Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2408

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Chapter 2408: Heaven Forbidden

Ling Han began to conduct special training for everyone.

Wally helped. He was particularly skilled in studying the power of heaven and earth, and could avoid some necessary barriers to cultivation level.

For example, a Severing Mundane Tier would have to go to a Severing Mundane-type Mystery Realm, and Dividing Soul Tier would have to go to other Mystery Realms. In such a manner, the time of 30,000 years would not be enough for him at all. The opening of Mystery Realms was not something that was arbitrarily decided by anyone.

With Wally helping, they could avoid all this.

In any case, Ling Han already owed this guy quite a bit. Furthermore, the former did indeed possess a great many Celestial King Tier ingredients, such as the Green Song Divine Sword, Celestial King Tier rings, as well as a small piece of Divine Metal, which was enough to pay off the debt.

Thus, Wally was also working very hard in calculations and predictions, looking for a way to avoid these natural Mystery Realms.

This was something that perhaps even Heavenly Venerates could not do, but it was possible for Wally because he was a creation that a dimension had expended resources gathered for several hundred epochs to create, definitely the most concentrated essence of it all.

True enough, not long later, Wally produced a proposal. This would require the power of heaven and earth to forcefully raise their cultivation levels.

The power of heaven and earth was superior to Regulations.

Ling Han looked at the proposal. Either a Heavenly Venerate would have to move, helping to guide in some mystical power of heaven and earth, or he would have to use the Dimension Scroll, absorbing some of the power within to be guided into the body of the recipient.

The first method was safe, but where would he find a Heavenly Venerate to help him out?

Though both Wu Le and Zhou Heng looked highly on him, it did not mean that Ling Han could ask for their help in everything. Moreover, this was not just one or two times, but would be a great many times.

Hence, Ling Han decided to do it himself.

He cultivated earnestly, pouring all kinds of resources into himself, and was blazing through Ancestral King blood essence like it was worth nothing.

3,000 years later, he had finally done a preliminary tempering of Source Power. The Origin Power in his body was practically all converted into Source Power, but it was not pure.

Ascending Origin Tier, Great Accomplishment level!


Next, he still had to continuously temper Source Power, as well as extract the Source Power of heaven and earth for his own use, accumulating the amount of Source Power at his disposal.

Once the doors to Great Accomplishment level were open, his Body Art had also further improved, his Vitality Index soaring all the way to 4,800. Going by the look of things now, there was really a chance that he would possess Celestial King Tier battle prowess at consummate level.

If this was revealed, there was definitely no one who would believe it. How could an Ascending Origin Tier actually match a Celestial King? Even if the latter was the weakest Celestial King!

The others’ cultivation levels were also spiking madly. With Ling Han, the Alchemy Emperor, endlessly pouring alchemical pills on them, as well as Wally’s guidance on knowledge that surpassed this dimension, if their advancement through the cultivation levels was still not fast enough, they would really have to apologize for their failings.

Ling Han was very gratified. Even his parents and the others, whose natural talent was only average, were rapidly raising their cultivation levels, but to reach consummate level Ascending Origin Tier within 40,000 years was still difficult!

40,000 years later, he would definitely be leaving. In that case, he could only concoct the Celestial King Pill and hand it over to his parents and the others so that they could consume it on their own. He was sure that there should be no problems with the protection of Grandmaster Zi Cheng and the others.

And he had finally concocted the first Celestial King Tier alchemical pill, which raised a commotion in the entire Eastern Celestial Realm.

How many hundreds of millions of years had it been? Finally, a Five-Star Grandmaster had emerged from the Eastern Celestial Realm!

Naturally, it was like the entire Alchemy City had gone crazy. The whole city was all celebrating, and naturally had to hold a massive banquet to honor this, inviting various important people to participate.

Every Celestial King had received an invitation, and most Celestial Kings decided to attend, giving them face.

Thye had also received data on Ling Han. He was a supreme monarch star, and not only would he definitely become a Ninth Heaven Celestial King, he could possibly even become a Heavenly Venerate!

Just for the sake of Ling Han’s potential, the great Celestial Kings would have to make investments for developing a good relationship with him.

Hence, when it was time for the grand banquet, a great many Celestial Kings arrived. It was not like how Ling Han had ascended to the position of chairperson, when the Celestial King Tier forces had only sent a representative. In comparison, it was clear what great changes had taken place in Ling Han’s present status now.

