Chapter 287 Collision 1

"Inside...ummm...put all of it inside"

Amanda whispered beside Michael's ears with her face glistening in sweat, and her arms wrapped around Michael.


While Michael on the other hand groaned and pressed his hips hard towards Amanda, as their intertwined bodies shivered together in satisfaction.

Both of them are raggedly breathing, while Michael just stayed on top of Amanda for a while before he got off her and laid beside her on the bed, then he pulled a blanket over and covered their bodies.

Amanda turned her head towards Michael and complained, "Are you machine or what? We did it straight for two hours and now I'm really aching in pain down there"

Michael looked at her flushed but satisfied face and caress her cheek and smiled, "But It felt really good though, right?"

Then his face became serious and asked her something that concerns him.

"Did you take some pills then?"

Amanda just smiled as she knew what he's worried about.

"I did, no worries"

Then she suddenly narrowed her eyes and looked at Michael with a questioning look on her face.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing" Michael just smiled as his hands continued to wander around Amanda's body.


Amanda screamed when Michael suddenly jumped up and went on top of her while staring at her with a huge grin on his face.

"I want more of you"

"But we just did a lot of times, aren't you tired yet!?" Amanda flushed as she wriggled around as she started getting turned on again because of Michael's fingers playing inside her.

Michael grinned widely and said, "Not yet, I haven't got enough of you yet"


Then spring had once again came for a visit inside the bedroom, as the sound of moaning and flesh hitting against each other echoed throughout the room.

It was already six in the evening when Michael woke up, and when he looked to his side, he didn't see Amanda, but he could hear the clattering of things in the kitchen.

Michael got out of his bed and washed his face before making his way towards the kitchen.

"Goodevening, making dinner?" Michael yawned as he pulled out a chair over and sat down, laid his hands on the table in front of him, and watched Amanda who has her back towards him.

"Yeah, give me a minute. It's almost done" Amanda said while stirring whatever food she is cooking on the frying pan.

A few minutes later, Amanda was finally done with dinner and was also done setting up the table.

"We need to get online in the game after dinner, so eat up"

Tonight's dinner was scrambled eggs mixed with chopped scallions and a pizza that they had ordered, and a small pot of rice.

"You didn't forget to bring your Game Helmet here, right?" Michael said as he started filling up a plate for Amanda before handing it over to her, and after that, he also did the same for him.

"I forgot but don't worry, Jenny told me that one her men will drop it by later, probably after dinner," Amanda said as she took a bite of the slice of pizza on her hand.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe.

At an island in the Pacific, which was probably big as five football fields combined. There stood a huge mansion and with a lot of recreational places built around it with men and women in black suits guarding around the area.

There are currently two familiar people sunbathing under the sun with huge palm trees looming above them, partially shading them from the rays of the sun, with the aquatic blue ocean before them.

A phone that was sitting on the table between them suddenly rang.

It rang for a while, but the man and the woman who is lying on both sides of the table ignored it.

"Can you pick it up?" said the woman a few seconds later, her voice containing a tinge of annoyance.


The man groaned and annoyingly picked up the phone and answered it with his eyes still close.

"Hello, who is it?"

A minute later, the call ended, and the man suddenly started chuckling to himself as he quickly sat up from his chair and looked at the woman at his side.

"Hey, it seems Michael had brought home his girlfriend the moment we left for the plane!"


If Michael was here, he would be a bit dumbfounded at what he's seeing, because the two people sunbathing on the beach and having the time of their lives in what looked like a private island, is actually his parents!

Who are Tom and Alice!

"Heh, I already expected that Michael would do that, as long as they don't host any party while we're away" Alice smiled as she fixed her sunglasses.

"Anyway, enough about our son, when will those bastards come? Are they making us wait?"

Then suddenly, Alice's voice suddenly turned cold, and even Tom's eyes suddenly narrowed when he remembered their purpose of coming all the way here.

He gestured one of the nearby men in black with his finger and whispered something to him.

Then the man nodded and hurriedly made his way towards the nearby mansion and came back not even three minutes later.

The man in a suit walked beside Tom and whispered something on his ear.

Tom nodded at the man as thanks, then he turned his attention to his wife.

"Something happened on their way, and they'll be late for half an hour"

Alice felt annoyed hearing that and said coldly, "What could have possibly delayed them when they're flying on a chopper? Don't tell me there's even a traffic jam in the skies now!?"

Tom suddenly felt wronged as he felt that he's the one being scolded.

"Ya! Why are you getting at angry at me for? Not like I was the one who caused them to be late"

Alice didn't say anything and just ignored her husband, and seeing that she's not saying anything to what he said...

Tom kept his head low and mumbled to himself, "And it's not like I was the one who wanted to hold the discussion here"

Alice took off her sunglasses and stared at Tom and said, "Did you say something?"

Tom was a bit startled and he gave her a stiff smile, "Ahh, no no, I was talking to myself, dear"

Alice glared at him and continued sunbathing.

Tom looked at the distant horizon, thinking about something, then he sighed and continued lying down on his chair lounge, trying to enjoy the scenery in front of him.

"Those bastards...I will make sure they get an earful later"

On a closer look, Michael would have certainly recognized the people who are keeping a tight security around the island.

And the reason for it is because of the small tattoos the men and women had on their earlobes!

Which looked like a throne or something with spikes facing upwards!


"Let's go"

Michael looked at Amanda who's on his bed and holding a game helmet.

Both of them nodded at each other as Michael slowly laid down inside the game capsule as it slowly closed before him, while Amanda on the other hand just laid down on the bed after wearing the game helmet.