I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated - Chapter 562: Dissection Class

Chapter 562: Dissection Class

When we returned to the classroom from the changing room, the other students had already arrived in the classroom.

The boys froze when they saw Fran in her school uniform. But it seemed it was not because of Fran’s cuteness, but because of the trauma from the mock battle.

The female students were not as distant as they had been in the changing room earlier. Some of them were even waving at her.

However, the classroom, which had an enormous male-to-female ratio, quickly became quiet.




「Fran, come here」

Charon ushered her to a seat among the boys who were holding their breath and staring at Fran.

Although I called it a classroom, it was shaped like a bowl, like a university lecture hall. Apparently, there were no seating arrangements, so each person could sit wherever they wanted.

The reason why Charon purposely sat in the last row was to alleviate everyone’s attention on Fran.



When Fran and Charon were seated, silence still dominated the classroom. All the boys were still holding their breath and concentrating on Fran’s presence as if they were facing a fierce beast.

Seeing that, the female students were laughing at them.

「Oya? You guys are quite quiet today, what’s wrong?」

The silence was broken by an old man who walked into the classroom. He must be the teacher for this subject.

「N-no, it’s nothing…」

「Really? Well, okay then, let’s start the class. Oh, right, that reminds me, we’ve got a transfers student, right?」

「It’s me」

「So you’re the instructor and transfer student that I’ve heard so much about, huh? And a Beastman too, quite rare in our academy」

The old teacher looked at Fran with interest as she raised her hand. He wasn’t in the staff room when she was introduced this morning.

「They also said that you’re an adventurer, but have you done a lot of dismantling?」


「So what about this, would you be willing to change things up a bit today and tell us about your experience? It would be a rare opportunity to be able to hear an actual story from an active adventurer after all」

「I don’t mind」

「Ooh! That’s good!」

The old teacher was more excited than the students. He must be a teacher that liked to do research.

「It’s not every day I’d get to hear about a high-ranking adventurer’s dismantling experience!」

With eyes filled with curiosity, he shouted in joy.

「Where should we start then? Oh, that’s it… For example, what is the biggest magic beast you’ve ever dismantled?」

「The biggest?」



「What’s wrong? Or did you haven’t had much experience in dismantling a large magic beast?」

「I don’t know which one to choose because there are too many」

「O-ooh! So that’s why! Well, how about the biggest one in recent days?」

「‘That’ will do then, the one I defeated in the Plains of the Demon Wolf」

「Hohou? Rumor has it that there are all kinds of magic beasts in there. So, what did you slay there?」

The old teacher showed a big smile on his face. He was probably the most serious person in this classroom right now.

「An Invisible Death」

「Wh-what did you say!? I-I-Invisible Death!? It’s a magic beast with a threat level of B! And you managed to defeat it!?」

The students were completely left behind, weren’t they? Contrary to the excitement of the old teacher, the students looked puzzled.

「Uhum. Aah, that’s right. Let me explain about the magic beast called the Invisible Death first」

There was no textbook, so he began to explain about Invisible Death while writing on the board. As he was a specialist in magic beasts, the old man’s explanation was very detailed.

However, some things could only be understood through first-hand experience, and Fran would supplement this information accordingly.

For example, its optical camouflage. He knew that it refracted light to camouflage, but he didn’t have any concrete information about how stealthy it and how much of a threat it was.

And so, the class went on with the conversation between Fran and the old teacher. The students were trying their best to understand, but it seemed to be quite difficult for them.

It was too powerful to be real, and its abilities were too diverse to be imagined. He tried to explain them with diagrams on the blackboard, but they couldn’t seem to get the hang of it.

「Umm, Morley-sensei」

「Charon-kun, do you need something?」

「I’m having a hard time imagining what the magic beast you’re talking about looks like, so why don’t we use a magic beast book now? I’ll be back in 15 minutes to fetch it」

「Hmm, you’re right」

Normally, he would bring a magic beast book from the library and show the pages to the class.

Then, Fran pulled out something from the dimensional storage.


「C-could it be! An Invisible Death’s Scale!?」


「D-do you have anything else?」

「I kept all of it with me」

「A-all of it? Could it be, you have a whole Invisible Death with you!?」

「Nn? I also got two of them」

The moment Fran nodded; the old teacher let out a crazy scream.

「Uhiihoo! C-can you show that to us? Wha? No, for the sake of the young students’ studies, by all means, please let us see it!」

It was definitely for his interests, wasn’t it?

「This class is too narrow」

「Let’s move! Let’s go right away! Come on! Everybody gets ready to move! Let’s get to the dissection room!」

They all moved to the dissection room after that. On the way, she was also bombarded with questions from the old teacher.

The dissection room we arrived at was much larger than I had imagined, and the ceiling was also quite high. It was made large enough to dissect even a large magic beast.

Moreover, there were several support magic circles painted on the floor. These magic circles help to preserve the blood of the magic beast during dissection.

In the middle of it, Fran pulled out the corpse of an Invisible Death. This one was still untouched, the one that she had killed before her training.

The corpse of the giant beast, over 10 meters in length, clad all over with crystal as thick as a pillar, attracted everyone’s eyes with its overwhelming presence. Both teacher and students were speechless in front of the huge beast with the scars of the fierce battle still fresh on it.

Even if they already knew it with knowledge, the impression of it was different when they actually saw it in front of them.

The corpse of the Invisible Death had a foul odor as some of its bodily fluids and internal organs flowed out. It had been stored in the dimensional storage, so it wouldn’t rot. So, this might be the original smell of its internal organs.

I was impressed that none of the students felt sick or frowned at the smell. It seems that this was the result of their regular dissection and dismantling activities.

「I’ve brought it out」

「O-oooh… It’s wonderful… Everyone! Make sure you observe it carefully! You may never have the chance to see a magic beast with a threat level of B up close like this again!」

The old teacher shouted, and took the initiative to start observing the carcasses of the magic beasts. Seeing this, the students scattered around it and started sketching.

「Fran, can you tell me more about this magic beast?」

「C-can we join too?」

It was a group of female students, led by Charon, who approached us.

「Nn. Okay」

「Thank you very much」

「Then, let’s start with the most annoying part. The tail. There’s a hole here, from here―」

「I see―」

「And then, there’s this―」

「What about its ability―」

While listening to Fran’s simple explanations, Charon and the others responded with exaggerated reactions. Fran seemed to be getting into the mood with their reactions. She then continued her explanation with great eloquence that was quite unimaginable for someone like Fran.

The boys, watching them, gradually came closer and closer to Fran and the others. Some of them even started to ask questions. I guess they realized that they didn’t need to be afraid of Fran any more than they needed to be after actually interacting with her.

They all listened to Fran’s story of her fierce battle with the Invisible Death, and the difficulties she faced in finishing it off.

The class was a little sidetracked, but I hope this has brought her even closer to her classmates.