I Become Baby Mafia Boss - Chapter 574 - "Chris Vs Lucifer"

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The moment the shamans came out, their appearance took the others by surprise. Their number was small, and all of them wore grey robes, looking low-key. 

However, the presence and aura they had over them made it impossible for anyone to ignore them. 

"Those people!" Friskilia subconsciously gasped. 

The general wasn't far from the East Gate, and she also saw the group of people coming out of the mausoleum. 

She didn't know why but...she sensed danger! 

"Boss, did you see the new troops? Is that a reinforcement? They can tilt the balance of the east battlefield!" 

Friskilia immediately contacted Ainsley to warn her, but then Ainsley didn't reply to her report at all.. What Friskilia heard was just deafening silence. 

"...." Ainsley and the Godfather gaped. 

They looked at the 50 grey-robed people riding their mounts coming their way...and she couldn't help but look above the people's heads. 

What they saw were a bunch of transparent spirits starting from humans, non-humans with humanoid features, wild animals, beasts, and monsters…

All of them are spirits. Dead spirits. 

Ainsley instantly got a chill down her spine. 

[G-Godfather. They...those people...are...the shamans? The shaman troops we have been expecting?] Ainsley almost controlled her teeth to bite her tongue out of reflex. 

This is just too shocking! 

The sight of so many spirits lingering around the shamans was a sight to behold. 

The Godfather wasn't an exception. He might be a dead spirit and had seen many spirits, but this was the first time he saw a legion of dead spirits along with their shamans…


[C-calm down, Lil Lass. Those spirits aren't as strong as you think.] The Godfather tried to calm Ainsley, but he himself stuttered. 

[L-look at them. The spirits with non-humanoid appearances are the lowest kind of dead spirit. They don't have intelligence and should be easy to handle…] 

[What about the non-human spirits but with a humanoid form?] Ainsley pointed at one of the spirits that looked like a beastmen. 

She seriously thought that those kinds would be the ones giving a headache. 

[W-well. They're actually stronger than human spirits...but famous human spirits can be stronger than no-name non-human races.] 

The Godfather watched the shaman troops getting closer to their place, just a few more minutes until they collided head-on. 

The young man couldn't help but take a deep breath. 

[Don't worry, Lil Lass. This Lord already possesses you. We can start massacring those shamans and spirits anytime.] 

The Godfather looked at the shamans that were already enveloped in the purple aura, but their contracted spirits were still around them. 

Those should be the dangerous ones since it means that the shamans could already borrow the spirit's power without getting possessed. 

'If I was in my spirit form, I could fight those spirits head-on. But now I'm possessing the Lil Las...I have to fight the shamans!' 

The Godfather had no choice but to battle the shamans instead. Ainsley also had the same thought, and she didn't protest or anything. 

[Hum. Good luck, Godfather. I'll minimise the energy consumption to save more energy to leave it to me.] 

Ainsley clenched her fists as she sat inside the dark space in her body. 

[I'll make sure we don't run out of energy while using the shaman ability!] 

It was important for the shamans to make sure they didn't run out of energy. 

Otherwise, the shamans that still needed their contracted spirits to possess them would accidentally kick out their contracted spirits out of their bodies. 

When that happened, they would instantly reveal a bunch of openings for the enemy to exploit! 

[Good. I'll leave it to you.] The Godfather nodded and slowly clenched his fists. 

The blood he stored inside Ainsley's necklace slowly poured out of the storage necklace, smoothly forming  blood balls on his hands. 

The Godfather didn't stop taking out all the blood he stored inside the storage necklace, and by now, the blood would be enough to attack those shamans…

Come. Face this, lord! 

At the same time, while the Godfather was preparing to fight, two other people were fighting at the South battlefield. 

One was trying to breach the gate, and the other was trying to block the other's path. 

"Lucifer, piss off!" Chris cussed the person right across him as he flapped his angel wings in the air. 

If the moon were out, it would be a perfect backdrop for the gorgeous angel. 

Unfortunately, since the sky was pitch black with only the torches around the building as their light source, the situation looked beneficial for the devil and not the angel. 

The so-called 'Lucifer' ruffled his short crimson red and laughed. 

"Chris, Chris. You still called me by that name. You know that it's my ability's name, right?" The person chuckled as he waved his hand. 

The moment he moved his hand, the black claws at the tip of his hand suddenly expanded and created a huge claw-like mark in the air! 

Seeing the frontal attack, Chris harrumphed and casually moved his right hand. 


In that instant, a silver shield with white wings popped up in front of him, blocking the claw attack just in time. 


The two elements clashed, and in mere seconds, both items dispersed into white and black dots. 

"Mmmm. You're still as strong as before. But without your angels' help, how can you beat me when it's nighttime?" 

The person called 'Lucifer' shook his head before peeking at the battlefield down there. 

The first thing he saw was Cellino trapped inside a huge array and the East being the most chaotic battlefield in just a few minutes. 

'Lucifer' couldn't help but hold his breath. 

Oh, wow. Is the plan already at the middle stage now? 

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