbot Hui Shen and the other monks were not too far away from Su Zimo. Their ears rang as well from the impact of Thunderclap Kill and their teeth ached!

"Dharma Characteristic monks, retreat! Conjoint Body monks, join forces with me!"

Abbot Hui Shen hollered and reacted instantly. Waving his Diamond Zen Staff, he charged towards Su Zimo.

More than ten Conjoint Body monks released their Destiny Dharmic Weapons one after another and attacked Su Zimo.

"Desolate Martial, you barged into Dapamkara Monastery and destroyed our formation, our monastery door and even injured our titular disciple. Don't blame us for joining forces to suppress you!"

He said in a deep voice.

"You guys think that you're strong enough to suppress me?"

Su Zimo scoffed coldly.


In a flash, he transformed into a streak of light and appeared before Abbot Hui Shen in the blink of an eye, punching with his fist!

Abbot Hui Shen swung the Diamond Zen Staff and smashed it towards Su Zimo's fist!

Su Zimo did not dodge or avoid. In fact, he did not even change tactics.

"You're asking for trouble."

Abbot Hui Shen harrumphed and did not stop.

His Diamond Zen Staff was forged from Diamond Meteors and was indestructible. It was a connate Mighty Figure Dharmic weapon and was not something that a body of flesh and blood could defend against!


As that thought crossed his mind, the Diamond Zen Staff held by Abbot Hui Shen smashed heavily against Su Zimo's fist. Instead of the bone-crushing sound he had imagined, there was a strange sound of defeat!

"Mmm? He's fine?"

Abbot Hui Shen pupils constricted as he looked at everything before him in disbelief.

Immediately after, his expression changed.

He felt a terrifying power surge into the Diamond Zen Staff like an ocean!

Buzz! Buzz!

Against that power, the Diamond Zen Staff could not help but tremble!

Even with his strength, Abbot Hui Shen could not suppress it!

Using his fist as a palm, Su Zimo's strength changed from extreme toughness to extreme gentleness as exerted a punch and a tremble on the Diamond Zen Staff!


Abbot Hui Shen shrieked as his palm was torn and blood gushed out like a fountain.

His Destiny Dharmic Weapon was snatched away by Su Zimo barehanded!

At that moment, the other Conjoint Body monks of Dapamkara Monastery had already closed in.

Many Dharmic arts and Dharmic weapons descended!

Without even turning back to look, Su Zimo snatched the Diamond Zen Staff and flung it in reverse!


The Diamond Zen Staff transformed into a golden streak of light and tore through the air!


The Diamond Zen Staff collided against a wooden fish that was flying over and shattered it!

A Conjoint Body monk's expression changed and he spat out blood.

That wooden fish was his Destiny Dharmic Weapon but it was destroyed by Su Zimo in a single move!

The Diamond Zen Staff continued its momentum and charged towards the embrace of another Conjoint Body monk.

The monk hurriedly retracted his Destiny Dharmic Weapon—it was a gigantic ancient bell that shielded him.


The Diamond Zen Staff collided against the ancient bell with a long bang!

The Conjoint Body monk shuddered and fell from midair with a dazed expression and listless eyes.

He was stunned by his own ancient bell that was in his embrace!


Suddenly, the sound of a tsunami surged from within Su Zimo's body.


Roaring into the skies, Su Zimo's blood qi was torrential as he charged towards the surrounding Conjoint Body cultivators!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo was barehanded and did not use any Dharmic weapons or Dharmic arts. He shattered all the incoming Dharmic arts and repelled all the incoming Dharmic weapons!

He could break all Dharmic arts with brute force!

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