My Vampire System - Chapter 1199 Doom

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Chapter 1199 Doom

'This is one of my favourite rooms to be in, it's a shame that it's going to be trashed any second now.' 'Sil' thought inside the entertainment room. It was filled with VR machines, AR games, Block Block, a bar and more.

Standing opposite him was a beautiful middle aged woman in golden armour. From the looks of it, it must have been custom designed, as it was form fitting, allowing for ease of movement.

"Sil, when did you get so aggressive?" She questioned him, convinced that the one before her was her son. "You should know that your little act of rebellion is utterly useless. When has Hilston ever not gotten his way? Just come back to us, my dear son."

Being friends with Sil and related to Vorden, one might think that he would be upset at hitting his so-called mother, but Borden knew the truth as well. Hearing her say such things was making him grind the back of his teeth.

"Son? How can you say such a thing so easily when you know it's not true?!" 'Sil' shouted in protest. "When have any of you ever treated us as family?! Hilston isn't even around at the moment, yet you are still keeping up this dumb act?"

A bulging vein could be seen sticking out from the side of the woman's forehead. One could tell she was angry even though the smile on her face remained. The truth was, she wasn't Sil's mother, nor was she Vorden's, Borden's, Raten's or any of the other Blade kids, as all of them only had one true father and that was Hilston himself. An act that he had forced upon them all.

"You make me sick!" Borden shouted, ready to charge forward, but before he could take even a single step he was hit by a large bolt of lightning. Borden had been able to feel the tingles before the attack had hit him, so he had firmly planted his feet on the floor. Bracing himself, gritting his teeth he had allowed the bolt to hit.

It continued to shock him, and the Blade mother was now starting to worry.

'He's not going down, did he copy a hardening ability?' The Blade mother wondered as she sent out more and more bolts. The Mud Mask disguise started to fall off, peeling from his face, and eventually changing the rest of his body with it, revealing Borden's real appearance. The scales running down his arms and on his head.

The attacks were hurting him, but simultaneously they were releasing a hidden energy inside of his body. Afterall, the more a Dalki got hurt, the more power they were able to summon. He quickly fought through the pain and dashed to the side, picking up the strange Block Block machine that was the same size as a boxing back, and hurled it at where his 'mother' was standing.

Stopping her lighting, the woman quickly created a giant fist of earth the size of an elephant and swatted it away.

"You're not my son!" She shouted, the smile on her face had disappeared. Feeling like she had been played for a fool, she was ready to get serious. Following Hilston's order she had held back, not wanting to accidentally kill the boy he was after, but given Borden's current appearance it was impossible to recognise him as a fellow Blade kid.

"Neither is Sil!" Borden shouted, punching through the giant fist causing it to split into multiple smaller rocks. Using this to cover himself he dashed in and threw out another, hitting her chest, sending the woman flying away through the air. However, at the same time she had opened both of her palms, firing out a jet of water which slammed into the three spiked Dalki boy. His body crashed through several of the VR machines and Block Block games until he had hit the bar area breaking all the glasses and stools.

'Damn it, I hope they aren't going to make me pay for all this.'

The woman's abilities were strong, but it seemed like that was really all the Blade mother had going for her. If that was the case then the fight would be easier than Borden had imagined. Perhaps he had thought this too soon. He could see the Blade mother getting up from the ground.

A Dalki's punch was no joke, breaking multiple bones even under the armor. A small bit of blood could be seen coming from her mouth, but the next second the golden armour started to glow brightly.

By the time the light dimmed, she looked to be uninjured, even the armour itself was back in pristine condition.

The active skill had healed all of her wounds instantly.

'That's not fair! Why doesn't beast gear work for me?!' Borden was complaining, but that was when his Dalki senses told him that something was up. He could feel a terrifying presence had arrived.


At the same time, Pai and Vicky Blade were fighting against two humanoid beasts. One of the abilities that nearly all of the Blades had decided to take before invading the Cursed faction ship was the lightning ability. Unfortunately for the twins, it proved to be almost completely ineffective against the mud like Demi-god tier beast's body, and Raten continued to absorb the attacks for both of them.

Not only that, but in terms of power, strength and skill, it was hard for the twins to match up. Both of them felt like they were really down to two abilities.

"I don't understand. I was sure that one of them had to be controlling the beasts, but these two are acting fine even with them gone!" Vicky exclaimed in frustration.

There was something else that was bugging Pai as well. Each of the twins was able to hold a total of three abilities, but as long as they held hands together then had access to even more powerful versions of their six abilities.

However, whenever Pai and Vicky would get close, the tailed beast would throw out an attack or charge into the middle of the two of them, forcing them to separate.

