Megami Buchigire - Chapter 32 - Isekai Onee Monogatari 5

Chapter 32: Isekai Onee Monogatari 5

Knight Order.

What people acknowledge to be a ‘Knight Order’ actually has a huge range of variety in regards to the internal structure. The kind from the general image of a group of knights gathered for the purpose of war is actually a very tiny minority.

Most Orders are actually just alliances composed of feudal lords and people in power, a powerbrokers club if you will. In no way are these Orders founded with the intention of combat in mind.

Incidentally, the Order of the Garter that is headed by the monarch of the UK is filled with people who have been granted nobility. The current emperor of Japan, Emperor Akihito, is actually also a member of said Order as a supernumerary member.1

As if the general Japanese people aren’t already confused enough about the status and identity of their emperor, he’s apparently got other attributes to make everything even more confusing.

Leaving that aside, though combat Knight Orders are almost completely mere fantasy on Earth, in this otherworld they properly exist and function properly. Those who devote themselves to the path of becoming a knight command great respect from everyone around.

And Onee, who belongs to one such Knight Order, was made into the Vice-Commander before he knew it. But he is currently deeply regretting it. Mainly because of the Grand Commander’s fault.

“Ah~ha~ha! This is fun, Yuki!!”

“How can it be fun when you are seriously going for my heart?!”

There is the Grand Commander with a grin that can only be called ‘crazed,’ then there is Onee who is shouting in an unusual fit of actual anger.

The Grand Commander is furiously brandishing her beloved sword, without blunting its blade, while Onee is parrying all her attacks with his bare hands.

This is technically supposed to be a practice spar, but anyone looking at it from the side would only see a match to the death.

“Are they at it again, the Grand and the Vice?”

“Thanks to Vice-Commander, the burden on us has been lightened a heck lot. I’m just so grateful.”

“More like, how is Vice-Commander able to block swords with his bare hands?”

“I asked him previously, and he replied ‘Oh it’s easy. You just have to hit the sword on the flat of the blade.’”

“What part of that is easy?!”

The other members of the Order are just coolly looking on.

It might sound like they are being irresponsible, but it is actually a wise choice with full understanding of the fact that it would make zero difference even if they all jumped in as a group.

Grace is the only one who can narrowly step in between and stop them, but it was just the other day when she mistook the timing to interfere and got sent flying outside of the castle walls. It needs not be said that afterwards the positively incensed Grace had both Onee and the Grand Commander earnestly apologizing with all they had.

“Secret Technique: Granz Schwalpe!!”

“How many times have I told you not to use magic during training?!”

After that, Grand Commander got too excited and some aura-like thing came out and demolished half of the entire training ground, but strangely enough Onee was completely unscathed.

“Sigh, we got scolded by Grace again.”

“…… Even though that was entirely Grand Commander’s fault, even I got scolded.”

Several hours later. After being released from the thorough wrangling by the Order’s mom aka Grace, the two heave a sigh of relief.

It’s probably a misunderstanding that the actual culprit aka Grand Commander looks less tired than Onee.

Despite her appearance, she is deeply reflecting on her mistake inside her heart. Nope, that’s a lie.

“Haah, anyways I’m going back first. See you—”

“Stay a bit, Yuki.”


Right when Onee was about to leave, he was grabbed by his head, which caused a loud crack to emanate from his neck.

The human neck is surprisingly fragile, so good boys and girls should definitely not attempt this.

“What the heck?!”

“You’re as cold as ever, Yuki. Or is it that you are only cold towards me?”

“That’s no reason to snuggle towards me! You’re being improper!!”

Grand Commander is wrapping her arms around Onee’s buff shoulders, while he is desperately trying to peel her off.

“Yuki, am I really that similar to your late wife?”


But his struggles grind to a halt at Grand Commander’s suddenly sincere eyes.

“…… Grand Commander.”

“I’ve heard your story. I’m sure your feelings must be complicated inside. But do you intend to continue running away from me, from the shadow of your late wife, forever?”


