I Might Be A Fake Cultivator - Chapter 1920 - Heiress to the Holy Berth

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Chapter 1920: Heiress to the Holy Berth

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An Lin felt an extremely peculiar sensation on the bottom of his feet.

This was a gentle and ticklish kind of feeling.

It was as though a smooth and slippery object was rubbing against the bottom of his feet. It felt particularly comfortable, yet it also felt especially strange.

An Lin’s expression changed slightly, and he immediately looked toward the pond water. However, he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

The sensation on his feet also disappeared at this instant.

An Lin initially thought this was a coincidence, thus he didn’t pay much attention to it.

Immediately afterward, however, he suddenly felt a gentle and ticklish sensation on his feet again. It was as though something tender and delicate was teasing him…

As if sensing something, An Lin turned his gaze toward the Great Empress Vermilion Bird.

Coincidentally, the Great Empress Vermilion Bird was looking at him at this moment. In fact, she even raised her eyebrows and fluttered her eyelashes at him. There clearly wasn’t much emotion on her extremely exquisite face, yet An Lin could still feel an extremely enchanting and seductive aura radiating from her body.

An Lin: “…”

It can’t be, right?

What the heck is up with this?

Is the Great Empress Vermilion Bird seducing me?

But… for what reason?!

An Lin certainly wouldn’t forget that the original form of the Great Empress Vermilion Bird was a Vermilion Bird! She had transformed into a human form now, but this was perhaps in order to better communicate with Xiaolan. Logically speaking, she definitely wouldn’t have developed the urge to reproduce offspring with a human!

Just as he was thinking this, he felt a teasing sensation on his feet again…

“That um… Xiaolan, do you feel any peculiar sensation on your feet?” An Lin secretly transmitted a message into Xu Xiaolan’s ears.

“Hmm?” Xu Xiaolan cocked her head to the side as she swayed her delicate little feet. “Yeh, kind of… it’s a slightly hot yet extremely comfortable sensation. Why?”

An Lin: “…”

As expected, is this sensation only targeting me?

An Lin suddenly became flustered. What’s this Great Empress Vermilion Bird trying to do?

When he was talking to Xu Xiaolan just then, his feet were still being teased by a smooth and tickly flame…

This is definitely a trap! I won’t fall for it!

An Lin suddenly pulled his feet out of the pond water. Then, he smiled and said, “M-hm, I’m done soaking my feet!”

Xu Xiaolan was relaxing with her eyes closed, and she was slightly surprised upon hearing this. “Already? It’s so comfortable in here. Aren’t you going to soak for a little longer? It’s also beneficial for your body as well.”

“Exactly. What’s the hurry, fellow cultivator An Lin?” The Great Empress Vermilion Bird also flashed a gentle and charming smile at An Lin. “Why don’t you relax and keep soaking…”

Such a beautiful and mesmerizing smile… Such a gentle and mellow voice…

If it were someone else, they would definitely give in to her charm and enter the water once again.

However, An Lin was completely unaffected by her temptation.

“I’m fine, you two keep enjoying yourselves. I’ll rest on the chair.” An Lin smiled faintly as he rejected the Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s offer.

“B*stard! You actually dare to reject the Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s request?!” Vermilion Bird Nan Li bellowed in anger.

“This lowly peasant fails to appreciate Her Majesty’s kindness! How infuriating!” Vermilion Bird You Luo also roared in anger.

They were extremely jealous of An Lin being able to soak his feet with the Great Empress Vermilion Bird.

However, An Lin had failed to enjoy this opportunity, and he even actively ended his feet soaking session. Worse yet, he even ignored the Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s invitation! This was absolutely ridiculous and worthy of scorn from both birds and gods!

However, the Great Empress Vermilion Bird didn’t seem to mind this in the least. She shrugged her shoulders and chuckled. “Let it be. Some people don’t understand customs1, and there’s nothing much I can say about it.”

After saying this, she started to talk with Xu Xiaolan about the interesting matters of the Vermilion Bird Tribe. She would even crack some jokes from time to time, and she didn’t have a single shred of the arrogance that should’ve been inherent to Vermilion Birds. Rather, she conversed with Xu Xiaolan as an equal, and this made Xu Xiaolan feel extremely flattered.

She had come here to settle karma, but after a period of interaction, she felt like they were about to become two extremely intimate sisters.

However, this was all a mere illusion.

After talking for a long while, their discussion eventually turned to the topic of the karma between them.

