Megami Buchigire - Chapter 18 - Everyday Life of the Short-Tempered Queen Consort

Chapter 18: Everyday Life of the Short-Tempered Queen Consort

“In spite of how much overtime Japanese people clock in, the efficiency of their work is low.”

The diligent Japanese. This image has pervaded into the consciousness of the world at large, but actually they also have a rather lax side that, when they have no more work, at times involves just messing around until time to clock out or just staying around waiting for colleagues to finish up.

Yes they do.

They really do.

If anyone knows such a company, please help me ask if they are hiring.

But it is an actual and indisputable fact that, despite their low efficiency, the Japanese have pushed their country into the ranks of the advanced countries.

And here, too, is one such diligent Japanese.


A woman with black hair who is giving off a competent career woman vibe despite not wearing glasses.

Indeed, it is Ouhi-sama, the queen consort, Tonegawa Asahi, the one who was summoned to the Kingdom of Galdeia to be a bride.


Wordless. Expressionless.

The same sour face as ever, and the same dead eyes as ever.

However, the table before her is no longer buried under mountains of documents.

Apparently her persuasion (body blow) had successfully remotivated the king to do his job.

But it seems that the biggest reason for the decrease in paperwork is because Ouhi-sama flipped out shouting “stop bringing trivial matters up here and have the people down there take care of them!!”

That time when the request “there are chipped tiles in the toilet so please arrange a budget for repairs” came in, Ouhi-sama very nearly smashed her work table into half with her fist.

“Hey there, Asahi. I got some free time, so I’ve come to see you.”

“Go away.”

Immediate reply. With zero time lag.

The person who has come to visit the queen consort has blond hair and blue eyes and a handsome face that identifies him as none other than this country’s king.

In other words, he is the queen consort’s husband, but the queen consort is staring at paperwork while exuding a ‘uggghhh so annoying’ aura of rejection.

“You’re the same as ever, Asahi. Well, that’s what’s cute about you though.”

“Go die.”

The king’s words causes the queen consort’s aura of rejection to switch into killing intent.

At this rate, the queen consort will assassinate the king and lose the word ‘consort’ in her title.

“…… I beg your pardon, Ouhi-sama, but is that attitude towards His Majesty not too disrespectful?”

The knight accompanying the king could not help but to speak up.

This is completely not related to anything, but why is it that for a while now my keyboard insists on autocorrecting ‘shimaisu’ into ‘shimashimasu’?

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“Don’t worry about it. It’s true that Asahi might have a sharp tongue, but in bed I have ‘absolute kingship.’”

“GO DIE!?”

A crumpled piece of paper hits the king right in his smug face.

Apparently the queen consort is a tsundere. Her face has turned bright red due to the sudden sexual harassment comment.

“Don’t say it!! That sort of thing you should just lock up in your heart alright?!”

“My heart is already overflowing with love for Asahi so I cannot do that.”


The queen consort seizes the king’s lapels and attempts to choke him but the king is just laughing.

It seems that while the queen consort holds the initiative when it comes to work, in their relationship as a married couple the initiative is completely with the king.

Though she gives off the appearance of a highly competent career woman, inside she is an otaku who poured all her effort into her hobbies and not guys so this is but the natural outcome.

“Oh right, Meldeia Kingdom is sending a delegation over soon. There’s one person on that list who might be of interest to you.”

“What, why?”

Despite being constricted, the king does not look pained in the least even while holding out a piece of paper that he had taken out from seemingly thin air.

The queen consort accepts it and quickly scans it, noticing that it is a list of the names of the delegation party.

“…… Yuuki Kokushou?”

Her eyes stop at a name that looks obviously out of place, yet has a decidedly familiar ring.

Hearing that name, the king nods in agreement while straightening his clothes.

“He’s apparently a knight who has recently come under the First Prince’s immediate service. He seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and his birthplace is being muddied over as just ‘somewhere far away that no one knows the name of.’”

“…… That’s not enough to say for sure.”

Understanding what the king is trying to saying, the queen consort shakes her head.

In short, the king is wondering whether this person is from the same place as the queen consort. In other words, Japan.

“Well, if they’re coming as a delegation, then we can just ask that person directly. What would you do if he really is……?”

“I’ve heard that he is quite capable. I was wondering if I can scout him over to our side by mentioning you.”

“…… If he’s capable, then I would advise you to not. That would cause unnecessary friction with their side.”

In the first place, just because they’re both Japanese, it doesn’t mean that they’re really related in any significant way.

So grumbles the queen consort inside her heart, but who would have predicted the great ruckus that would occur when they actually meet and turn out to completely hit it off.

Today, too, the other world is at peace.