Absolute Resonance-Chapter 0660: Heaven Hibernating, Sacred Change Art

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Chapter 0660: Heaven Hibernating, Sacred Change Art

When one of the Heavenly Pearls behind Jiang Qing’e shattered, her resonant power underwent yet another unimaginable boost.

All this time, boundless amounts of sacred light resonant energy flooded out of her, shrouding her with holy light. From afar, she looked like a holy goddess descending upon the mortal realm. Worldly natural energy churned around her, but it was purified under the influence of the sacred light resonant energy.

“Your secret art isn’t common. This should be a Duke-tier secret art. You truly are blessed, chosen by the heavens even. A Duke Art-level secret art is even harder to cultivate than a normal Duke Art! It seems it wasn’t any trouble for you.” Pei Hao icily focused upon Jiang Qing’e as he sputtered out those words.

Jiang Qing’e’s resonant power had increased by a terrifying amount. Although her strength was incredibly difficult to match amongst her peers, there was still a significant gap between her and the opponent before her.

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The quasi-Duke Stage was not for show.

However, Jiang Qing’e had used a Duke-level secret art, so her current state was sufficient to let him feel a sense of danger.

Clearly, a normal secret art could not attain such a result… and she had suppressed herself over countless years.

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“Although your secret art is impressive, reaching a stage where you can threaten me means that you have paid a significant price… Your shattered Heavenly Pearl is the biggest proof. I suppose you’d have to pay the price of your stage going down each time. Hehe… this isn’t a small price… You’re currently at five Heavenly Pearls… No, wait, it’s four now… Just how long can you sustain this?” Pei Hao taunted.

Despite his attempts to sow doubt into Qing’e’s heart, she completely ignored him as she observed him with impassive golden eyes. She then raised a slender finger, and a single halo of light started to rise behind her head.


A bright torrent of light akin to a massive laser cannon fired from the ring of light, shooting across the sky. The dazzling light it emitted caused the somewhat dim sky to momentarily turn as bright as day.

The raw power of the attack would cause even a Greater Heavenly Resonance Stage cultivator to be disintegrated without a trace.

However, Pei Hao remained unfazed. He also raised his hand, and a golden light shot out from his fingertip, turning into a golden sword manifestation. As the sword manifestation soared against the wind, it expanded in size to over a hundred meters in a flash, filling the entire area with sharp sword energy.


The sword manifestation clashed directly with the beam of light, causing a massive blast. Alarming amounts of resonant power broke out in every direction as a result, destroying the entire square and leaving it in ruins whilst the crowd ran for their lives, screaming in fear.

The first strike might have been unsuccessful, but Jiang Qing’e did not relent. The golden heavy sword in her hand floated into the air, absorbing endless amounts of worldly natural energy. The outline of a golden eye could be seen on the blade of the sword as sacred light energy condensed atop the tip.

At the next moment, profound patterns appeared over the golden heavy sword before it flew forward, tunneling through the void. In a blink, tens of thousands of sword manifestations appeared, all attempting to impale Pei Hao.

The tiny, golden sword that hung by Pei Hao’s ear unattached itself and formed countless golden sword manifestations in response. The only difference was that his sword manifestations seemed to be sharper than those created by Jiang Qing’e by multiple times.

Two colossal waves of sword manifestations clashed in the sky above, creating a sight to behold.

Their exchange had turned heated in a mere instant.

At this time, the vicinity of House Luolan’s Headquarters was completely devastated. The skies above were occupied by two mighty Dukes clashing with world-ending arts that no one else was qualified to approach.

On the ground was Jiang Qing’e and Pei Hao’s intense battle, both striking with the intent to kill, unwilling to pull punches.

The rest of the space was occupied by the two factions’ forces engaging in mutual slaughter.

Li Luo stood in the ruined corner of the square as he observed the situation. He frowned when he looked in Jiang Qing’e’s direction.

Although he did not know how Pei Hao had obtained his ghastly strength, he had to admit that he was extremely strong. He had already surpassed the Greater Heavenly Resonance Stage… Although Jiang Qing’e had gained a gargantuan boost to her power with the assistance of the Duke secret art, her attacks were unable to penetrate Pei Hao’s defenses.

Clearly, Pei Hao was also stalling for time.

His intention was obvious. Jiang Qing’e’s strength was drawn out from the sacrifice of one of her Heavenly Pearls. She had consumed yet another and only had three remaining. In just a short span of time, she had to shatter yet another Heavenly Pearl.

Li Luo was not sure if the breaking of these Heavenly Pearls left behind any sort of residual damage, but a drop in cultivation level would have to be regained over a significant period of cultivation. Thus, it would inevitably stall her progress.

Jiang Qing’e had made ample preparations for the sake of today’s Housemeet.

However, the situation was still sticky.

How could they fend off Pei Hao once she consumed the remaining three Heavenly Pearls?

Judging by Pei Hao’s turtling tactics, he was biding his time and waiting for the right time to strike.


Li Luo exhaled deeply. All of his bitter cultivation had been done to lessen Jiang Qing’e’s burden during the Housemeet. Who would have thought that in the end, it would all rest upon her shoulders anyway?

His gaze turned gloomy. Alas, his body was a depleted spring, all his strength consumed when he defeated Pei Hao the first time. Even his body was injured, and he didn’t have any means to assist Jiang Qing’e.

Additionally, Pei Hao had now entered the quasi-Duke Stage, so ordinary attacks would fail to harm him.

As Li Luo fell into deep thought, he could feel a tremor coming from his wrist. Looking down, it had come from the scarlet-red bracelet. A low, deep roar transmitted into his ear.

“The Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf?”

Feeling the intentions conveyed by the roar, Li Luo’s gaze came to life as he asked in shock with a low voice, “What did you say? You can help me?” He did have some reservations as the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf was only at the peak of the Greater Heavenly Resonance Stage. It might have the qualifications to attempt to break into the Duke Stage, but it had failed before, no?

As though it could sense Li Luo’s doubt, the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf expressed his fury with yet another roar.

Li Luo’s gaze flickered. It didn’t really matter if the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf’s words were true or not. If there was a chance, he would not give it up. However, was the relationship between them so close that it was willing to assist him? They might have had an agreement, but Li Luo wasn’t so naive to believe that a verbal exchange was sufficient to turn the wolf into a trusted companion.

Li Luo paused before asking directly, “What is your goal, then?”

Yet another growl came from the Three-tailed Heavenly Wolf.

Li Luo could distinctly understand the roar’s intentions. However, his expression became a little complicated.

The price was simple.

“I want… ten drops… of your blood essence!”

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