I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 1808 - Galactic Battle

Chapter 1808: Galactic Battle

There were many things they could do.

So all they could actually do was to call for help?

“All battleships disperse and prepare for battle!” Lu Canghai issued a command through the radio system.

All of the massive battleships began to transform as a series of huge cannon barrels extended, aiming directly at the crack on the moon.

Silver energy particles created white barriers of light on the surfaces of the battleships, and they circulated like liquid, capable of remaining completely unscathed even against a nuclear explosion.

At this moment, over a thousand figures emerged from the crack, all of whom were glowing with dazzling holy light, illuminating the entire moon.

“Detected one thousand six hundred and seventy-two life forms…” a mechanical voice sounded.

The battleships instantly determined the number of enemies.

“Fire!” Lu Canghai issued a command to attack.

Bursts of golden light instantly erupted from the cannons on the galactic battleships as high-density particle energy blasts fell like a torrential storm upon the massive crack on the boom.

“Five life forms remaining…” the mechanical voice sounded again.

“Keep firing!” Lu Canghai’s brows furrowed.

Boom boom boom…

Another salvo ensued.

Particle Energy Cannons opened fire alongside Antimatter Annihilation Cannons.

Inky-black cannon blasts left a dazzling trajectory as they streaked through the air. Attacks of this caliber could even knock the moon off its orbit.

Dark green Life Destruction Cannon blasts also erupted from the main cannons.

Particle energy, antimatter, physical kinetic energy, life force destruction… All types of devastatingly powerful cannons opened fire at once!

The eighty-eight galactic battleships unleashed all of their most powerful attacks without any hesitation!

The massive crack on the moon was about to crumble after that terrifying burst.

“Five life forms remaining…”

“Five life forms remaining…”

The mechanical voice continued to repeat the same sentence.

This sentence struck despair into everyone’s heart.

“Have An Lin and Ne Zha been notified?”

Lu Canghai’s expression remained calm and collected.

“They’ve already been notified and are on their way here…” Yang Xuan replied.

She clenched her fists and tried to stop herself from trembling with fear.


A white spear of light pierced through the cannon blasts before hurtling toward a galactic battleship at an extremely fast speed, leaving a dazzling trajectory in its wake.

“Evade! Hurry!” the admiral on the battleship roared.

The battleship began to quickly move to the side.

However, in comparison to the spear of light, it was as slow as a turtle.

The white spear of light adjusted its angle slightly and tore through the battleship like a bolt of unstoppable white lightning, entering from the front of battleship and exiting from the rear.


The energy core of the battleship was punctured, and an earth-shattering explosion erupted.

Boundless flames and destructive energy instantly engulfed the lives of the three thousand people inside.

The rest of the space army were either in shock, in despair, or infuriated upon seeing this.

“Foolish and weak humans, your resistance is futile.”

The voice of a paramount god pierced through the vacuum and reverberated in everyone’s mind, striking fear into everyone’s heart.

The five Heavenly Humans tore through the massive amount of cannon blasts directed at them before pouncing toward the remaining eighty-seven battleships at an extremely fast speed.

Lu Canghai’s voice sounded within all of the battleships.

“Keep firing! Persevere!

“We are the most important defensive line in this war, so we absolutely cannot afford to be broken by the enemy!”

His voice had only just faded when a spear of light destroyed another battleship.

The explosion of flames was like a new sun appearing in the sky.

Another Heavenly Human Tribe Great General materialized a holy sword over a kilometer in length and quickly brought it crashing down upon another battleship, slicing it cleanly in half.

The other three Heavenly Human Tribe Great Generals also sprang upon the battleships like wolves attacking a herd of sheep, bringing down one battleship after another with their devastating attacks.

One massive battleship exploded after another, creating a series of miniature suns in the sky that were extremely dazzling to behold.

The countries on Earth that were still enshrouded by the veil of the night could see the balls of light flashing incessantly beside the moon, and they were struck by a sense of sorrow.

“Look, Mommy! Are those fireworks?”

A little girl pointed up at the night sky with her tender little hand, and an excited expression appeared on her face.

“No… child… those are our heroes shining brightly for one last time.” The woman looked up at the sky as tears slid down her face.

“Mommy, why are you crying?” The little girl was confused.

“Silly girl, your father is up there. Look…” The woman caressed the little girl’s head and the two of them silently looked up at the tragic yet beautiful fireworks display in the sky.

Near the moon.

One battleship after another was vanquished by the Heavenly Human Tribe Great Generals.

The five Great Generals were simply unstoppable, and this had become a one-sided slaughter.

At this rate, the Heavenly Human Tribe Great Generals would be able to annihilate all of their enemies without sustaining any wounds!

“Marshal, our attacks and defenses are completely ineffective.”

“Let’s retreat!”

Some of the admirals couldn’t hold on any longer.

Lu Canghai responded in an indifferent voice, “Retreat? The Earth is right behind us. If we retreat, who is going to protect the people of Earth? All of us must be constantly prepared to lay down our lives at a moment’s notice, even if we can only stall our enemies for one second longer!”

All of the admirals fell silent upon hearing this.

“F*ck it, let’s kill these b*stards!”

“Even if we can’t win, we have to show them that the human race is not a race that can be pushed around! Death before surrender!”

“Death before surrender!”

All of the army officials and soldiers roared in unison.

Boom boom boom…

The flames from the battleships exploding around them mirrored the flames burning in their hearts.

The Heavenly Human Tribe Great Generals continued to destroy the battleships, but none of them retreated, and they continued to rain down cannon blasts upon the Great Generals.

Even if they couldn’t vanquish the heavens or reach the heavens, they would still raise their bloodstained fists to the sky!