Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 1136 - I... I Can't Take It Anymore...  

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Chapter 1136: I… I Can’t Take It Anymore…

With a crisp crack, the whip swept across and landed heavily on the ground near the monsters’ feet, leaving an extremely clear whip mark.

The two monsters jumped like frightened birds, turned around, and roared like wild beasts. Thereafter, they sped up and ran forward.

Bai Jiao’er was already panting from the chase. She had no choice but to stop and hold her waist. “Sister, why are these two things so fast? I… I can’t take it anymore…”

Bai Wanxi’s condition wasn’t much better. The two sisters had already expended too much energy. In addition, their superpowers weren’t suitable for chasing, so they had wasted a lot of energy.

“We encountered too many monsters tonight. For some reason, they seem to be very excited these past few days. It won’t be that easy even if we want to kill them all.” As Bai Wanxi spoke, she and Bai Jiao’er activated the arrow mechanisms at their wrists. With whooshing sounds, two arrows shot out of their sleeves and pierced the chests of the two monsters.

The monsters immediately died and fell to the ground with two heavy thuds.

Bai Jiao’er heaved a sigh of relief. She seemed to be very tired, so she sat down on the ground. “This is already the eighth monster we’ve killed today. Usually, we won’t encounter so many even after three days of patrolling. Besides, Daddy and Little Jue are also out hunting monsters.”

Bai Wanxi took off the water bag at her waist and handed it to her. “That’s right. It has been a little strange these past few days. Monsters have been swarming over and catching us off guard. We don’t know what happened. Jiaojiao, you’ve worked hard tonight. It’s almost dawn. Why don’t we go back together?”

“Alright.” Bai Jiao’er drank two mouthfuls of water before giving her the water bag, and she also drank from it. Thereafter, the two sisters left the barrier and went to meet up with the other Espers of the Bai family.

The other Espers present were also panting like the two sisters. They were exhausted.

Chi Jiao looked in Little Jue’s direction.

Little Jue hurried over and took out some pastries. “Are you hungry? Have some.”

Bai Jiao’er had been so tired that she didn’t want to eat anything. But she suddenly felt hungry and accepted it when she saw the pastry in Little Jue’s hand.

Seeing that Bai Jiao’er was eating too fast, Little Jue thoughtfully took out some water and made her drink a little to prevent her from choking.

Bai Jiao’er shared her snacks with Little Jue and Bai Wanxi.

Bai Wanxi took a bite of her snack before asking, “Little Jue, how many monsters did you kill tonight?”

“Our team of five killed 14 monsters tonight. Moreover, these monsters took the initiative to attack us,” Little Jue said.

Bai Wanxi blinked when she heard this. “This is too strange. Why would the monsters take the initiative to attack us? Usually, those low-level monsters are very afraid of us and never dare to provoke us.”

There were many types of monsters. Some high-level monsters were not only powerful, but they could also think for themselves. They were uncommon and the most difficult to deal with.

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