All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot-Chapter 864 - Threats: Divorce

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Chapter 864: Threats: Divorce

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In the hotel, people were coming and going.

Many men in suits were clinking glasses. Many of them were discussing business matters.

But most of them were curious about Qin Sheng.

“Where did this granddaughter come from? It seems that the Lin family doesn’t have a daughter.”

“You don’t know about that, do you? The Lin family had a daughter named Lin Shuya before, but she broke off her relationship with the Lin family. This granddaughter is most likely Lin Shuya’s daughter.”


“Then, did Lin Shuya also return to the Lin family?”

“I don’t think so. They don’t have to repair their relationship with Lin Shuya to acknowledge her as her granddaughter.”

“Then, what ability does she have to make the Lin family recognize her?”

Old Master Lin happened to hear their conversation as he passed by.

He stopped and said seriously, “She is my granddaughter. I didn’t recognize her because I want to gain something from her.”

If Qin Sheng heard them talking, she might have wild thoughts.

Old Master Lin was afraid that Qin Sheng would go back on her words and leave the Lin family.

After all, the Lin family was not particularly important to Qin Sheng. She did not need to use the Lin family to do anything.

Therefore, he could only protect Qin Sheng very carefully.

He did not want Qin Sheng to be too dissatisfied with the Lin family.

As for Mother Lin, Old Master Lin’s face darkened. No matter how much he scolded her, she was like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water.

If it were not for Lin Haocheng and Lin Haoyu, he would have chased Mother Lin out long ago.

And Lin Chengye could not control her.

When those men heard Old Master Lin’s words, their legs instantly went weak, thinking that they had offended v.

They quickly said, “Old Master Lin, you’re right. You didn’t bring her back for benefits. It was mainly because of family ties. Yes, family ties!”

Old Master Lin glanced at them and ignored them as he walked past them.

These men heaved a sigh of relief.

They looked at each other and understood that the Lin family valued Qin Sheng greatly.

This banquet had invited all the upper-class people. This scale was enough to show how much the Lin family valued Qin Sheng. Not to mention, Old Master Lin’s words of defending Qin Sheng just now.

After they understood, they did not dare to discuss Qin Sheng anymore and changed the topic.

Mother Lin walked in and saw the scale of the banquet. She was filled with anger and her expression was very ugly.

A granddaughter and the daughter of Lin Shuya, who had severed all ties, was valued by the Lin family. She wondered if Qin Sheng had bewitched them.

This banquet was extremely luxurious.

Even the paintings on the wall and the vases were antiques worth millions.

The cost of such a banquet was probably not less than 100 million.

Mother Lin felt that it was a waste of money to spend on Qin Sheng. Qin Sheng would be like Lin Shuya in the future, an ingrate.

Father Lin, who was holding Mother Lin’s arm, saw through Mother Lin’s thoughts.

He warned, “Behave yourself. If you dare to cause trouble at the banquet today, I’ll divorce you.”

Mother Lin widened her eyes in disbelief. “Lin Chengye, you want to divorce me?”

Mother Lin’s voice was not soft, but the banquet was very noisy, so the others did not hear her clearly.

Otherwise, those people would have definitely looked over.

Father Lin’s expression was serious. “I’m just warning you. This banquet is very important. If you really don’t understand the gravity of the situation, don’t blame me.”

Almost the entire upper-class circle had come to the banquet.

If they made a joke, it would be bad luck. Moreover, the Lin family would become the laughing stock of the upper-class circle.

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