Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 1419: You Are Already Dead! II

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Chapter 1419: You Are Already Dead! II

The attainment of one's true form!

Cecilia had reverted back to the existence she was born as, the terrific figure of an elevated Celestial Vine being born!

But what about Noah?

As the consciousness of an Ender of Reality dimmed and Noah took the full reigns, a blinding crimson light emanated from him in a shocking fashion as the Ascendancy Halo of Catastrophe fused with him instantly.

Barely a fraction of a millisecond, and it was enough for the glorious transformation to occur!

Before this, the form of Nion had 6 eyes, tendrils of Flames of Edicts swirling around his body, and wings made from flames of Edicts on his back as it was a truly oppressive form. But now…


Fair white hands reached out from the cacophony of crimson light as they sought to take hold of the Quasi-Primordial Relic Circlets that were cutting apart Reality itself.

Mere hands trying to halt the progression of offensive Quasi-Primordial Relics!!!


The Celestial Vine bellowed out in fervor as the two central golden vines brightened up even more, the Flames of Edicts coursing through them giving the sharp Circlets a multicolored glow.



A tremendous impact occurred as something was brought to a halt.


The Quasi-Primordial Relics capable of cutting apart Reality itself…could be seen held in place by two fair hands as they buzzed and threatened to break out, but they were clamped down domineeringly as they couldn't move forward or back!




On the expressionless Celestial Vine, shock coursed through it as to its utter stupor, the golden vines that were its strongest could not pull back the Quasi-Primordial Relics stopped by an existence's own hands!

How was it possible! These were genuine Quasi-Primordial Relics! Not Cosmic Treasures. Not any mere weapons. Backed by the might of a Primordial in the form of a Celestial Vine who had fused with an Ascendancy Halo…just how could they be stopped?

Those fair white hands…just what were they attached to?!

The vibrating Reality cleared as the stellar scene of the being that had actually stopped the progression of attack capable of cutting Reality with his bare hands was seen.

His form…was entirely that of a titanous human being as he was the size of a Cosmos.

He was adorned in a loose-fitting flaming crimson robe that left most of his chest bare, a flaming crimson illusory crown rotating gloriously above his head as it released waves of authoritative light!

His head was exactly that of Noah, his dark hair rising up with crackles of power as an exceedingly handsome face that was enough to topple entire Realities could be seen. His two eyes shimmered with an unknown stellar light that when the Celestial Vine gazed towards them, her consciousness had to turn away as it felt a dangerous sense of sharpness from these eyes that seemed to release a light of power and benevolence!

Eyes that looked at everything with utter calmness as if they had everything under control!

On the bare chest of this being that could partly be seen from the adornment of the crimson flaming robes were faint Runic Dao Lines that at this moment in time…they actually acted as a blueprint.

A terrific blueprint as in real time, colorful flames of Edicts began to fill up the lines of ancient tattoos as Noah's entire body was becoming lit up even more brightly- his figure beginning to look more and more fantastical and otherworldly!

The traces of Runic Dao Lines were actually used as blueprints that Flames of Edicts followed! What did this even mean?!


There was no answer as boundless might erupted from the hands grasping onto the Quasi-Primordial Relics, Noah not letting go as he instead reached out to twirl the two golden vines around his hands tightly!

"Let me expand what you know, O Primordial."


Shock reverberated across the Celestial Vine as it found an unstoppable force being released from these hands of a mere human, a force that she couldn't break away from as his voice continued!

"Let me show you how vast the oceans are."


Noah's fair hands began to shine with an ecstatic light as after wrapping around the tough golden vines, he began to pull down as if he were tearing apart mere weeds!

"Let me show you how boundless the skies can be."


Shockingly, a ripping sound began to echo out as from the base of the Cosmic sized Celestial Vine…its two most central vines began to be ripped out as golden green blood spilled!

The Blood of a Primordial was spilled!


Cecelia's mind was blank at such a scene as she didn't even feel pain, just pure unadulterated shock at the force and power being released from this existence that should not in any way be possible.

She was fused with her Ascendancy Halo as she achieved unshaken power and might! This being…had also just fused with his Halo as what he achieved…was it not just a bit much?

For him to be doing what he was doing right now, was it truly not too much?!

"Let me expand the horizons of a frog like you from your pristinely erected golden walls as I show you the vastness that lies around you!"


With a forceful tug, the golden Celestial Vine trunks were ripped apart from their base as golden green blood overflowed.


The entire Domains of Apocalypse turned silent.

The four Outer Eldritch Terrors moving forward and battling with the countless other smaller branches of the Celestial Vine gazed up in shock.

Halcyon and others who were surrounded by the Essence of Apocalypse and fighting the smaller branches of the Celestial Vine also gazed up in utter stupor!

None of them could fully wrap their minds around the scene above them, but Halcyon's eyes were bathed gold as she could see the illusion of a boundlessly powerful crimson halo float domineeringly above a white Halo- utterly dominating it as what she had seen before came to fruition.

A crimson and white ring fighting for supremacy.

At this moment in time, the crimson right of light was unmatched as it seemed everything was set in stone!

But amidst the shock and stupor of everyone, a screech of utter malevolence and denial echoed out as the vast Celestial Vine shook and crackled with power!

"Impossible! IMPOSSIBLE!"


Piercing bellows echoed from it as its anger was palpable, its voice coming out once more with maddening sharpness!

"I am a Primordial...and my authority cannot be denied!!!"

The moment these words ended, the Domains of Apocalypse shook as a terrible power unfurled out.

The eyes of Halcyon glazed gold as the essence of Kairos churned, shock and grimness appearing on her face as she saw that while the crimson ring of light was about to completely suppress the white ring of light around Cecilia…yet another resplendence ring was blooming out and trying to form!

Its color…was not white.


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