Legendary Armament Canon - Chapter 240 - The God of War Catalog, Blocked by Xu Shi (2)

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Chapter 240 The God of War Catalog, Blocked by Xu Shi (2)

Everyone said that she was a rare Martial Dao genius. If she was a Martial Dao genius, then what was Zhou Shu?

She had only had two epiphanies in the past ten years!

“Yeah, I’m a monster!” Zhou Shu bared his teeth and made a face.

Lu Wenshuang’s heart raced. How can such a childish fellow be a Martial Dao genius?

Right, not only is he a Martial Dao genius, but he’s also a forging genius!

Lu Wenshuang couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

“Zhou Shu, did you just have an epiphany?” Yin Wuyou wasn’t as unconvinced as Lu Wenshuang. She was sincerely happy for Zhou Shu.

“An epiphany? Sort of.”

An image suddenly flashed through Zhou Shu’s mind.

In the third picture of the God of War Catalog, there was a big circle. A man and a woman were intertwined with each other, circulating endlessly. Below it was written: [One opened, one closed. When the state of Yin was perfect, all was cold and severe; when the state of Yang was perfect, all was turbulent and agitated. The vitality is in the breath; the anger is in the breath. Those who move must not be self-sufficient, and those who do not move must not abandon themselves. When nothing comes out from the cultivation, something will appear through the cultivation. Heaven is heaven. If Yin doesn’t reach the extreme, Yang will not happen. Extremities cause the opposite to happen. If one’s Dao cultivation is not sufficient, there will be changes. Where there’s no way in, there is a way in.]

Zhou Shu was a little dazed. The faces of the man and woman in the picture seemed to become familiar. Who else could it be but him and Yin Wuyou?

He shook off the thoughts in his mind.

It’s all Shi Songtao’s fault for messing around all the time. It affected me too! Zhou Shu cursed.

Achoo-Shi Songtao sneezed a few times, and a chill ran down his back.

The 49 pictures of the God of War Catalog contained the truths of the Great Dao. If one could comprehend them thoroughly, one would reach the peak of the Martial Dao and be able to use any martial technique at will.

It was almost all-encompassing. This third picture was an orthodox Yin-Yang dual cultivation method. It was extremely beneficial to both men and women.

Of course, Zhou Shu was only thinking casually. If he really dared to propose dual cultivation to Yin Wuyou, she would probably immediately pull out the Shadow Sword and attack him.

“Then, are you about to become a Grandmaster?” Yin Wuyou’s eyes sparkled excitedly.

“A Grandmaster? I’m still far from it,” Zhou Shu said casually.

Another thought flashed through his mind. If his spiritual essence cultivation broke through to the second rank of the Martial Dao, would he break through to the first rank together with Yin Wuyou if he used the God of War Catalog to dual cultivate with her?

It seemed very possible.

But first, he had to completely comprehend the God of War Catalog.

Second, Yin Wuyou had to agree…

“Since that’s all, let’s get back on the road,” Meng Bai said, interrupting their conversation.

The Great Xia diplomatic mission continued forward. They were about to pass the Hangu Pass and leave the borders of Great Qin.

Meng Bai, Chen Ji, and the others heaved a sigh of relief. They would be much safer after leaving Great Qin.

Even if Great Qin wanted to do anything to them, the forces they could employ outside Great Qin were very limited.

At that time, it would be hard to determine who had the upper hand.

Suddenly, a large fireball seemed to fall from the sky. With a bang, it smashed heavily in front of the Great Xia diplomatic mission, blocking the exit of Hangu Pass.

“Prepare for battle!” Meng Bai raised his hand and shouted.


The sound of the guards drawing their weapons filled the air.

Chen Ji held the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and stood beside Meng Bai.

Yin Wuyou and Lu Wenshuang were already standing in front of Zhou Shu.

Zhou Shu felt a little helpless. These two girls really treat themselves as my guards.

They didn’t know that even if the two of them joined forces, they were no match for him.

The reaction of the Great Xia diplomatic mission made the troops under Wang Xin react. They also picked up their weapons and were brimming with fighting spirit.

“Stop!” Wang Mu shouted.

“Great General Meng, it’s a misunderstanding!” Wang Mu said anxiously. “Misunderstanding?” Meng Bai snorted. He stared ahead, but his aura had already locked onto Wang Mu.

If he wanted to attack, he could kill Wang Mu immediately.

