Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy-Chapter 555 - Domineering: No Need for Compensation, Let Her Go to Jail (2)

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Chapter 555 Domineering: No Need for Compensation, Let Her Go to Jail (2)

Isn’t she my daughter?!

“Mister, please hurry up!” Tang Wangjin urged.

“I’ll be quick.” The driver smiled.


The He family members were indeed exasperated. Old Madam Fu rolled up the brochure in her hand and hit He Xi.

“You bastard! How dare you do such a thing? Do you want to die? How dare you do something illegal?! You must be tired of living!

“What do I usually teach you? Do you really want to suffer before you’re satisfied?

“Thankfully, this young lady is fine. Kneel down and apologize to her!”

Everyone heard Old Madam He’s angry rebukes and He Xi’s wailing.

Song Fengwan was speechless. Old Madam He wants to smooth things over again. Does she think that this matter can be easily resolved with just an apology?

She definitely would refuse He Xi kneeling down and apologizing.

“She’s fine!” The event brochure naturally didn’t cause her to feel much pain, but the edges of the paper kept rubbing against her skin, cutting several bloodstains on her skin.

“Miss He, let me remind you that there’s a crime called attempted murder!” Song Fengwan said.

“Song Fengwan, why are you everywhere?!” He Xi was exasperated and looked like she wanted to rush over.

She opened her mouth wide and looked hideous.

“What? Miss He, do you want to lay your hands on her?” Fu Chen happened to be standing behind Song Fengwan. “There are so many people here. What do you want to do to a young lady?

“Now that the matter has been exposed, you’re angry and acting shameless? “Young Master Qiao, what are you waiting for? Call the police!”

Qiao Xiyan nodded and glanced at Fu Chen. Since laying your hands on a young lady is shameless…

Third Master Fu, you have a share too.

No one found it strange that Fu Chen was protecting Song Fengwan. The two families had a good relationship. As an elder, it was natural for him to protect a junior.

When the He family members saw that Qiao Xiyan was really calling the police, their faces turned pale. “You muddled thing!” Old Madam He hit her until she was powerless. She reached out and patted He Xi’s shoulder. “No one can protect you this time!” “Little Xi, quickly apologize to her. If you beg for her forgiveness, perhaps you can…” He Shiqing walked over and tried to reconcile this matter.

“Get lost! Don’t be f*cking hypocritical. You must be very happy that something happened to me. Why did He Qiang appear in the ladies’ room back then and even have sex with me? Did you instigate it?!”

“Little Xi, what nonsense are you saying? You’re my sister!”

“Heh-Bullshit sister. Can’t you do something to your biological sister? Back then, when our family lost something, everyone said that Yu Manxi stole it. I know… Only I know!” He Xi was already like this anyway, so it didn’t matter anymore.

“You took it! You slandered her!”

Yu Manxi and Fu Sinian had been standing at the edge and watching this scene quietly. But this information caught her off guard.

“Stealing? Is it the leaked video that caused the young madam of the Fu family to be beaten?” The people present were all people of status, and many of them had participated in the auction that revealed Yu Manxi’s identity last year.

“Probably. Did He Shiqing steal it?”

“F*ck. Shocking news comes out one after another today!”

“How old was she then? Why was she so vicious?”

“…” He Shiqing didn’t expect He Xi to suddenly bite her.

“I saw it all. You stole it. You pretended to be magnanimous and asked Eldest Uncle and Aunt to bring her back, and you even shared all the good things with her. Actually, you didn’t want her to go home at all. Don’t think I don’t know that you wrote about her and cursed her in your workbook. I saw it all!” “He Xi, don’t slander your sister just because something happened to you!” Zou Li immediately went forward to protect her daughter!


He Shiqing gritted her teeth in anger. “I wanted to help you so badly, yet you’re still slandering me? But you’re even capable of killing someone. What else do you not dare to


He Shiqing wasn’t a pushover. Anyway, He Xi’s reputation was already at rock bottom, so what someone like her said had little credibility.

Everyone was also wondering how true her words were.

But looking at He Shiqing’s eyes, they inevitably felt something strange.

“I’m not lying. She did it! She doesn’t like Yu Manxi at all. She’s just pretending to be magnanimous! He Shiqing, you’re so fake you make me sick!”

Smack! Zou Li raised her hand and slapped her. “If you spout nonsense again, I’ll tear your mouth apart!”

“Why did you hit me? What right do you have to teach me a lesson?!” Although Zou Li had raised her, she was not her biological mother after all.