Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2082 - Threat

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Chapter 2082: Threat

Alchemist Riyang also strode out.

He had already left these powerful words, so whatever he said next would be meaningless. The result would be apparent seven days later.

The first test was recognizing herbs, and the second would be actual pill concoction, while the third would be Spirit Refinement. With the results of all three tests added together, the person with the highest total mark would be the first place winner of this alchemy contest.

Ling Han returned to the inn, but only after a while, visitors flooded to him.

Some had come to scout him out, trying to see what background Ling Han had. If he had a powerful background, they would develop good relations with him. If he did not, then they would think of some way to recruit him. Others, meanwhile, were just purely curious, and wanted to know what exactly this kind of freak looked like.

However, because Ling Han had once taken part in killing Tian Qingyue and the other super monarch tiers, a great many forces hesitated and wavered, fearing that they would offend these powerful Celestial King Tier forces.

Ling Han couldn’t bother himself to deal with them, and delegated the task fully to Fu Yue.

This guy was a natural at doing this kind of job. He put on enough airs that others would curry favor with him madly, which he really enjoyed to his heart’s content.

The test for recognizing herbs was still continuing. Two days later, the results of another alchemy prodigy were out.

Fan Luoling, seven stages!

However, there did not appear any other dark horse. Furthermore, next to Ling Han’s brilliance, a dark horse like Lin Yongchang had already paled, and practically no one made any further mention of him.

Another day later, another person came to pay him a visit.

Of course, there were naturally people wanting to see Ling Han every day, but today’s guests were people that Fu Yue did not dare turn away.

“Ling Han!” He pushed open the doors and entered, and three young people were following behind him. The men were dashingly handsome, and the woman was beautiful, exuding an exuberant spirit of youth.

Ling Han recognized one of them, Lin Yongchang.

“This is Yuan Tongguang, Young Master Yuan,” Fu Yue introduced, an expression of deep respect on his face. “Young Master Yuan’s ancestor is an elder of Ancient Alchemy Tower—a Five-Star grandmaster!”

A Five-Star grandmaster, that was the pinnacle of alchemy!

Though Fu Yue also had a Four-Star Alchemist as his grandfather, in front of Yuan Tongguang, he could not stand up straight and face him head-on at all.

…Comparing a Four-Star grandmaster to a Five-Star grandmaster was the difference between Ascending Origin Tier and Celestial King Tier. The gulf was really much, much too wide.

“This is Lin Yongchang, Young Master Lin, and this is Fan Luoling, Celestial Maiden Fan,” Fu Yue continued as he pointed at the other man and woman, respectively.

Though Ling Han was a little displeased, he did not reprimand Fu Yue.

In front of Yuan Tongguang, it was indeed very hard for Fu Yue to refuse. Whether it was the Ancient Alchemy Tower or a Five-Star grandmaster, both had suppressed Fu Yue completely, and he was not allowed the slightest opportunity to refuse.

“I am Ling Han.” Ling Han decided to give Fu Yue some face.

Immediately, Fu Yue released the breath he had been holding, feeling like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

He had brought people here without permission, and feared that Ling Han would be angered, and directly cast them out. In that case, he would really be troubled on both sides.

“You may leave.” A reserved expression of arrogance was seen on Yuan Tongguang’s face. These words were directed at Fu Yue.

Yi, did he think that he was the master here?

Fu Yue showed a hint of anger in his expression, which he wanted to unleash. However, he forcibly suppressed the urge, turned, and exited the room, closing the doors behind him.

Yuan Tongguang scoffed. Fu Yue’s reaction was absolutely normal in his eyes. Who would dare disobey an heir of Ancient Alchemy Tower like him?

Ling Han did not speak. If Fu Yue wished to resist, Ling Han would also be willing to support him fully. But since Fu Yue wanted to suffer in silence, he could not be bothered to stand up for him, either.

“Ling Han!” Yuan Tongguang looked at Ling Han, the corners of his lips curling up slightly. He was looking down on Ling Han like he was someone in a higher position. “I have come to inform you of some good news. Based on the extraordinary performance you have shown in recognizing herbs, I can personally bring you to Ancient Alchemy Tower, and write a referral for you to be taken in under the banner of my ancestor.”

