Heroes of Marvel - CHAPTER 570 SEAL



As the Giant Tentacle that had destroyed four Spaceships slowly moved over the ruins, a huge opening opened once again in one of the corners of the Ruin floor that was already covered with cracks.


After this huge opening appeared, there was a strange noise from inside.

Chi Chi ~ Phew!

Finally, after that underground strange sound was close enough, a new Giant Tentacle suddenly burst out of this crack. Squeezing the earth at the fissure, this newly emerged Tentacle was desperately trying to burrow out of the ground.

However, every time it drills upward, a layer of light green light always appears to envelop it, preventing it from drilling toward the ground. This layer of light green light looks like an energy shield, enveloping the giant Tentacle as if it was protecting it.

Hoo! Hoo!

However, the Tentacle does not seem to want any “Protection” and it kept drilling toward the ground, trying to break free of the pale green energy shield. In the giant Tentacle’s continuous struggle to break free, the light green energy shield color is getting lighter and lighter.

And just before this newly appeared Tentacle had completely broken out of the ground, the previous free Tentacle had moved over.


After that Tentacle came over, it just gently touched on that light green energy shield. Then, that energy shield directly shattered into a sky full of energy fragments and then quickly disappeared.


The energy shield on the Tentacle’s body disappeared, and the Tentacle that had just been blocked at the exit rushed out of the ground by several hundred meters at once.

Then, the speed at which it drilled out also slowed down and it was as if there was still something pulling it underground. However, as long as they are given enough time, the rest of the body in the underground would completely be able to slowly drill out.


Not long after this Tentacle appeared, another huge fissure appeared at another location in the ruins. Then, these two Tentacles quickly moved towards that side. In this way, in less than three minutes after the second giant Tentacle appeared, there were four more giant Tentacles on this ruin.

Each Tentacle differs in length according to the time it takes them to burrow out of the ground, but the shortest one quickly burrows out of the ground and reached a few hundred meters high.

If it weren’t for the appearance of these Tentacles that affected the surrounding technological products, Yondu, and the others would have been able to see this scene from high up in the air and it would have been enough to impress and scare them.

Within the ruins that had been expanded to several kilometers in radius, there were a total of five giant Tentacles constantly twisting and turning. Some of these Tentacles are long and broken, but their thickness and appearance are the same.

And as more and more Tentacles appeared, the cracks in the ruins became larger and larger. Judging from the way these Tentacles have appeared here, it is likely that this underground area is filled with these Tentacles.


It seems that because the giant Tentacles that were originally underground got to the ground, the underground structure of this area has undergone tremendous changes. As more and more of those cracks were made, the ruins had slowly begun to collapse.

The buried secret would be revealed when the entire Ruin collapsed completely. However, this may also produce a result that even Lin Rui was not expecting.

Brush! Brush! Brush!

As the tentacles in the center of the Ruins inside the forest became more and more numerous, Lin Rui and his group finally rushed out of the forest. Like the primitive forest natives on the ground, they quickly flew towards the prairie outside the forest.

At this time, Yondu who was flying in the front finally slowed down and fell towards a hillside on the grassland. Of course, Star-Lord followed closely behind and he was followed by Lin Rui, who also took Deadpool down the slope that they had been transported to when they landed on the planet.


After shutting down the thrusters behind him, Yondu steadily landed on the hill. Behind him, his Deputy, Star-Lord, and the others all quickly fell down.

As for the creatures that had run out of the forest with them, they did not climb up on this hill and they also continued to rush towards the depths of the grassland, not caring about these few guys on the valley.

“Yondu, what the hell do you know?!” Followed by Yondu landing on the hillside, Star-Lord asked loudly after catching up to him with a few steps.

After seeing the Tentacle appearing on Spaceship before, Yondu’s expression was different from theirs, and he also said some nonsense sentence, now Star-Lord certainly wanted to know everything Yondu knows about their current situation.

After all, the Tentacles that appeared in that Ruin was too scary, and they needed to be prepared for everything.

“What do I know? That Ruin was first discovered by you, and it was you who took the initiative to trigger the Ruin eruption, and now you’re asking me? I’d like to ask you something in return, aren’t you a self-proclaimed famous Mercenary Squad in the Universe? How come you couldn’t even figure out such a Ruin!” Hearing Star-Lord’s words, Yondu’s face slackened as he glared at him and asked loudly.

“We did find the Underground Ruins, but we have also explored them. There was obviously no lifeform reaction before!” Hearing Yondu’s words, Star-Lord retorted, but his tone was obviously weakened.

The current situation couldn’t be more obvious. If the Ruin was not triggered, then those Energy Shock Waves and Tentacles wouldn’t have appeared, and then Star-Lord and others’ current situation wouldn’t be so dangerous.

“Humph! That’s how arrogant you really are! You’re not even sure about the Ruins you find and it is because of me and your immense luck that we had made it this far.” Seeing Star-Lord’s stubborn look, Yondudu continued to berate him. At this time, Yondudu was already teaching Star-Lord as if he was his junior.

“Well, if you want to teach Star-Lord a lesson then you should put it on the back burner. What exactly is the situation of that Ruin, if you know it, then hurry up and say it.” Seeing that Yondu was still putting up a fight, Lin Rui, who was standing at the side, finally couldn’t help but speak up.

The bad feeling in his heart was getting stronger and stronger, the vibration coming from the forest was also getting stronger and stronger and he really didn’t have time to watch the drama of Yondu teaching Star-Lord a lesson in front of him now.


After hearing Lin Rui’s words, Yondu turned his head to look at him for a second. Then, his eyes turned to the direction of the Ruin in the forest. At this time, they could already see several giant Tentacles that had rushed out of the forest twisting in mid-air.

“Actually, this Ruin should be a kind of seal.” Looking at the few writhing giant Tentacles in the forest, Yondu spoke in a serious tone.

“Seal Ruin?! You mean… these Tentacles were sealed here by the citizens who lived here many years ago!?” Upon hearing Yondu’s words, Star-Lord suddenly asked again with a shocked look on his face.

“Yes, judging from the outbreak of the Ruin and the way the Tentacles appeared, there is a more than 80% chance of it being a Sealed Ruin.” Staring at those tentacles above the forest, Yondudu replied again. However, this time Yondudu’s tone was more certain.