I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating - Chapter 336 - Shouldn’t Have Counted On Them

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Chapter 336: Shouldn’t Have Counted On Them

After finishing the episode, Rong Si skillfully logged onto Weibo. He knew that he could see more news about Su Jiu here. He had not expected to see a poll the moment he opened it.

“Which little brother do you want Little Jiu to be with when she grows up?”

Rong Si was speechless.

What kind of a stupid question is this? How bored are adults these days?

He saw that the votes for Han Siye and Xiao Wei were very high and about the same. The number of votes for Li Nuoer was also quite high. At the bottom of the poll, there was another option.

Rong Si voted on “other” without any hesitation. He did not want Little Jiu to end up with other boys.

Just thinking about it made him feel uncomfortable.

He wished his name had been included in that list. Am I just someone dispensable to Little Jiu?

Due to his past, he knew that there was no way he could catch up to those boys that belonged to good families…

Once again, the little antagonist started to doubt himself. If he wanted to continue being friends with Su Jiu amidst her growing popularity, he would have to work very hard so that he could stand beside her!

With this thought in mind, he decisively logged off, retrieved an exercise book from the shelf, and started working through its problems.

As he practiced them, he felt that these questions were too simple. It was as if he did not need to think to answer them. The difficulty of these exercises left him unsatisfied. So, he picked up his phone again and downloaded learning materials meant for high school students. Then, he began to seriously study them.


Many people in the town recognized Han Xiao. Isn’t he that famous award-winning actor?

His scenes in his movies were excellent. His acting skills were top-notch, and his looks and figure were impeccable. Therefore, it was only natural that a crowd of women shouted his name, asking for his autographs. Fortunately, the production team had anticipated this and worked with the local police to maintain order. Otherwise, it would have definitely been a mess.

Han Xiao politely greeted the fans before pulling his son back. He helplessly said to Su Shengjing, “The kid was just joking. What he said just now was complete nonsense. Don’t take it to heart.”

As he spoke, he saw the basket of persimmons in front of Su Shengjing and casually asked, “Why don’t I sell my persimmons with you?”

Su Shengjing harrumphed. “No, we’re business competitors. Stay away from me.”

Han Xiao was speechless.

Does Su Shengjing hate me now? It’s all this brat’s fault!

If only he had tried harder to talk his way out of trouble with Su Shengjing, he and his son would not have been treated like this.

Han Xiao was unwilling to give up and shifted his target to Su Jiu. He gave her a gentle smile. “Little Jiu, can you let Uncle set up a stall beside you? I can bring in customers with your father and Big Brother can play with you. We’ll be in each other’s company. Doesn’t that sound great?”

The Movie King, who was so handsome that he could make people scream, was smiling at her. He was so good-looking that Su Jiu accidentally lost focus by just staring at his smile.

Seeing the little girl staring at him in a daze, Han Xiao could not help but reach out to pat her head. His smile widened, and his tone became gentler. “How is it, Little Jiu? Would you like that?”

He thought that his coaxing plan would succeed. Unexpectedly, after returning to her senses, the little girl rejected him without even thinking. “Daddy said no. I’ll listen to Daddy!”

Han Xiao was speechless.

Well, I shouldn’t have counted on this duo.

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