“At the time, I was sealed in the Vermilion Bird Prison, and powerful beings of the Ancient Man Tribe seized the opportunity to attack me. In the end, they managed to extract some of my Essence Dao Blood. Unexpectedly, due to the mysterious workings of fate, this volume of Essence Dao Blood was eventually obtained by you.

“Not only that, but you even managed to foster and enhance this bloodline. You’ve almost reached the highest peak of the Vermilion Bird Tribe. This is your immortal destiny, and I feel extremely happy for you.”

The Great Empress Vermilion Bird spoke lazily, and it was almost as if this was a trivial matter completely unrelated to her.

“Speaking of this matter, I still have to express my thanks to you. If it weren’t for your Essence Dao Blood, then I, Xu Xiaolan, wouldn’t have been able to reach where I am today.” Xu Xiaolan was extremely sincere as she said this, and she bowed deeply toward the Holy Vermilion Bird Beast.

The Holy Vermilion Bird Beast wore a gentle smile as she watched Xu Xiaolan thank her sincerely. “There’s no need to thank me. After all, I didn’t do anything to help you, and this was an opportunity that you managed to make the most of by yourself. However… if you genuinely want to repay me, I do indeed have a suggestion.”

“Please do tell me,” Xu Xiaolan said earnestly. “I’ll definitely do my best to satisfy your request!”

“No need to be so serious, it’s nothing major,” the Great Empress Vermilion Bird said and chuckled softly. “I just want you to succeed my Holy Berth. I don’t want to be the Great Empress Vermilion Bird anymore. I want to pass this position onto you. How does that sound?”

The surroundings suddenly became deathly silent.

An Lin almost fell off his chair.

Mo Hai’s eyes widened in shock, and he almost forgot how to breathe.

The Six Vermilion Bird Sages were stunned silly.

Even Xu Xiaolan felt her mind go momentarily blank.

“W-what did you say just then…?” Xu Xiaolan asked as her breathing quickened.

“I want you to inherit my Holy Berth. Is that okay? Think of it as doing a favor for me.” The Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s eyes were limpid and gentle as she calmly gazed at the flustered female beside her.

Xu Xiaolan felt like her outlook on cultivation had suffered a severe blow.

“W-what’s going on?” she stammered in incredulity. “Am I repaying you, or are you repaying me?”

This was similar to a scenario where someone was at death’s door. Then, Papa Ma1 suddenly appeared and saved the person’s life. The person then ran over and asked how they could repay Papa Ma, and Papa Ma replied by saying that they only need to do one thing—”Inherit my multi-billion dollar business empire, please! Also, I can throw in assets worth tens of billions of dollars!”

This was way too f*cking bizarre!

Xu Xiaolan felt that this offer was extremely hard to accept!

Meanwhile, An Lin almost kneeled down to Xu Xiaolan.

He had finally come to a realization. He definitely had a “wife prospering1” attribute! Whenever he traveled with Xu Xiaolan, it was always she who obtained great opportunities!

Receiving the inheritance of the Azure Dragon Tribe was already astonishing enough. In their journey to the Dragon Dao Pond, Xu Xiaolan had also hacked all the way and tempered her dragon dao to a state that bordered on the origin power of the dragon dao. Now, she had come to the Vermilion Bird Tribe to settle her karma. Unexpectedly, however, her fortune was even more astounding. The Holy Beast of this tribe was directly asking Xu Xiaolan to inherit her Holy Berth!

This was far too bizarre! This was far too dream-like!

The Clear Origin Dragon had even lost his life fighting over a Holy Berth.

As for Xiaolan? She had initially come to repay a debt of gratitude, yet the Great Empress Vermilion Bird had directly gifted her a Holy Berth.

If the Clear Origin Dragon learned of this matter, he would perhaps be infuriated back to life!

What the f*ck was all this?!

The Six Vermilion Bird Sages almost had mental breakdowns upon hearing the Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s request.

They cried in anguish and furiously kowtowed as they begged the Great Empress Vermilion Bird to retract her order.

Why? The Great Empress Vermilion Bird is doing fine, so why does she want to abdicate? Also, why is she choosing a b*stard human to succeed her Holy Berth?

Everyone was stumped, including Xu Xiaolan—with whom this matter was concerned—and An Lin.

“This matter is actually quite easy to explain.” A gentle smile spread across the Great Empress Vermilion Bird’s beautiful face as she leaned toward Xu Xiaolan. Then, she started to explain the reasons behind her decision.

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