Megami Buchigire - Chapter 17 - Isekai Onee Monogatari 4 – Thus Towards the Legend….

Chapter 17: Isekai Onee Monogatari 4 – Thus Towards the Legend….

“Legendary sword?”

“Indeed. It is said to be sealed underground beneath this palace, waiting for the chosen one.”

The words of Prince Heinz, his master, causes Onee to frown in contemplation as the thought “that sounds so suspicious” flits across his mind.

Legendary swords are staples of fantasy stories, but it’s weird for something so important to be sealed in a place so close by.

Incidentally, if you ask a Catholic “are there legendary weapon-like relics buried underneath the Vatican?” you would get “like hell there is, you retard!” right in your face so please be aware.

But in Japan, there are legendary swords and other weapons of heroes from the past enshrined in shrines and temples all over, so you can ask the question, no problem.

How unreasonable, right?

“So I was thinking that maybe Yuki could become the master of the sword. The fact that we haven’t found a weapon that suits you so far surely means that you are fated for the legendary sword. I think.”

So says the prince, but in actuality Onee’s strength is so off the charts that even Cú Chulainn-san can do nothing but laugh.

Even if a legendary sword comes into his hand, it might simply be the end of a legend linking directly to the start of a new legend.

“As you have said so much, I accept to give the sword a try.”

Of course, Onee does not show his doubt on his face, instead replying like a true knight before his lord.

His figure as a model knight causes the prince’s assessment of him to soar in leaps and bounds.

“Yuki truly is a knight that I am not worthy of. If you become Grace’s companion, then I would be greatly reassured.”

Due to the risen assessment, shocking words that would seem much more natural coming from an oba-san who loves to matchmake people comes out of his mouth.

Without any shred of jealousy, the prince recommends the person he loves to his rival in love, proving himself a man among men.

But unfortunately, the one before him is not a man, but an Onee.

“I am truly sorry, but although my sword has been pledged to you, my heart shall forever be with my late wife. Surely there is a man much more suitable for Grace than an effeminate man such as myself.”

Without letting his inner thought of ‘More like, stop manly giving up and just make a move on her already, you hetare’ show on his face, Onee firmly turns down the offer. 1

In Onee’s eyes, Grace is just a cute little sister.

It’s a secret that Grace herself is depressed everyday at having another one of her unfeminine habits pointed out by Onee.

“Is that so. Then I shall not pressure you anymore on this.”

But not knowing any of this, the prince simply thinks of Onee as the ideal knight.

What a sinful person Onee is.

The chamber where the legendary sword sleeps is protected by a dragon. As long as the seal is not undone and the sword drawn, there is no way to survive.

“…… But well, that doesn’t apply to Yuki, of course. Why would it?”

In the eyes of Grace who came along as a just in case is the figure of a silver-colored dragon who is now unconscious after a single punch to its head from Onee.

The guardian of the legendary sword is but a mere chihuahua before Dragonslayer Onee.

“So, this is the legendary sword?”

Onee and Grace proceed further into the room, and come upon something that looks like an altar, before which is a pedestal with a single sword stabbed into it.

The blade is brilliant like a mirror, and the hilt is embedded with precious jewels overflowing with magic.

Indeed, this is a sword worthy of being called legendary.

“Yea, I can’t pull it out.”

“What a wilful little sword. Well then, will I be able to pull it out per the prince’s judgment……”

Grace gives it a go first, but the sword doesn’t even budge.

After confirming that, Onee places both hands on the sword handle, then every single muscle on his body bulges as he applies every drop of strength in his body.


It’s his natural voice. It’s a throaty voice. Onee is in serious mode.

The sheer manliness causes Grace to clutch both hands in front of her heart in lovestruck mode.


Then in response to Onee’s resolve, there is the sound of something cracking——

“It came out?!”

——the legendary sword is finally in Onee’s hands.

…… with a huge chunk of the pedestal still stuck to the blade.


“Oh dearie me. Let go already, come on.”

Onee places a foot on the pedestal part and pulls, but the sword and pedestal show no sign of separating.

Apparently Onee was not chosen by the sword but managed to forcibly pull it out anyways.