Ling Han only smiled, his eyes fixed on Yuan Tongguang, though he internally objected to this offer.

What a joke. Merely with his ability at recognizing herbs, he was completely qualified to enter into the Ancient Alchemy Tower. What need was there for a referral from this person? And he was looking like “I have selected you for entry”, putting on such lofty airs. Where did he get such a superiority complex from?

Yuan Tongguang did not care what thoughts Ling Han had. In his eyes, as long as he was willing to extend an olive branch, who would be able to refuse the temptation of entering into the Ancient Alchemy Tower?

“You do not have to participate in the following tests,” Yuan Tongguang continued.

Ling Han gave an oh internally. As it turned out, this was his real motive.

He did not want him to participate in the contest?

Ling Han shook his head, and said, “Whether I choose to participate or not does not seem like an issue that requires your concern!”

Yuan Tongguang’s expression suddenly became dark, and he glared at Ling Han. “You dare to refuse my kindness?”

“I cannot tell what is so kind about it.” Ling Han stared right back at him.

Yuan Tongguang was about to release his fury, but then he suppressed it. “Ling Han, don’t think that you can consider everything else below your notice just because you have some talent in recognizing herbs. You have to know, with only one word from me, you would have to behave subserviently even if you managed to enter the Ancient Alchemy Tower!”

How could Ling Han accept this kind of threat? Furthermore, the more people wanted to threaten him, the more he would oppose them—that was the type of a person he was. Immediately, his eyes became cold, and he asked, “Oh, how do you plan to deal with me then?”

“Ling Han, why are you unwilling to accept words of advice meant in goodwill?” Fan Luoling spoke up, her tone quite gentle, but the words she spoke were not pleasant. “Young Master Yuan is the grandson of an elder of Ancient Alchemy Tower. It would not be too much to call him a young master, either. To be enemies with your master, what else could it be but asking for your own humiliation?”

Ling Han gave it some thought, and then came to a realization. “This guy is doing it for you, then?” He had heard Fu Yue say that Fan Luoling had gotten a connection to Yuan Tongguang, and was already secretly decided as one of the three strongest, but from the way things looked now, her ambition was not just that. Instead, she was aiming for first place.

Thus, if they convinced a strong competitor like Ling Han to withdraw, and take the initiative to give up the competition, Fan Luoling’s chances of winning would naturally increase greatly.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Immediately, cold ice covered Fan Luoling’s expression.

“There is only one chance. Otherwise, I will make it so that you won’t even be able to enter Ancient Alchemy Tower!” Yuan Tongguang declared menacingly.

Ling Han laughed loudly. “If the Ancient Alchemy Tower could be completely controlled by trash like you, why should I go to that kind of rubbish place? Looking to suffer? Come, throw at me whatever trick you have up your sleeve, and I’ll take them all on!”

“You really are the type that has to be forced!” Yuan Tongguang slapped a hand on the table. Pa, though this table had been built from excellent material, he was a Yin Soul elite, so how could it possibly bear up to his strength? Instantly, it broke apart.

“I already said that there is no need for so much trouble. I just have to defeat him,” Lin Yongchang suddenly spoke up.

Yuan Tongguang glanced at him, and said, “But I want Luoling to obtain the first place!”

“If both you and I speak, how could it be that others would dare oppose us?” Lin Yongchang asked very disdainfully.

Ling Han was surprised. Hearing the tone of Lin Yongchang, it seemed like his status was not inferior to Yuan Tongguang’s at all.

‘That’s right. This guy must also originate from the Ancient Alchemy Tower, and then is the rumored show-off, deliberately concealing his identity, but whether it’s his abilities or his status, both are astonishingly high.’

“All right then!” Yuan Tongguang nodded. Lin Yongchang was the descendant of another elder of Ancient Alchemy Tower, and was his only son at that. In terms of status, the latter far surpassed him, and he was an alchemy prodigy at that. He had to give him some face.

“Ling Han, in another four days, you will be utterly defeated by me in full public!” Lin Yongchang declared proudly, and had a kind of defiance to his tone. In the area of recognizing herbs, he had actually lost to Ling Han, and this made him feel very humiliated.

“Let’s go!” These three people then moved to leave.

“Wait!” Ling Han spoke up.

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