Once again, Pai glanced over to hole in the wall, which the others had used to escape. The few times he had tried to get close to it, a giant slash of wind would come at him, and Tails would follow up.

"Didn't we already tell you?" Vorden spoke as he went to punch Pai in the face, which the Blade boy dodged. He grabbed the beast's fist and pulled it forward, intending to knee it in the stomach but before his attack could connect, one of the tails bound the leg. The two of them continued in this fashion exchanging punches and kicks, blocking none of them using an ability as they got swayed in the middle of combat, until.

"Vorden? Am I dreaming, is that really you, but how?" Pai questioned.

Vicky on the other hand, was still firing off her abilities at the Demi-god tier beast, struggling to face what she believed to be the stronger of the two opponents.

"Has that thing hit your head? How does that thing look even remotely similar to Vorden?" Vicky shouted.

However, Pai could tell. Back when they had been living in the castle, they would fight multiple times, and Pai enjoyed teaching Vorden how to fight. Since Vorden would be in control of Sil's body most of the time and Vorden wasn't the best when it came to fighting. It had almost become a routine for them and from the way the Emperor-tier beast fought, he could tell.

"Since you know that now, let's stop this, Pai. I know you still care for Sil and us, so why are you following his orders?" Vorden asked in the beast's voice.

Hearing this, and distracted even Vicky and a slip in concentration allowed for Muddy to make a cut across her forearm.

"Damn you!" She shouted leaping back. "If that one's Vorden, then this f*cker must be Raten!"

It was at that moment, that Vicky realised something was up as well. No beast should have thought like this, and even the weapons that were muddled looked more like beast weapons than anything.

"It can't be…" She froze, but there was no time for chatting, as a red signal was flashing around the whole Cursed ship, and soon it was starting to shake once more.


In one of the other training rooms' Hilston could be seen with his hands held out, pointing towards 'Sil'.

"You dare to call me crazy?!" Hilston shouted as he had stretched out one hand. "The real Sil would never have such guts! Apart from your sharp tongue, you don't seem to have much else going for you, though!"

"I always enjoy seeing someone proud kneel down before me." Hilston commented as Peter's body did the gesture without his will. "Telekinesis is commonly regarded as one of the weakest abilities out there. Even the strongest users can't do much due to the limitation of their MC cells, but for my Blade family it's no problem."

Peter struggled, but only resulted in him moving slightly. It looked more as if he was shaking in fear more than anything. He knew a bit about Hilston's ability from Layla. She had once described it to him as moving an invisible force. If one could break free from it, then Hilston would have to locate him again to use it, shooting out the invisible force.

"If Telekinesis really is that strong, then why the hell did you still lose that fight back then, huh?" Peter taunted him. In that moment, using all his strength, activating the beast gear he had, the Wight broke free from the power pushing off the ground.

It felt like he was pushing against a solid steel door but he knew that for a brief second after saying those words Hilston should lose concentration.

'Quinn has been doing what he can to grow stronger, just so he can deal with people like him. It's time to show him that I've been getting stronger as well!' Peter thought as he dashed forward, and was now by Hilston's side.

"You have no idea." Hilston harrumphed, as he simply moved the back of his hand. Peter was confident in his strength, he was confident to have grown alongside Quinn's strength but something had played in his head.

'Protect the head', a lesson that had been ingrained in Peter for a long time ago.

At the speed Peter was travelling at, if his punch wasn't able to overpower Hilston's back slap, then the slap would hit his head. Knowing this, Peter changed his punch, and pulled out the tonfa that were kept by his side, lifting them up.

Immediately, the tonfa broke and the next second, he could feel the bones in his arms crushing, as he was flung to the other side of the room, embedded into the wall.

"Thank you for reminding me, but I won't make that mistake again." Hilston said, as the armour on his body was slightly glowing.

It was at that moment, that all of Peter's confidence in winning this fight disappeared.

'This guy….is a monster. He'll kill everyone.'

The room started to flash red constantly, and the entire ship started to rumble. Then it started to shake to the extreme. Explosions were going off in different areas.

'What's going on? The attacks should have stopped by now! Did… did one of my tools dare to betray me?!' Hilston thought, rage on his face visible.

Soon though, a loud bang sounded directly from above them, parts of the ceiling fell to the floor, and then an equally loud bang was made as something had hit the floor. Peter, looking towards what had just landed and caused all the noise. All he could see at the moment was an incredibly long looking tail, black in colour.


"Let's just hope this was the right decision, and I haven't just doomed us all." Logan mumbled, already half regretting what he had just done.


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