Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 985 - Night Thearch

Chapter 985: Night Thearch

Translator: CKtalon

The humans who wanted to leave Sea Return City suddenly realized that the way out of the city was blocked by dimensional creatures. The devil-like Seven Seas Dragon King blocked their path with large numbers of dimensional creatures.

Dimensional creatures surged everywhere, surrounding Sea Return City tightly. It was almost impossible to escape.

“I should have…” Old Master Hui was extremely regretful. He knew that there might be danger, but he never expected that the entire city would fall. If he had listened to his grandson, Hui Haifeng, and ruthlessly abandoned his family business and left Sea Return City, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a state.

The only consolation was that the Hui family had already sent some of their descendants elsewhere to study. Although it was said that they were studying, it was actually to protect them. It could be considered a backup plan. If something really happened to Sea Return City, the Hui family wouldn’t be wiped out.

Sadly, because of Wang Mingyuan’s matter, Hui Haifeng had taken a leave of absence from school and returned home. The young man from the Hui family, who had the greatest hope of achieving something, was also going to die with the family.

At the thought of Hui Haifeng, Old Master Hui looked around, but he didn’t find him. He couldn’t help but feel a sliver of hope. Hui Haifeng had long expected a major mutation. Perhaps he had already left Sea Return.

Just as Old Master Hui was rejoicing, he realized that Hui Haifeng and a young man had charged over from the other side. The young man was carrying a girl who looked about two years old.

“Ah Feng, you already expected this to happen. Why haven’t you left!” Old Master Hui was furious and anxious when he saw Hui Haifeng charging over.

“The Hui family is all here. How can I leave alone? I have some things here that will be of some use to those dimensional creatures. Just apply some on your body. There’s too little time. This is all I’ve figured out,” Hui Haifeng said as he poured some powder from a bottle and handed it to Old Master Hui and company.

“Li Xuan, distribute it to the others.” Hui Haifeng handed a bottle to Li Xuan. Li Xuan responded and took the two Ice Silkworms over. Wherever the Ice Silkworms passed, they froze the dimensional creatures.

Li Xuan wasn’t as gentle as Hui Haifeng. He directly scattered the powder on the people from Sea Return City. When the powder that resembled gold powder touched humans, the dimensional creatures seemed to treat them as their own kind and stopped attacking them.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. There were dimensional creatures everywhere; it resembled a tidal wave. They originally thought that there was no hope, but to their surprise, divine help had descended from the heavens, allowing them to turn the situation around from certain death.

Soon, the people from Sea Return City were covered in the golden powder. A large number of dimensional creatures passed by them. At most, they only sniffed them and didn’t attack them.

It was the same for those who had mutated after being injured. They ignored the people who had been covered in gold powder.

Instantly, the huge Sea Return City was surrounded by countless dimensional creatures, but no battle happened.

“Everyone, walk slowly. Don’t worry.” Hui Haifeng heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the gold powder was effective.

He had too little time. He didn’t have the time to do more research. He had only discovered by accident that once one was tainted with such special elements, the dimensional creatures would treat humans stained with the gold powder as their kind and stop attacking them.

Everyone followed Hui Haifeng as they silently traversed the sea of monsters. If it was just these monsters, Hui Haifeng might very well bring everyone out of danger.

Unfortunately, this great chaos wasn’t just limited to dimensional creatures. There was also a human. Furthermore, he was the mastermind behind all of this.

Everyone was traversing the sea of monsters in fear when they suddenly saw a figure slowly land in the sky. It stood above the Seven Seas Dragon King and looked down at everyone in Sea Return City like a god.

A human? Hui Haifeng’s heart skipped a beat. At this moment, he wasn’t afraid of dimensional creatures, but humans.

Old Master Hui and the few elders of the Feng family were people who had seen many storms. When they saw the figure, their expressions changed drastically. Clearly, they had also realized the problem. They stopped and looked at the black-armored man on the Seven Seas Dragon King’s head.

“I never expected there to be such a keen-eyed person in Sea Return City. Not bad.” The person’s gaze looked at Hui Haifeng below as though he was praising him.

“Who are you?” Hui Haifeng asked with a heavy expression.

“My name has long been abandoned. If you must have a title, call me Night Thearch,” the man said indifferently.

“Is the dimensional creature mutation in these seas related to you?” Hui Haifeng asked again.

“Consider it a gift from me. Do you like it?” Night Thearch said with a smile.

“You are also a human. Why are you doing this to us?” Family Head Liu said with a trembling voice.

Night Thearch didn’t answer. He didn’t even look at Family Head Liu. He continued looking at Hui Haifeng and said, “You should have already guessed my intentions, right? Why don’t you tell them?”

“You are evolving us, but it’s obvious that you failed. Those who are infected with this special element don’t even have self-awareness. Even if their bodies become stronger, it won’t be considered a successful evolution,” Hui Haifeng said.

Night Thearch smiled and said, “As expected, you know what’s happening. However, that view is still too narrow. Evolution is about survival of the fittest. Creatures that can’t adapt to evolution will ultimately be buried in the dust of history. My experiments didn’t fail, but most humans are too weak. Only true experts can be reborn in the tides of evolution and become even greater new humans.”

“You mean that this evolution has a certain success rate? Then what’s the success rate?” Hui Haifeng asked again.

“One in a thousand, or even lower, but it’s enough. It’s enough for the humans on Earth to have enough elites left. There’s no need to waste resources on defective products. They will be eliminated sooner or later anyway. I just sped up their elimination,” Night Thearch said casually.

However, when Hui Haifeng and company heard those words, they found him extremely cruel. Less than one in a thousand humans would survive; yet, such a massacre seemed trivial to Night Thearch.

Furthermore, from his words, not only did he set his sights on Sea Return City, but he also wanted to extend it for all of human society.

“Don’t you think this is too cruel to those who originally had a chance of survival?” Hui Haifeng asked.

“How can failure be cruel? It’s true cruelty to let useless people live numbly and waste resources that are useful in the hands of experts.” Night Thearch looked down at Hui Haifeng and said, “You’re not bad. If you are willing, you can become my right-hand man and create a new human order with me.”