Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again - Chapter 1264 - Boss Asked Us to Help You

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Chapter 1264: Boss Asked Us to Help You

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Chi Jiao couldn’t hide the smile in her eyes as she nodded without hesitation. “Of course I do. Sister Pei Yao, you’re finally back. Without you by my side, I feel bored working every day.”

Pei Yao was overjoyed and quickly hugged her tightly.

Beitang Lie was pushed aside and looked at the two of them resentfully. He then turned to Bai Wanxi and said anxiously, “Xu Ye, I’m your good brother. You won’t reject me too, right?”

Bai Wanxi took a step back. Afraid that Beitang Lie would pounce on her, she lowered her voice and said carefully, “Mr. Beitang, it’s me.”

Beitang Lie was shocked for a moment. Then, he realized that the person in front of him was not Xu Ye, but Bai Wanxi. He was like a deflated ball, instantly losing his energy.

Fortunately, Huo Chen walked forward and supported him. “Mr. Beitang, are you alright?”

With Huo Chen as his base, Beitang Lie pulled himself upright and patted his arm. “Mr. Huo, you’re my best friend.”

Huo Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at him helplessly.

Then, the Xuan Sect people arrived.

Teng Ying alighted. Leading the Xuan Sect members, he greeted Chi Jiao with respect. He bowed to her and said, “Miss Chi, Boss asked us to help you. Is there anything we can help you with?”

“Thank you for your help. Division Head Di will arrange everything for you. You guys can discuss it first. We’ll take action when the sky turns completely dark.” Chi Jiao had just finished speaking when she saw a taxi come to a stop not far away.

Chi Jiao seemed to have guessed who was in the car. Thus, she was not surprised when Shen Xing opened the door and got out.

Shen Xing still had a lollipop in its mouth as it looked at Chi Jiao with a resentful gaze. Its tone sounded helpless. “I haven’t cleared my new game yet, but you called me out to do manual labor again.”

“You’ve been living at my house for free all day. You’re almost becoming my gigolo. Of course, you have to help me do some work.” With that, Chi Jiao quickly walked over and helped Shen Xing pay for the taxi. Then, she pulled Shen Xing over to everyone.

“Miss Chi, why did you call a child over?” Teng Ying looked at Shen Xing in confusion.

Shen Xing sensed Teng Ying’s doubt and immediately raised its eyebrows. It summoned a mirror in front of Teng Ying and punched him, instantly giving him a black eye.

“Little Xing, stop fooling around!” Chi Jiao frowned and quickly reprimanded Shen Xing.

Shen Xing stuck out its tongue and glared at Teng Ying. “Don’t underestimate me. I’m not to be trifled with.”

The moment Shen Xing attacked, Teng Ying and the others had already sensed its inhuman aura. Realizing that the other party might be a demon, they immediately backed down and nodded in agreement.

“Little Xing, do as I instructed you on the phone. Cooperate with these big brothers. When we leave this place, immediately build a barrier to envelop the entire house, understand?” Chi Jiao was worried that Shen Xing might be unreliable, so she reminded it worriedly.

Shen Xing made an OK gesture. On the other hand, Teng Ying and the rest were not so assured.

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