There would be no hesitation, even though they had known each other for many years!

Before the battle, there was no room for emotions. Hesitation would only harm others and oneself!


The flame of the big fireball rose sharply and then died quickly, revealing a figure inside.

“Xu Shi?” Zhou Shu was surprised to see him.

Xu Shi didn’t seem to see the Great Xia diplomatic mission. His gaze wandered, and he finally saw Zhou Shu. He let out a long breath and said, “Xu Shi requests an audience with the You Marquis!”

“Lord Xu, your appearance was very impactful.” Zhou Shu didn’t know if he was exaggerating or being sarcastic. “It’s an emergency. I’m sorry,” Xu Shi said. If he had come any later, the Great Xia diplomatic mission would have left Great Qin’s borders.

“Lord Xu, just speak your mind. I don’t like to beat around the bush,” Zhou Shu said.

“Alright,” Xu Shi said solemnly, “I’m here to ask for your help, Marquis!

“Marquis, please help me cultivate the Iron Smelting Hands Technique!”

Xu Shi’s face was full of determination as he stared at Zhou Shu without blinking.

He came after all. Zhou Shu sighed inwardly. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to fool them so easily.

“Lord Xu, I’ve already given the cultivation method of the Iron Smelting Hands Technique to Great Qin. I can guarantee with my life that the cultivation method is definitely correct,” Zhou Shu said.

“I know the cultivation method is correct.” Xu Shi smiled bitterly. “But You Marquis, you should know that under normal circumstances, the Iron Smelting Hands Technique isn’t something that humans can master!”

“Are you trying to say I’m not human?” Zhou Shu said angrily

“I didn’t mean that.” Xu Shi shook his head. “You Marquis, I’m sincerely asking for help. Please help me cultivate the Iron Smelting Hands Technique!

“If I can master the Iron Smelting Hands Technique, then my Great Qin will owe you a favor!”

Xu Shi actually said he would owe Zhou Shu a favor in the name of Great Qin.

A favor could be big or small. But with Great Qin’s usual style, they wouldn’t play any tricks.

Meng Bai looked at Zhou Shu in shock, then at Xu Shi.

He understood the meaning of Xu Shi’s words better than anyone else in the Great Xia diplomatic mission.

Since Xu Shi dared to say this, he must have obtained the approval of the Qin emperor. Previously, from Great Qin’s reaction, Meng Bai could tell that Great Qin was determined to obtain the Iron Smelting Hands Technique.

Now, it seemed that he had underestimated Zhou Shu’s Iron Smelting Hands Technique.

In order to let Xu Shi cultivate the Iron Smelting Hands Technique, the Qin emperor didn’t hesitate to promise a favor from Great Qin!

In a sense, a favor from Great Qin was much more precious than the gold and jewelry that Great Qin had sent over previously.

“What if I tell you that I can’t help you?” Zhou Shu said.

He could master the Iron Smelting Hands Technique because of the Legendary Armament Canon.

How would he know how to help Xu Shi master the Iron Smelting Hands Technique?

Unless Xu Shi could withstand the painful process of cultivating the Iron Smelting Hands Technique, even Zhou Shu had no way to help him.

“You Marquis, I’m not joking.” Xu Shi narrowed his eyes and said solemnly, “The Iron Smelting Hands is very important to me. No matter what price I have to pay, I must master it!”

“I’m not joking either.” Zhou Shu shook his head. “I really don’t know how to help you.”

“I’ve already given you the cultivation method for the Iron Smelting Hands. Whether you can master it or not is up to you.

“When we first made the deal, I didn’t promise you would master it.

“Now, I have to go. Lord Xu, please make way.”

Zhou Shu looked at Meng Bai. The Great Xia diplomatic mission was about to move forward.

Suddenly, Xu Shi’s figure flashed, transforming into a ray of light that pounced at Zhou Shu.

“How dare you!” Meng Bai was furious. He roared and punched.

Meng Bai’s recovery was an accident, and his cultivation breakthrough was even more unexpected. He didn’t have a weapon in hand.

But even though he was barehanded, a first-rank martial artist was still a first-rank martial artist.

His punch caused an explosion in the air, and a visible shock wave appeared in front of everyone.


The ball of fire was shattered by Meng Bai’s punch.

Meng Bai’s heart sank. I was tricked!

He suddenly turned around and saw that Xu Shi had already appeared beside Wang Mu.

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