MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 478 - Sword Heart

Chapter 478: Sword Heart

Jiang Feng had just killed King Zhou not long ago. He was not expecting Tathagata to join in as well.

“As I am in the Lianyao Flask, even if Tathagata has sent his duplicate he can’t enter here, right?!” He mumbled to himself as the Lianyao Flask continued to shake, and he extended his hand to catch the trembling spirit of the Providence Pill and the other four Providence Pills.

He was just about to put them away when suddenly the space within the Lianyao Flask began to warp and a Buddha’s hand came from the ripple and headed straight toward the Providence Pills in his hand.

“Holy sh*t, he can do that?” When Jiang Feng saw that, his face paled as he quickly took out Deicide and slammed it at the Buddha’s hand.

He did not expect that Tathagata’s hand could extend into the Lianyao Flask. That meant that when at Dragonquarry in the future, he could no longer keep any of his valuables in the Lianyao Flask. It was not safe.


The attack managed to stop the Buddha’s hand for a moment, but it quickly flew toward him at lightning speed.


The Buddha’s hand approached him and then slammed on his body. Despite blocking with Deicide, he still lost half of his health as his entire body flew out.

If it was not because he blocked the attack just now, he would have been instantly killed.

The Buddha’s hand did not wait for him to stand up and once again went straight toward him.

This time, the Buddha’s hand was no longer attacking him, but instead was headed for the Providence Pills.

“You want the Providence Pills? No way!”

With but a thought, Jiang Feng immediately left the Lianyao Flask together with the Providence Pills.

As soon as he escaped the Lianyao Flask, he immediately ate one Providence Pill. He then quickly found Ling Feiyu at the Shifter Emperor Palace, took out one Providence Pill and gave it to Ling Feiyu immediately, and said, “Feiyu, eat it now!”

Although he did not see the stats for the Providence Pill, he knew that there was no harm in eating the Providence Pill at all, and instead it would grant her many benefits.

Ling Feiyu gave Jiang Feng a glance and immediately ate it without saying anything.

The reason that Jiang Feng did that was that he was afraid that the Providence Pills would be stolen.

Ding. System prompt: As you have eaten the Providence Pill, all your stats have increased by 50% and you have received a Low-Level Sword Heart.

‘What? 50% stats? And a Sword Heart?’

Jiang Feng did not expect that its effect would be so powerful. Not only did it boost all of his stats by 50%, but it had also given him a Sword Heart.

The Sword Heart was something that was very rare. Only swordsmen that had mastered their swordsmanship to the extreme could conceive it through their powerful insight.

As for the effects of it, he had no time to check because he realized that the Buddha’s hand had left the Lianyao Flask and was once again trying to catch him.

“Bal… die…”

Just as the Buddha’s hand was going to reach Jiang Feng again, golden light from Ling Feiyu’s belly flared up after she had eaten the Providence Pill. Ling Feiyu and his son once again appeared, and the five-colored mark on his forehead once again unleashed five bolts of light and attacked the Buddha’s hand.


There was a sound of collision as the Buddha’s hand was forced to retreat. The baby’s face became pale and returned into Ling Feiyu’s belly.

Jiang Feng looked at Ling Feiyu’s belly and felt ashamed as he thought to himself, ‘Sigh~ I can’t believe that my unborn son has already saved me twice. I have really failed in being a father.’

Just as he was feeling ashamed, all the players nearby were shocked as they stared at Ling Feiyu’s belly.

“My God! What did I just see? Did the child in the Shifter Emperor’s wife force a retreat against the Buddha’s Hand that even the Shifter Emperor couldn’t handle? And this is even before it was born! How powerful would it be after it has been born?”

“I already told you that the children born from the Shifter Emperor would be very powerful. See?!”

“I really want to give birth to a powerful child with the Shifter Emperor. Unfortunately, even if I pose naked in front of him he probably wouldn’t feel anything since Ling Feiyu is so pretty!”

His own kid had once again forced Tathagata to retreat.

Jiang Feng led Ling Feiyu the other higher-ups of the Ancient City to prepare to award the 27 Pharmacists* that had won in the Pharmacist Competition.

T/L note: Shouldn’t it be 25?

He sat on the throne within the Shifter Emperor Palace. He then said to the Pharmacists who were present with a smile and said, “Congratulations for being victorious in the Pharmacist Competition. These are your rewards!”

With a wave of his hand, many equipment and gold pieces flew out of the Lianyao Flask. According to the difference in rank, they all fell before all 27 Pharmacists.

“Thank you, Shifter Emperor. I hope that there is going to be more competition like this in the future,” A Pharmacist said happily with a soft smile when he received the Champion’s reward for the Immortal level.

“Of course. Now, I will arrange your position within the Pharmacist Guild. There is one thing that I hope that all of you would remember. I will not stop any of you from joining other factions, but you must not do anything that would harm the Shifter Faction. Otherwise, I will not show you any mercy!” Jiang Feng said as he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Shifter Emperor. We are all full-time Pharmacists here. We don’t join any of the fights,” A Divine level Pharmacist said.

Jiang Feng then nodded and said, “I hope so. Now, for the last part. You can ask me anything you want about Pharmacy. If I know about it, I will be more than happy to tell you about it!”

Yumo then stood up and said, “Shifter Emperor, I do not have any questions. But I do wish to see the stats of the Heavenly Saint Pill. I wonder if that is permissible?”

“Me too!”

“I want to see it too!”

Suddenly, all the Pharmacists wanted to see the stats for the Providence Pill.

Jiang Feng gave it a thought and nodded. “Alright, I have yet to see it too. Let’s take a look together!”

With that, he took out a Providence Pill and held it in his hand. He looked at the stats, and then shared them with the others.

Providence Pill: Heavenly Saint Pill

After consuming it, increase all stats by 50% and gain one special ability. After being diluted and fed to the Humans, it can perfect the Humans’ physique. Those who are at the Heavenly Saint Level would be able to conceive a Small Dao, and there is a chance of conceiving a Big Dao. Can only be eaten twice by the same person!

Yumo looked at it for a very long time, and she could only mutter a word in the end, “Powerful!”

The Providence Pill’s stats were indeed very powerful.

However, it was quite inefficient to eat it right now. Luckily, he could use it one more time once he had reached the power of a Heavenly Saint. Otherwise, Jiang Feng would be dejected.

After looking at the Providence Pill’s stats, all the Pharmacists then left.

After they had left, Jiang Feng undressed and looked at where his heart was.

Ever since he had obtained the Sword Heart, he felt that something strange was happening to his heart. As if there was a heart in it.

He looked at where his heart was, and saw that there was a sword in his heart. And the sword would swim around his heart, and it looked very strange.

Sword Heart: Low Level

Damage when equipped with sword-like weapons increases by 10%, attack speed increases by 10%, can store 5,000 Sword Chis, there is a 10 cubic meter pocket dimension within the Sword Heart.

“Hm? Damage buff, attack speed buff, and a pocket dimension. The number of Sword Chis that it can store is too low though!” Jiang Feng mumbled as he looked at the Sword Heart’s stats. He was not too happy with it. But when he remembered that it was still at low-level, he let it go.

He understood that the Sword Heart was something that even Great Saint NPCs did not have. He could consider that he had very good luck obtaining it now.

While it was only low-level, when he was fighting, suddenly releasing 5,000 Sword Chis could throw his enemies into disarray.

“I should go to the Humans. I want to see how Humans that are made whole would look like!”

He clothed himself once again and then flew toward the Humans’ City as he pulled Ling Feiyu’s soft hand.