I Am Loaded with Passive Skills-Chapter 854 - The Birth of the Best Actor!

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Chapter 854 The Birth of the Best Actor!

What was going on? Xu Xiaoshou had never experienced such a situation before. His eyelids were twitching so fast that he couldn’t see clearly. He had twitching eyelids while he was acting on a whim before. But why were his eyelids twitching for no reason? “Young Master Xu?” Liu Changqing walked over from the door. When he saw Young Master Xu in a daze, he called out softly. Xu Xiaoshou looked up, and his mood inexplicably became even worse. Was it because of the two people Liu Changqing brought? A blind man? A lady in purple? Other people might be unfamiliar with this pair, but when Xu Xiaoshou heard of a blind man, he could only think of one person, Lei Shuangxing The lady beside Lei Shuangxing must be Luo Leilei.

If these two people came to find him, they must have some information from the Saint Servant side.

However, they should know that someone was watching over the cloud realm, so they would not expose themselves directly. Since the two of them were able to travel to him without being discovered, there must be nothing wrong with them. So, the problem should be in his next contact with them?

“Will something bad happen?”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned. He couldn’t see the future, but at this moment, he suddenly thought of his junior sister. His eyelids twitched. There might not be something wrong with the two people Liu Changqing brought. At that time, his junior sister also ran out of the tent…

“Xiaoqing!” No matter what, Xu Xiaoshou immediately looked at Liu Changqing. “Young Master Xu, what are your orders?” Liu Changqing was dutiful and loyal. “Follow her. No matter what happens, don’t let her get hurt. If anything happens, inform me immediately.” Xu Xiaoshou gestured for Liu Changqing to secretly protect Mu Zixi. Liu Changqing was stunned. Although he didn’t know the reason for the order, he still nodded. “Okay.”

In this land realm, the reputation of the Xu Faction had already spread. It was basically impossible for Mu Zixi to be in danger. Even if she ran far away to play, with her own strength, she should be able to escape even if she couldn’t beat the enemy.

What Xu Xiaoshou was most afraid of was for his junior sister to meet a stowaway.

But with Liu Changqing’s protection, a mere stowaway wouldn’t be able to cause any waves. “By the way, call those two in!” Xu Xiaoshou said as Liu Changqing approached the door. “Yes!”

Outside the tent.

The members of the Xu Faction were still holding a celebratory feast. There were unknown but edible spiritual beasts on the bonfires everywhere. The aroma of roasted meat permeated the air and spread over the entire mountain.

From the moment Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei stepped into this land realm, they had already sensed too many malicious gazes. These people looked like they had met a fat sheep. But thinking about it, with the reputation that the Xu Faction had built up during this period of time, there were only two possibilities for them to meet their trial-takers.

Either they would be directly eliminated, or they would be struck out after their points had been plundered. There were people like them who directly stepped into the scope of the great array and specifically asked to see Young Master Xu. However, there were very few of them. The members of the Xu Faction also knew their limits.

It was impossible for such people to come here to extort points. They should have some connections with the Taixiang Xu family of the northern region in the outside world and came here to seek protection. Therefore, everyone only glanced at them with greedy eyes and whispered to each other. They did not stop eating the meat. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a peaceful scene…” Under the moonlight, Luo Leilei looked around with envy. Not only in the Yunlun mountain range, but even in the outside world, she hadn’t experienced such a carefree time of eating meat and drinking wine for a long time. Ever since she came out of Tiansang Spirit Palace, she had been on a mission. Every day, apart from running around and passing on information, she would cultivate, cultivate, and cultivate again. In the Saint Servant.

There were very few people in the younger generation, but every one of them was an elite. As long as she took a break, she might be left far behind in the blink of an eye.

Just like Lei Shuangxing.. After such a short period of time, he was already at the sovereign stage of the way of the sword.

After a sigh, the person next to her was still silent.

Luo Leilei turned to look, only to see that Lei Shuangxing was actually in a trance-like state that she had never seen before. This was too rare! Luo Leilei knew that the person next to her had a deep blood feud on his back, causing him to train day and night. Such a dazed expression, the last time she saw


Uh, it seemed like she had never seen it before? “What are you listening to?” Luo Leilei lightly knocked Lei Shuangxing’s arm. The latter’s eyes were still tightly shut, but his ears twitched. He tilted his head and said in a low voice, “Nothing, listen to the footsteps.” “Footsteps?” Luo Leilei was stunned.

