Evil Prince, Come Play With Me - Chapter 1107 - A Cheat, and Crown Prince Lu Loses

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Chapter 1107: A Cheat, and Crown Prince Lu Loses

Most importantly, he had snatched her son the moment she arrived.


“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait another two years. He can’t even talk right now.” Mo Qian’er was naturally happy that someone liked her son, and furthermore, it was also her master’s child.

“There’s no need for him to talk. I can communicate with him through our eyes. He said that he’s happy to play with me. The weather outside is pretty good. Let’s go play on the ice. It’ll be fun on the frozen lake…”

The crown prince talked to himself.

Crown Prince Lu snorted. What was going on? Why was there a kid who was even more unbelievable than he was? He was clearly younger, but could already talk and walk. It was a blow to him.

He had thought that someone like him who was smart and understood things since he was born was already a life cheat.

In the end, there was someone who was an even bigger cheat than he was.

Making comparisons was odious.

“Don’t be upset. You’re human, but I’m a little more unusual, so it’s normal for me to be a little more awesome than you.” The crown prince comforted Crown Prince Lu earnestly.

Crown Prince Lu couldn’t speak, but he was even more astonished when Crown Prince Feng clearly read his thoughts.

He knew that this crown prince absolutely wasn’t an ordinary person.

“The little crown prince isn’t in good health. I’m afraid he can’t play on the ice.” Mo Qian’er looked troubled. She didn’t want to disappoint the little crown prince, but she was worried about her son’s health.

Crown Prince Feng waved his hand. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Just bring out a small basin for him to lie in, and he can be towed around. He won’t have to exert any strength, it won’t be a problem.”

Mo Qian’er glanced at her son. “Do you want to play?”

Crown Prince Lu waved his fists and nodded.

Although he couldn’t speak, he could control his head.

His body wasn’t in good shape, but he couldn’t let the crown prince look down on him. As soon as the two babies met, Crown Prince Lu became more lively.

Crown Prince Lu, the ruler of one of the six countries, was under the emperor who reigned over all six countries. One could well imagine how he felt.

He couldn’t accept being suppressed by Crown Prince Feng.

He knew that the crown prince was extraordinary.

“Then let’s go. I haven’t played on the ice yet. It’s going to be spring soon, and the ice will melt. I won’t be able to play after that,” Bu Yaolian said happily.

Most importantly, Shao Zun hadn’t woken up yet.

When Shao Zun woke up, he would definitely stop her from playing.

Mo Qian’er thought that it wouldn’t be good for Bu Yaolian to go on the ice since she was pregnant, but seeing how excited she was, she didn’t say anything.

“Alright, let’s go. I’ll watch you.”

Now that Mo Qian’er had the power of the dragon race, she could watch the two babies and Bu Yaolian, and make sure that they didn’t fall.

They went to Clear Heart Lake with a bunch of guards.

It was a lake in Prince Zi’s residence. It was the coldest place in Prince Zi’s residence because it was close to the mountains in the north.

The lake was frozen.

Crown Prince Feng loved to play, and he fell in love with this place after Gu Bailu dragged him here twice.

Now that he had a friend to accompany him, he was naturally happy.

The guards brought over a large jade basin and placed the two crown princes inside.

Crown Prince Feng pulled himself up and waved his chubby hands. “Let’s go!!”

Crown Prince Lu was still unsteady on his feet and could only lean against the side of the basin. His fair and cute face was wrapped in a scarf, only revealing two eyes.

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