I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot - Chapter 997 - She Looked Like She Could Faint Anytime

Chapter 997: She Looked Like She Could Faint Anytime

The two of them flaunted their love.

Madam Mo and Shen Rou were practically invisible. One of them was gray and the other was pale. They looked at Qiao Mianmian as if they wanted to poke a hole in her.

Madam Mo clenched her teeth.

This little vixen was so shameless.

And she was flirting with her son right in front of her.

Who knew what it would be like in private.

Madam Mo suddenly thought of Wei Zheng buying clothes.

Wei Zheng said that the coffee spilled on her and stained her clothes, so he had to get another set.


Madam Mo had believed Wei Zheng’s words at first, but now she was suspicious.

This woman was behaving so improperly in front of her.

It was obvious that she wasn’t a good person.

It wasn’t strange for such a woman to do something out of line.

She said that the coffee spilled all over her body…

Madam Mo was so angry that her hands were shaking.

How could there be such a shameless woman!

It was bad enough that her background wasn’t good, but she was so slutty deep down.

How could such a vixen be worthy of her son!

At this point, Madam Mo had made up her mind. No matter what, she couldn’t let Qiao Mianmian stay in the Mo family.

A family like the Mos would be a joke if they had such a daughter-in-law.

In the future, the Mo family would become the laughing stock of the upper-class society.

She’d been in the limelight for so many years, she couldn’t afford to lose this face!

Hence, no matter what, she couldn’t let Qiao Mianmian stay in the Mo family. She couldn’t just watch as the Mo family became a joke.

“Ah Si, you can be lovey-dovey with your wife anytime. Now, I have something to say to you. Tell her to leave for a while.” Madam Mo only told Qiao Mianmian, not Shen Rou.

Even though she was his biological mother, Mo Yesi didn’t give her any face and said directly, “Mianmian isn’t an outsider, what’s there to avoid? Mom, just say it directly. There’s no need to mind her.”

Seeing how protective he was of Qiao Mianmian, Madam Mo got even angrier.

“Since I asked her to leave, it’s not convenient to say it in front of her. Why? You feel bad just asking her to leave for a while? Am I a vicious witch? Are you so afraid that I’ll do something to her”

“You don’t take anything I say seriously anymore!

“Mo Yesi, do you still respect me as your mother? Do you think that you can abandon your mother after marrying her?”

Madam Mo got angrier as she spoke.

She didn’t have her usual elegant and noble image.

She seemed more down-to-earth now.

There was a faint smell of smoke in the air.

Qiao Mianmian saw that Madam Mo was so angry that her chest was heaving and her face was pale. She looked as if she would faint at any moment. She couldn’t help but worry that Madam Mo would really faint from anger.

If Madam Mo really fainted, even if it wasn’t their fault, they would be labeled as unfilial.

She thought for a while and decided to take a step back. “Ah Si, I think I’ll excuse myself for a while. I want to go out for a breather too. You can have a good chat with Mom.”