There were not many people walking around in this place. Everyone was eating meat to celebrate and singing loudly. Even those who wanted to snatch meat basically only needed to fly.

If you wanted to listen to the unbearable singing and scolding, that would be fine.

But footsteps? “What footsteps?” After Luo Leilei finished asking, she saw the figure of a little girl rushing out of the tent not far away. She was cursing and stomping her feet as she ran out of the tent. When she left, she was still cursing. “Stinky Young Master Xu, Evil Young Master Xu. You can’t even satisfy such a small request, and you still want to imprison me?” “HMPH, I curse that you won’t be able to find a lady you like and that you won’t be able to find any for the rest of your life!” “Despicable, shameless, detestable…” Luo Leilei was dumbfounded when she heard this.

She didn’t know this young lady, but the Xiaoqing who received the two of them went to this tent to notify Young Master Xu. So, after not seeing Xu Xiaoshou for such a long time, he had already become like this? Despicable and shameless? Despicable and detestable? At this moment, Luo Leilei saw that although Lei Shuangxing didn’t look at her, the direction of his head had shifted to the direction of the young lady who had trotted away. The sound of footsteps… Luo Leilei thought of Lei Shuangxing’s answer just now. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Do you know her?”. Lei Shuangxing shook his head slightly. It was not until the voice that he had not heard for a long time faded away and disappeared that the corner of his lips lifted slightly. He turned his head and said, “It’s the sound of very happy footsteps, isn’t it?”. Luo Leilei was shocked. She looked at the curve of Lei Shuangxing’s lips and was completely stunned. Brother Shuangxing… Smiled? This was a huge matter! If it were not for the fact that there were outsiders here, she would have immediately taken out the Portrait Pearl and captured an image of Brother Shuangxing’s smile. One had to know that Senior Storyteller had used countless methods, but in over ten years, he had never once made Brother Shuangxing laugh. When they returned to Young Master Xu’s camp, they saw… No, he heard the sound of this little girl’s footsteps and…Brother Shuangxing laughed?! “You…”

Luo Leilei hesitated for a moment, her emotions felt a little complicated.

She wanted to say that if Brother Shuangxing actually has a crush on the lady, she can help him catch up to that lady and keep her here. After all, she had never seen Brother Shuangxing like this before. However, judging from his tone, it didn’t seem like a crush…

That’s right.

She had never seen that girl before, so how could Brother Shuangxing know her?

The intimacy in his words, when she thought about it carefully, didn’t really sound like a crush. Instead, it sounded like… doting? The kind of doting that an elder would give to someone of the younger generation, or a brother to a younger sister! “I’ll keep her here for you. Do you want to meet her?”

Although her feelings were a little complicated, Luo Leilei didn’t ask why. She only knew that her suggestion at this moment might be very important to Brother Shuangxing. When Lei Shuangxing heard this, he was obviously stunned. He seemed to be seriously considering the feasibility of this suggestion. However, in just an instant, his cold expression returned and he shook his head gently. “There’s no need. We’re fated to meet. The time hasn’t come yet. I am fine with just hearing her from afar.”

Luo Leilei was even more certain that the identity of the little girl who had already left was not simple. She began to think. Did someone else appear by Xu Xiaoshou’s side recently? Did he even know Brother Shuangxing? The sound of footsteps interrupted the two’s thoughts. Liu Changqing walked forward and extended his hand with a smile.

“Young Master Xu invites the both of you in.”

In the tent.

Xin Gugu looked at the man and woman in front of him with curiosity.

It was as if he could not recognize himself as the minotaur who had once bathed in blood and almost killed Lei Shuangxing on the Lijian Grassland in the White Cave. The latter could not recognize Xin Gugu who had changed his appearance either. Xiao Wanfeng was also called in. He acted as a dutiful waiter and served tea to the host and guest. Xu Xiaoshou knew the identity of the two who had come, but he looked at their unfamiliar faces in amusement. Finally, his gaze was fixed on Lei Shuangxing’s face. “You are quite handsome.” If his face was not ruined… Naturally, he did not finish the second half of his sentence.

