My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 617: Spreading Rumors

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Chapter 617: Spreading Rumors

"Have you heard? The King and the future King are currently fighting."

Someone stood at the tavern entrance and spoke to the people there.

"I did hear that. I also heard that they're fighting at the border. At the same time, the Elven Kingdom and the Winter Nation are also in the battle."

A man in the tavern sat on a long table and wiped a bottle of golden-red sun fruit wine as if he was going to open it. However, he looked up, sighed, and put down the wine in his hand.

"If His Majesty wants to fight Watson, I should forget about opening the tavern. The scene is so big that no one's here to drink! I've got a bottle of excellent sun fruit wine in my hand. It's a beautiful thing when everyone sits down to drink and chat, but why do we have to fight?"

"Of course, it's for the throne. Only one person can sit on it," someone spoke up.

"Didn't His Majesty already announce that he would pass the throne to Watson in the future? Why would they still fight for it? Is His Majesty going back on his word?" The brawny man wiping the wine bottle looked puzzled.

"It's not just about going back on his words. Likely, His Majesty is no longer the person he used to be."

The mysterious young man standing at the door walked into the tavern and sat down with the burly man. He looked as if he knew a lot of things. He pointed at the sun fruit wine in the burly man's hand and said, "I'm a little thirsty."

"Forget it. No one has been drinking in the tavern recently. It's rare to meet someone who has insider information. You can have this bottle of wine as a gift."

Pouring a glass of wine for the mysterious young man, the brawny man asked, "What exactly do you know? Tell me in detail."

"As expected of the sun fruit wine. It tastes delicious. After drinking the wine in one gulp, the mysterious young man wiped his lips. After sighing with emotion, he said, "The information I got came from the Everything House. It's absolutely true. Do you know the Everything House?"

"The Everything House that recently appeared in the royal city and is said to know everything?"

"I've only heard of it, but I've never gone there to buy information."

Everyone, including the brawny man, shook their heads.

"That's a pity. There's a lot of information in the Everything House, and it's not expensive. Even the information about His Majesty only costs 1,000 gold coins."

"Whatever the source is, quickly get to the point."

"Well, according to the information I got from the Everything House, His Majesty is very likely to have been possessed by the Primordial Demoness! Think about what he has done recently. First, he wanted Watson to be the future King, but in the end, he went back on his words and attacked the border. Even Watson's two masters, Antonio and Reid, are missing at the moment. No one knows if they're alive. King Landhar III released the Demoness Saintess, Queen Avril, and expelled Queen Isabella and the three princes and princesses from the palace. That is not enough to explain the problem.

"If The Primordial Demoness did not possess his Majesty, why would he abandon his wife and children? Furthermore, the seven gods that the Holy Dragon Kingdom worshipped previously betrayed the kingdom and no longer protect us. Is it necessary for the mighty gods to betray the kingdom? It must have been something that King Landhar III did. Combined with the current situation, we understand that the Primordial Demoness must have possessed his Majesty. He did all those things because he did not want to be discovered by other gods."

The young man shook his wine glass and spoke with certainty. His words made everyone gasp.

"To say that those changes have something to do with His Majesty would be more accurate to say that they have more to do with Watson. Strange things have been happening in the kingdom ever since that boy came to the Holy Dragon Kingdom! They say that he was also the one who resurrected Queen Avril. Someone saw a green monster running out of the garden when Queen Avril was resurrected. I wonder if it is true."

Someone raised some doubts.

"Watson did make some changes after he came to the capital, but those changes were all good! For example, the sun fruit wine that I am drinking now. Did the Holy Dragon Kingdom have such wine in the past? Then, there's the platinum-tier weapon, the Blessing of the Gods and Demons potion produced by the Abedor family. Have you all heard of those before? Even the river that runs through the royal city and allows one to obtain gold-tier strength as long as they consume it. Watson also created that. A few days ago, he made a circle around the kingdom and passed by the planetary fortress in the royal city.

"Now, there are many divine mountains towering into the clouds outside the royal city. On those mountains, there are trees that look like World Trees. You must have seen those changes! During the battle with King Landhar III, Watson did not forget to change the Holy Dragon Kingdom's environment. Compared to His Majesty, who only wanted to sit in the supreme position and lead the kingdom into the flames of war, he is much better suited to be the king."

The young man slammed his hand on the table and stood up abruptly. He spoke with righteous indignation, and the tavern was already completely silent.

"What you said makes sense." After a moment, the tavern echoed in agreement.

It was true that King Landhar III was a king who was good at playing with people's hearts, and the people were not fools. They could sense who was genuinely good to them and who was just using them.

"I also know some secrets about His Majesty, so I'll take this opportunity to explain them to everyone! Actually, 20 years ago, His Majesty only became king thanks to the help from the Demoness Church. He was also the one who imprisoned the old king. That information was not from the Everything House, but from a friend of mine who was an official in prison..."

Similar situations were everywhere in the royal city.

On a particular main street in the royal city was a building called the Everything House. That building had just been built a few days ago, and once it was built, it sold information at a low price. It attracted many higher-ups and noblemen to go there to buy information. People said that Everything House was a transit station built by the planetary fortress in the royal city. Information was received from all over the kingdom through the planetary fortress and transmitted there.

At that moment, the owner of Everything House, a man who was as fat as a mountain of meat, opened his hands to protect the information cabinet behind him. He faced a few assassins dressed in black and had cold expressions on their faces.

"Duke Piggy, we are the King's personal guards. We are arresting you on the charge of intentionally spreading rumors and endangering the kingdom's security. Are you aware of your crime?"

The lead assassin held the longsword hanging by his waist and took out a pair of handcuffs with his other hand as he approached Duke Piggy.

Duke Piggy did not panic at all in the face of that scene. "What crime have I committed?"

As one of Watson's newly recruited subordinates, Deena was sent by Watson to be the planetary fortress' City Lord. He was arranged to be the Everything House's owner, and he was responsible for the exchange of potions every month. He could receive double wages.

"Your Excellency Duke Piggy, you're an intelligent person. Let's not beat around the bush! Right now, rumors are spreading all over the royal city. Various people are spreading rumors in the tavern about His Majesty. You must have sent them, right? As long as you admit that you did all that and then accuse Watson of disrespecting His Majesty with the intention of usurping the throne, we can forget about your previous mistakes. When His Majesty convicts Watson, you'll be rewarded."

Seeing Duke Piggy's stiff neck and unyielding attitude, a handsome young man walked out from behind the assassins. The young man wore golden armor and looked valiant. If Christina had been present at the time, she would have been surprised to see that young man because he was the assassin who had escaped from the City of Steel—Blake.

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