In Alchemy City, everyone was rejoicing. With a chairperson like this, they were naturally feeling extremely proud.

Even Xie Yangbing had submitted completely. Ling Han was actually a Five-Star Grandmaster. This was an existence that even he had to look up to. Perhaps, with another epoch, he could become a Five-Star Grandmaster himself, but that was only a possibility, and was also a matter that was too far ahead in the future.

There were also some big shots among the Celestial Kings that arrived, such as the Eternal Prosperity Celestial King. He was an Eighth Heaven Celestial King, and was one of the strongest elites of the Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier. He had brought Yan Xianlu with him, and made a personal appearance, giving Ling Han enough face.

“Brother Ling!” Yan Xianlu was also delighted. “Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Ling Han nodded with a smile. He had heard these words in the recent days too much, so much that his ears were practically going numb.

“What cultivation level are you in now? Can you make the deadline for 30,000 years later?” Yan Xianlu asked.

Only now was Ling Han interested, and he replied, “There should be no problem.” His main worry was not the advancement through the cultivation levels, but rather the ingredients for concocting the Celestial King Pill. Now he had expanded his sources of income because concocting the Celestial King Pill required a frightening amount of resources. Even if he robbed a great many Foreign Realm Ancestral Kings of their wealth, it would still not be enough.

It could not be helped. There were a lot of things from the Foreign Realm that could not be used here. With different Regulations, different power of heaven and earth, there was too much of a gap.

Yan Xianlu looked around the surroundings, and then said softly, “I’ve just gotten news. Some people plan to snipe you on the Celestial Path.”

Ling Han smiled. “Oh, really?”

Celestial Kings could not step on the Celestial Path, so when Ling Han reached the consummate level of the Ascending Origin Tier, merely his battle prowess in terms of Regulations would be enough to defeat all Ascending Origin Tiers, what more when it was extremely possible that his Body Art would reach the Celestial King Tier.

Without Celestial Kings, who could match him?

“Brother Ling, you must not be careless. There are truly some super monsters among these people, who have long since possessed the strength to defeat all Ascending Origin Tiers millions and millions of years ago. However, because the Celestial Path has not opened yet, they were unable to advance into the Celestial King Tier,” Yan Xianlu said solemnly. “After tempering their strength for so many years, their power is unfathomable. There are a few that even possess some of the power of the Celestial King Tier!”

Instantly, Ling Han’s interest piqued. “Really?”

Yan Xianlu really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. ‘Your opponent is almost heaven-defyingly strong, and you actually look very excited? It should be known that they are targeting you.’

“According to my master, those people can enter a state which is known as ‘Heaven Forbidden.’ In the state of ‘Heaven Forbidden,’ it would be equivalent to having become Celestial Kings. There will be no Ascending Origin Tier that will be a match for them,” he hurriedly warned.

Ling Han was becoming more and more interested. “Heaven Forbidden… What kind of state is that?”

“I don’t know, but only monarch tiers who have reached the peak stage of the consummate level of the Ascending Origin Tier, and have settled countless years, would be able to grasp Heaven Forbidden,” Yan Xianlu said. “With differing natural talent in cultivation, the time period that they can maintain Heaven Forbidden differs as well.”

Ling Han gave an oh, a sliver of a smile on his face, but his fighting spirit was already blazing fiercely. He wanted to battle this kind of opponent.

In the younger generation, though Shi Chanzi and Jia Lan were honored as monarch stars, there was no way they could enter into the state of Heaven Forbidden, because of the time they had to settle. However, Ji Wuming definitely could.

That was because he was the reincarnation of the strongest Ninth Heaven Celestial King, so he had to have grasped this state.

Ling Han could battle with Ji Wuming again!

Ling Han’s blood bubbled fervently. Throughout his journey, only Ji Wuming could give him extreme pressure, and he valued this opponent very much as well.

Yan Xianlu could only remain silent. His original intention had been to warn Ling Han, but he had forgotten that this guy was the type to hunger for battle.

Yi, Cheng Zixin, Fu Zhou, and the other monarch tiers also arrived gradually. Coincidentally, they had originally been in the Saintly Origin Academy, and just happened to return for some affairs. Otherwise, they would definitely have missed this great event.

Ling Han sipped tea and chatted with them. Their reunion lasted for over a month, and only then did they part again.

He began to focus his full attention on cultivation.

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