Xu Xiaoshou had seen Lei Shuangxing before. Xu Xiaoshou only remembered that hideous face that was so white that his facial features could not be seen. He did not expect that the other party’s temperament would be so refined after changing his appearance. “Tell me, why are the two of you looking for me? I don’t seem to recognize the both of you.” Xu Xiaoshou was the first to ask.

Luo Leilei followed the conversation and said with a slightly flattering tone, “Young Master Xu is really forgetful. Three years ago, during the meeting of the Xu Clan, the two of us, brother and sister, actually met Young Master Xu once. Oh, right…” She seemed to have remembered something. Suddenly, she stood up and solemnly introduced herself, “Northern Region, Tian Luo Zhang family’s Zhang Xingxing, and my brother, Zhang Xingchen.” “Zhang Xingxing, Zhang Xingchen?”

Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and thought for a long time, but he still couldn’t remember who these two people were. He picked up the teacup, took a sip, and laughed, “After Xu Faction’s reputation rose, this young master has indeed met many people like your Zhang family…” As he spoke, Xu Xiaoshou leaned against his back and crossed his legs. His gaze swept up and down before finally looking at the empty table.

“Wanfeng, how do you think the main tent of the Xu Faction was set up? There weren’t even any decorations. It looked too empty!” Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

Didn’t Young Master Xu say that it was okay to keep it simple and that there was no need to be extravagant? Why was he blaming the people of the Xu Faction who set up the tent at this moment? Xiao Wanfeng had yet to speak, but on the other side, Luo Leilei was already secretly praising Xu Xiaoshou for being Xu Xiaoshou. The two of them, the saint servant, had risked their lives to come to find him, so naturally, they wouldn’t follow the Xu Faction. This would be disadvantageous to the operation. Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou immediately guessed the purpose of the two of them coming — to deliver something! Luo Leilei was still vexed over how to lead the conversation and deliver the gift under the gaze of Sword Deity Rao. Who would have thought that the pace of their conversation did not require her guidance at all?

It was as if Xu Xiaoshou had mastered the mind-reading technique. He directly shifted the focus to the stage, and he did that with much dignity. Luo Leilei only hesitated for a moment, then stood up with a smile and solemnly handed over a ring, she said, “Young Master Xu, this is a gift from the Tian Luo Zhang family to you. It isn’t very valuable, but we wish Young Master Xu good results in the trials of the Yunlun mountain range. We also wish that you will be able to successfully win the championship.” Xiao Wanfeng hesitated and turned his eyes, wanting to ask Young Master Xu for instructions. Ever since Young Master Xu became a sovereign at alchemy, the First Pavilion in the Sky had encountered too many people who came to give gifts like this. However, Young Master Xu rarely accepted gifts. Usually, he would directly drive people away. However, this time, Xiao Wanfeng received a look of retreat. He held the teapot and didn’t think much about it. He directly retreated. He didn’t accept the ring nor did he drive people away.

“Giving gifts huh.”

Xu Xiaoshou stretched his voice and didn’t take the ring immediately. He stared at Luo Leilei and said with a smile, “Don’t visit the Three Treasures Palace for no reason. Tell me, what do you want from me by giving gifts like this?” Luo Leilei saw that Xu Xiaoshou was not accepting, so she did not treat him as an outsider. She solemnly placed the ring on the table and pushed it across, with an apologetic smile, she said, “Speaking of which, I’m ashamed. The two of us, brother and sister, participated in the Imperial City Trial, but we did not manage to accumulate many points. This time, I reckon that without Young Master Xu’s help, it would be very difficult for us to enter the top 36 of the leaderboard, so…” “So, you want to join the Xu Faction and earn points?” Xu Xiaoshou interrupted. Luo Leilei paused.

What the hell!

I only want you to help me during the final trial in the future, so how could I want to join the Xu Faction? We can’t start the operation at all like this! However, since Xu Xiaoshou said so, she had no choice but to follow his lead. She chuckled and said, “If it’s possible, this is a great honor for the two of us.”