The serious tone that Onee has never heard Grand Commander take renders him speechless.

“You are protecting your fidelity towards your late wife. That is a splendid dedication. But are you not actually using your late wife as an excuse, using the pretext of keeping a promise to her, to justify having given up trying to move forward?”

“What are you saying? I am trying to find a new love in my own way……”

“Yes, your preference for guys. In the first place, that just sounds strange to me. You, who used to only have eyes for your wife, suddenly flipped entirely?”

“That’s only because……”

“So you would be fine with anyone? Ah, so that’s it. You’re fine with anyone. You’re fine as long as such compensatory behavior satisfies you, I understand that now.”


“You are seeking human warmth, but cannot find it. That makes you——”

——seem exactly like a child who’s crying all alone.


Grand Commander’s words causes Onee’s face to freeze over.


He doesn’t move. He can’t move. Time continues to flow, as Grand Commander and Onee continue staring at each other.


After an unknown amount of time, Onee’s face begins distorting with pain, and words spill from his quivering lips.

“What do you know?!”

Just like frozen ice finally thawing out, just like a stiff mask shattering to pieces, shouts of grief flow out from Onee’s mouth.

“We were always together. We spent even more time with each other than we did with our parents. I was ostracised for being different from other people, but Makoto stayed by my side through it all. Makoto was everything in the world to me!!”

That is attachment that can perhaps even be called dependency. However, it is also undoubtedly love, and also the strength that supported him.

“Even when our surroundings changed, when everything did 180’s, Makoto never changed. It was only her alone who confirmed everything of me. Just when I was thinking about how I would be able to withstand anything when she is by my side, absolutely anything…… it was so sudden, it happened too fast!”

He has both hands covering his face and his voice is broken up with sobs that are filled with such grief that it cut to the very bones of anyone listening.

“Why was it Makoto?! Why was it not some other random person?! As long as I had…. Makoto by my side… just, what should I do……”

His voice gradually loses its vigor as tension also gradually drains out of his body.

Grand Commander gently hugs him as he almost visibly deflates.

“You are just clumsy. Surely you’ve never shared your tears and grief with those around you. Since everybody takes one look at you and just assumes that you are strong.”

“…… I, I just…… why……”

“It’s fine to cry. It’s fine to shout. Rage at the world’s unreasonableness, it’s fine to curse at it too. Grief all you need, then accept that pain as a part of you. Then look forward and walk. Surely your late wife also wishes so.”


Onee screams with weeping with a voice that’s turned hoarse. But eventually his wailing is reduced to just sobbing, then to pain-filled groans.

“Goodness, you sure are a handful as always.”

Such an Onee is being tenderly enveloped by Grand Commander. Ever so tenderly, just like a mother bird protecting a chick.

“So he’s finally fallen asleep. With all that strength of his, anyone other than me would have had all their bones crushed.”


The night has deepened, and the time now can be said to be late night. With the Onee who had cried and screamed his heart out now sleeping on her lap, Grand Commander softly laughs with a troubled chuckle.

What her eyes are looking at is a certain something that is faintly glowing within the darkness of the night.

“Don’t misunderstand. I am me. Not ‘Makoto.’ I can’t replace you, and don’t intend to in the first place.”

So says Grand Commander firmly. The glow flickers a few times as if in protest.

“Leave it. Your goal has been accomplished. So go back already to Yomi or wherever it is. The dead should not interfere any further than this.”

The glow flickers several more times as if in response to the blatantly disgruntled Grand Commander, then eventually disappears as if melting into the darkness of the night.

The only ones left behind are Grand Commander and the sleeping Onee.

“Seriously. If you were that worried, then you should have left him better last words in the first place.”

So saying, Grand Commander strokes the sleeping Onee’s head while smiling wryly.

1 Emperor Taishou was accepted into the Order as part of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance signed in 1902, after which are four consecutive generations of emperors of Japan (which brings us to Akihito) who have worn this mantle. Wikipedia