All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot-Chapter 977 - 977 She Had Plastic Surgery

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977 She Had Plastic Surgery

Her face turned white.

Qin Churou didn’t expect Su Yixiu to bring this up again.

Didn’t he only care about his studies and never pay attention to the gossip in school?

Why was he so clear about it?

The human resources manager wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

He didn’t expect Qin Churou to offend his boss like this.

And he had praised her like that before.

He finally knew why Su Yixiu looked at him like that.

“Fake?” Su Yixiu sneered. “Okay, you said that those were fake. Then, the various ugly things you did on the forum and those on your secondary account, they were all dug out. Are those also fake?”

Qin Churou was speechless and could not refute Su Yixiu.

Her face turned green and white, and it was unknown if it was from embarrassment or anger.

She was standing in the middle and being stared at by the interviewers made her want to leave immediately.

Su Yixiu continued. “Our company can’t even accept people like this. Qin Churou, you’re a two-faced person. Not to mention, you’ve had plastic surgery.”

Su Yixiu didn’t show any mercy to Qin Churou just because she was a girl.

Qin Sheng had left the whole matter to him to handle. In fact, Su Yixiu could have just brushed Qin Churou off when he received her resume.

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However, Su Yixiu still let her stay, just to teach Qin Churou a lesson.

There were very few things he could help Qin Sheng with.

Qin Churou was completely infuriated.

If she still didn’t understand Su Yixiu’s goal, she would be a fool.

“Su Yixiu,” Qin Churou said in a low voice, “You did it on purpose. You deliberately let me enter the interview and then humiliate me.”

Su Yixiu only smiled. Although he didn’t answer Qin Churou, it was obvious that he had agreed.

“You!” Qin Churou suddenly pointed at Li Wen. “You made her hit me on purpose.”

“Su Yixiu, have I ever offended you? You want me to be so embarrassed? Even if there’s a stain on my resume, you could have just brushed it off in the first round of resume submission, right?”

Su Yixiu ignored Qin Churou.

“Qin Churou failed the interview,” he said directly. “She didn’t get into Shenghe Entertainment.”

Qin Churou flung her hand away, not wanting to stay in the office any longer.

The door of the interview room was closed.

“Don’t tell anyone about what happened to Qin Churou today,” Su Yixiu ordered.

His subordinate didn’t know the reason, but he still agreed.

When Qin Churou walked out of the meeting room, she looked very upset.

The artistes waiting outside could tell at a glance that Qin Churou had failed her interview.

“She failed. I thought Qin Churou would succeed. Look at how confident she was just now. I didn’t expect her to only be putting on a tiger’s skin.”

“Right, let’s see how Qin Churou can still be so proud!”

Qin Churou gritted her teeth. “Shut up, all of you. If I can’t succeed, that doesn’t mean you can either. You’ll only have the right to criticize me after you enter Shenghe Entertainment.”

A few artistes sneered.

They looked at Qin Churou sarcastically.

Qin Churou’s expression was dark. One day, she would make these people look up to her.

She wanted to return the humiliation she had suffered today.

Yang Huijun crossed her arms and sized Qin Churou up with a mocking look. “Qin Churou, I didn’t expect you to fail the interview. I remember you were very confident back then.”

“Don’t think you can pass!” Qin Churou gritted her teeth.

Yang Huijun only sneered and ignored Qin Churou.

What they did not know was that there was a surveillance camera in the interview room, and they could see the scene outside.

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