However, Xu Xiaoshou’s expression suddenly changed and he sneered. “Tian Luo Zhang family.” “I remember now. During the clan meeting, my cousin Xu Xinxiong was beaten up by your older brother, right?” He looked coldly at Lei Shuangxing, narrowed his eyes, and said word by word, “Zhang, Xing, Chen!”

Both Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei were confused

This turn of events was something neither of them had expected. Xu Xiaoshou sneered and said, “You can join the Xu Faction if you want. I don’t need you to kneel down. I just want your elder brother, Zhang Xingchen, to apologize to my cousin, Xu Xinxiong, in front of everyone in the Xu Faction.”

Apologize? Lei Shuangxing was stunned.

The conversation had nothing to do with him. He was just here to accompany Luo Leilei and protect them.

Why did Xu Xiaoshou lead the conversation to him?

But on second thought… The other party was intentionally chasing him away… Lei Shuangxing was unmoved. Xu Xiaoshou was angry. He slammed the table and pointed at this arrogant guy, he said angrily, “Tian Luo Zhang family, you haven’t even apologized to me for what happened before. This time, you still want to seek help from my Xu Faction? Zhang Xingchen, you’re simply dreaming!” Xiao Wanfeng was shocked. How did things suddenly turn out like this? At this time, did he still need to pour tea for everyone? Xin Gugu was also stunned watching the show. At this moment, if he didn’t know that there was no Taixiang Xu family in the northern region, he would have almost believed Xu Xiaoshou’s performance. This, this, this…


Luo Leilei grabbed Lei Shuangxing’s arm and lowered her voice, pleading, “Brother, just say one sentence. It’s nothing. Father has already asked you to come to the eastern region personally. This is a great opportunity…” “I’ll give you three seconds to think!” Xu Xiaoshou’s face was filled with anger as he interrupted the two of them.


Lei Shuangxing did not move.


Luo Leilei was still trying to persuade him.


Xu Xiaoshou counted the final number. Lei Shuangxing’s expression was calm. He pushed the stool and stood up. He said calmly, “Take the things and come home with me.” With that, he flicked his sleeves and left.

“Ah!” Luo Leilei was in a dilemma. She wanted to pull Lei Shuangxing back, but she also wanted to turn around and take the ring. For a moment, she could not move forward. Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, and the ring entered his hand and was hidden in his sleeve. He smiled at Luo Leilei and spread his hands, saying, “Tian Luo Zhang family? We will wait for your elder brother to think things through, come and look for me again!” As for the ring… How could the things that the rival family had sent over to apologize be taken back with a single word? For a moment, Luo Leilei “couldn’t care less” about the ring. She jogged and pulled on Lei Shuangxing’s robe, but she couldn’t hold him back” at all.

She couldn’t help but persuade him, “Brother, this is the Xu Faction’s camp. Say something. If Young Master Xu was displeased and wanted to kill us, what should we do?”

At the back, Xu Xiaoshou was amused by her words. “Goading?” “Do you really think that I can’t hear it? That I won’t dare to touch the both of you?” The movements in the tent were clearly heard by the Xu Faction members outside the tent. When Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei walked out, they were already surrounded by a dense crowd of people. Xu Xiaoshou’s figure flashed and appeared in the air.

Lei Shuangxing and Luo Leilei were trapped and didn’t move forward. The members of the Xu Faction looked up and waited for their leader to give the order. Xu Xiaoshou moved his hand and was about to give the order to arrest Zhang Xingchen. However, he suddenly stopped. His brows furrowed and he seemed to have thought of something He stopped. The members of the Xu Faction, who were close enough to hear him clearly, immediately thought of how Zhang Xingchen was able to make a move during the demi-saint families’ gathering and escape unscathed. Therefore, after Xu Xiaoshou left everyone in suspense, he sighed and raised his two fingers together, “Give way!” “Young Master Xu is magnanimous!” Luo Leilei praised him in her heart and quickly pulled on her “own elder brother’s” robe. She scolded him in a low voice as she quickly left the Xu Faction’s camp. “Respected, passive points + 2.”