The sword refusing to let go of the last chunk of the pedestal is probably its way of saying ‘like I’m going to let you have your way!’ in expression of its tenacity.

“Wait, we’re in trouble, Yuki! The dragon is regaining consciousness!”

While they were doing this and that, the dragon which had been knocked out is now getting back up.

But Onee is in the middle of a quarrel with the legendary sword. Grace draws her own sword with the intention of buying time, but that proves to be wasted effort.

“…… Eh?”

It was but a split second.

The moment Grace turns towards the dragon, Onee has already run at the dragon and defeated it (again) with a single stroke of a sword.

Yes, it was with the legendary sword.

The figure of Onee in midair with sword in follow through position is filled with all the beauty and gravity of a sacred painting.

…… if only the sword tip was not still buried inside a chunk of rock.

“You still haven’t gotten it out?!”

“Hey Grace, look at this it’s great! Even when I swing it with my full strength it doesn’t break, and the weight is also about just right!”

“Eh? Ah, un. I… see. Good for you, Yuki.”

There is Grace standing in astonishment, and there is Onee excitedly jumping around at having gotten his hands on a weapon that he can actually use for the first time.

Apparently having the pedestal part stuck to the sword is what makes it just right for Onee.

“But you weren’t actually chosen, so put it back properly alright?”

“Ehh, isn’t it fine to just take it like this?”

“Please don’t. Seriously.”

A knight that can defeat a dragon with his bare hands is not knight-like, but a knight that wields the legendary sword as a blunt weapon is not much better.

Under the admonishment of the Grace who has regained her calmness after her astonishment has overloaded her limit, Onee grudgingly goes to put the legendary sword back.

Today, too, the otherworld is at peace.

At the same time, in Takamgahara.

“A legendary sword, is it? It sure pulls at my heartstrings. How about I also make something like ‘Amaterasu’s sword’?”

Apparently Amaterasu-sama is overflowing with interest in legendary swords after watching (over) Onee as usual.

“You already have one already, don’t you? Kusanagi no Tsurugi.” 2

“Eh, but that one’s so plain.”

One of the three Imperial Regalia has just been called ‘plain’ by the chief goddess. 3

But Kusanagi no Tsurugi is said to have mowed 3,000 li (about 3,000 meters) in all four directions with a single swing, so it is by no means plain.

There is even a story of how the sword left Yamato Takeru’s hands and wielded itself. 4

Imagine the sheer horror of it.

Incidentally, it was stolen once, but depending on the telling it either returned to its original position all by itself or stuck to the thief no matter how many times he tried to rid himself of it and generally plunged that thief into an abyss of despair. 5

After that incident the sword was moved to to the Imperial Palace for safekeeping but it caused the emperor to fall ill in expression of ‘return me to my original place you stupid humans’. 6

What a wilful sword it is.

“Oh right! We didn’t give that person any blessings when he arrived at the other world, so how about I make an unbreakable weapon for him……”

“Things would get completely out of hand so please don’t.”

Onee was almost about to get a sword directly from Amaterasu-sama based on a whim, but it was prevented by the calm-as-always yuri-loving Tsukuyomi-sama.

Today, too, Takamagahara is at peace.

1Hetare: means “inept; good-for-nothing; incompetent” but not in a disparaging manner, more like an exasperated or humorous manner.

2 Susanoo killed an eight-headed serpent monster named Yamata no Orochi and made/found a sword from its tail and named it Kusanagi no Tsurugi, which he then brought back to gift to Amaterasu in apology of all the shit that he did to her previously (basically, all that stuff that turned her into a hikikomori).

3 The Imperial Regalia of Japan (also called the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan) are the sword Kusagni no Tsurugi, the mirror Yata no Kagami, and the jewel Yasakani no Magatama. They represent valor, wisdom, and benevolence, respectively.

4 Yamato Takeru is a legendary prince of the Yamato dynasty who supposedly previously wielded Kusanagi no Tsurugi. The sword wielded itself to save him once.

5 This is the only mention I can find of the theft. It was by a monk named Dogyo coming from Silla (ancient Korean kingdom), who wanted to use the sword’s power for his country’s sake.

6 In the 7th century AD, the sword was blamed for Emperor Temmu’s death.