Fey Evolution Merchant - Chapter 1129 - Unnecessary Misunderstanding

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Chapter 1129 Unnecessary Misunderstanding

The elegant middle-aged man next to Miao Zhenshan was slightly surprised as Miao Zhenshan had stopped Sky City’s attack and saved Miao Zhi and Zheng Kaiyuan.

However, this was just a temporary fix brought about by an emergency.

Miao Zhenshan had not entered the ultimate fighting ground, nor had he attacked.

The rules of the ultimate fighting ground allowed another faction to save a losing faction with the compensation of sufficient resources.

So why did Gu Han display such intense animosity toward Miao Zhenshan?

This animosity was so abrupt that it almost seemed like he was trying to protect or side with Sky City.

The elegant middle-aged man looked at Lin Yuan with curiosity as he tried to figure out what made Lin Yuan different.

He knew Gu Han’s background.

Gu Han had started out as Night Leaning Moon’s subordinate but was transferred to Iron Prison due to the partitioning of the ultimate fighting ground.

He was very famous in the Radiance Federation, and it seemed ridiculous for him to side with any particular faction.

Since Gu Han had even called over the Ultimate Guards, did it mean that he was going to punish Miao Zhenshan over this small matter?

Miao Zhenshan could feel the intimidating aura emanating from Gu Han and the 12 Ultimate Guards, and he was about to launch into an anxious explanation when a shrill and terrified voice shrieked, “Dad! Save Kaiyuan and me! They’ve killed the Zheng family and are going to kill me next!”

An even more fearful voice followed. “Grandfather—”

Before Zheng Kaiyuan could finish speaking, his throat seemed to close shut, trapping all the words he was going to spew.

This was because he saw Miao Zhenshan glaring at him with the deepset emotion that made Zheng Kaiyuan wish he had already been killed by the Shooting Spear of Summer.

Before Miao Zhenshan, the elegant man, and the elderly woman arrived, Lin Yuan had already instructed the Invisible Demon to retract its aura and return to the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

This would be Lin Yuan’s checkmate move.

Everything was unfolding as per his expectations. The only surprising development was Gu Han’s reaction.

Lin Yuan said to Miao Zhenshan, “What’s going on now? Is the Miao family going to clean up the Zheng family’s mess now after sacrificing the lives of two veteran thearch-class experts to them?”

Instead of replying to Lin Yuan, he turned and said to Gu Han, “Lord Gu Han, I would like to represent the Miao family and offer resources to collect the bodies of my two comrades. Additionally, I would also like to offer Sky City a deal to save Zheng Kaiyuan.”

Gu Han said with unwavering ferocity, “Sky City has won the blood pact ultimate fight against the Zheng family, and everything on the ultimate fighting ground belongs to Sky City. You can approach Sky City privately if you want to offer a deal. Don’t you dare cause more trouble for me if your deal falls through! It’s been 15 years since the Ultimate Guards last had to take care of a rowdy top faction. The Zheng family will soon appear as a totem on ultimate fighting ground B’s stone pillar. I trust that the Miao family isn’t eager to follow in the Zheng family’s footsteps.”

Miao Zhenshan furrowed his brow.

Breaking the ultimate fighting ground’s rules to save someone had been too reckless.

Yet, Gu Han was not budging in spite of how humble he was being now.

Miao Zhenshan already loathed Sky City for causing them to lose the opportunity to take over Condense Fairy Orchard.

But now, he resented them with every fiber of

his being.

It was too humiliating for him to negotiate a deal with Sky City calmly.

However, he had no choice but to control himself.

Miao Zhenshan circulated his spiritual power and thoroughly checked on the people of Sky City. He wanted to know what they were hiding that allowed them to kill Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan, who had been in full defense mode.

Yet, he was astonished to find that his investigation came up empty. The strongest presence in Sky City was a Sovereign I/Creation I fey.

Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan should have been able to kill feys of such power easily.

After so many years of gathering resources for the Miao family, he had risen to the level of a pinnacle thearch-class expert.

Yet, he was unable to determine Sky City’s secret.

A malicious aura rose from Miao Zhenshan, and he shot a look at the elegant middle-aged man next to him.

The middle-aged man touched his scarred eyebrow and started to sense Sky City’s members.

After sensing for a while, he knitted his brow tightly, and an immortal aura subtly flowed out from him.

Nonetheless, he came up empty-handed.

The middle-aged man’s expression turned stern.

He was already interested in Sky City. But now, he was looking at Lin Yuan with genuine puzzlement as he could not figure out when such a powerful faction had appeared in the Radiance Federation.

Lin Yuan raised an eyebrow when he felt the elegant middle-aged man’s immortal aura.

He also commended himself for returning the Invisible Demon to the Spirit Lock spatial zone. Otherwise, his secret weapon would have been exposed.

When the elegant middle-aged man was casually checking on Sky City, Gu Han sneered. “Di Wancheng, flippantly allowing your aura to leak out like this can lead to misunderstandings. I don’t think you want to cause any unnecessary misunderstandings,


Di Wancheng’s eyes flashed.

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