Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration - Chapter 540 - Peak That Does Not Pierce The Sky (2)  

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Chapter 540: Peak That Does Not Pierce The Sky (2)

Therefore, they did not understand the benefits of these precious natural treasures at all. They were ignorant and looked down on the world.

However, this also made their minds active.

These useless things were everywhere. If they could use these things to exchange for food, wouldn’t they make a killing?

With the help of the Wood Demon, the ten-day journey took less than two days.

Under the guidance of the Four Hands brothers, Jiang Li quickly saw a small village that was only about a hundred households in the distance.

At this moment, what attracted Jiang Li’s attention was a huge mountain range that was strangely shaped and mostly enveloped by the black fog.

Was that the Back Yin Mountain?

That village was different from the backward mortal villages Jiang Li usually saw.

Although there were not many large houses, the residences were all made of smooth rocks.


Every carving on it was exquisite and meticulous. Clearly, it had taken a lot of effort.

After getting closer, he could already hear dense breathing.

In the village, everyone, from the old to the children, was working hard. From time to time, there would be people walking around with rocks that were as tall as a few people.

As the Four Hands Laborer Clan, they were born with abundant energy and stamina.

They were the type that could not stop all day long. If they really had nothing to do, they would even tear down the house and rebuild it.

At this moment, they were building a temple that was as huge as a palace. The entire village was mobilized, and their progress was astonishing.

It was clearly a village of a few hundred people, but when they worked, they displayed the efficiency and aura of more than ten thousand people.

The arrival of the Wood Demon quickly attracted the attention of the other busy people in the village.

At first, they thought that it was an attack from demon beasts. Everyone picked up their weapons and rushed out. The weapons flickered with a cold light. Clearly, they were not ordinary.

The members of the labor clan also did not have the talent or inheritance to refine weapons. These weapons were only forged like mortals, and there were no runes or spirit carvings on them.

However, due to their astonishing endurance and work desire, the heavy work of forging iron was a limited outlet for their energy.

As a result, the weapons in their hands were only made with mortal techniques.

Any weapon with a hundred refinements could be considered a divine weapon of the current mortal era. It required the efforts of a craftsman.

The weapons in the hands of these Four Hands were all above ten thousand refinements.

Coupled with the excellent quality of the ores produced from the Netherworld fragment, they used the most ordinary techniques to refine weapons that were comparable to spirit artifacts.

“Wait! Wait! Village Chief, it’s us!”

On the Wood Demon, Shang Shu and Xia Shu went to greet the villagers below, stopping their brandishing swords.


After dragging the two sea beasts and explaining to them, the villagers immediately put down their weapons and warmly welcomed Jiang Li.

Alliance Leader Jiang was brought to the house of the Four Hands Village Chief. He was invited to eat the best food here, the eyeballs of the Death Crow.

It was said that the eyeballs of the Death Crows had the power to see death. After eating their eyeballs, one could avoid the invasion of death to a certain extent.

Of course, Jiang Li, who pinched his nose and ate the eyeball, could very responsibly say that this was simply a rumor!

He did not even gain a useful buff.

Instead, there was an additional negative status called [Intestinal Discomfort].

Even with Jiang Li’s resistance, he felt a little uncomfortable. However, this group of Four Hands could eat it for a long time. Their vitality was truly shocking.

Then, a long line formed at the entrance of the village chief’s house.

The Four Hands took all kinds of things to exchange for the flesh of the sea beast with Jiang Li.

There were all kinds of handmade pots and pans, Netherworld creatures captured in the past, and beautiful rocks that children casually picked up by the roadside.

Jiang Li practically did not reject anyone. According to the results given by appraisal, he more or less generously distributed the meat to them.

The villagers gradually discovered that this traveler seemed to be especially interested in the animal bones that could be seen everywhere in the wilderness and a cold and useless rock.

Therefore, before Jiang Li left, they took the initiative to start searching the nearby area.

Some smart Four Hands even became his traffickers.

They used a smaller amount of sea beast meat to run to the other Four Hands Villages to exchange for more things before exchanging them with Jiang Li.

Jiang Li’s arrival made this village of a few hundred people visibly rich in a short period of time.

Every family’s door was hung with dried meat strips. This food was enough for them to raise more descendants and develop their village.

With their efficiency, all kinds of Netherworld specialties quickly piled up in his coffin.

However, under such circumstances, they still did not give up on building the temple.

As the temple was completed, it was time for their worship ceremony to begin.

The surrounding dozen Four Hands Villages began to form groups and walk towards the distant mountain range.

The people from the surrounding Four Hands Villages quietly gathered together, as if they were still discussing in secret how to bring Jiang Li, a living treasure box, to their village.

Soon, the team of thousands of people arrived at an obvious border.

They did not cross the border. They set up sacrifices and began to worship the mountain.

Jiang Li noticed that on this side of the border, it was still a flat stone plain, but on the other side, it had become densely packed with sharp stalagmites.

He picked up a rock on the ground and threw it across the line, but the expected parabola did not appear.

This ordinary stone that he had not injected any spiritual qi into flew higher and higher against common sense.

After drawing a reverse arc, he finally plunged into the black fog that forever covered the sky and was thrown into the distant void.

Jiang Li was extremely familiar with this kind of power. In any case, it was his Inverted Domain!

However, at the very least, the rules of the domain were not completely reversed in the area of the Earth Spike Rock Bamboo.

In the area of the stone spikes in front of him, only the top and bottom were reversed.

As long as one took a step into it, it would not be as simple as stepping on the stalagmite. Instead, the world would reverse. One had to grab the stalagmite that was extremely difficult to grasp and drag themselves forward.

Once he failed, he would fall into the Mourning Fog Sea and finally fall into the void, dying there alone.

“The Back Yin Mountain is a place with pure Yin and no Yang. It has many bumps and is even more rugged. Therefore, there is no grass on the mountain, no mountains that pierce the sky, no guests on the mountains, no caves that accept clouds, and no streams that flow.”

This was the so-called peak that did not pierce the sky.

From the outside, it was undoubtedly a mountain.

However, after entering, in the eyes of others, this was a huge mountain hanging upside down on the ground.

At this moment, thousands of people had already completed the first step of the ceremony.

Then, the elders in the villages stood up.

They ate the prepared food in front of everyone.

Then, they tied waterproof leather bags to his waist and walked towards the dangerous stalagmite area.

The trees he had seen before were also inside.

This was one of the most important procedures in the Four Hands’ ceremony.

What was in their leather bags was oil extracted from living creatures.

This was originally very precious food, but at this moment, these young people had to cross the dangerous reversed stalagmite area and throw the oil into a brazier at the foot of the mountain.

The first young man in the village to light the brazier would become the leader of all the Four Hands before the brazier on the altar was extinguished.

This naturally made the young people of the Four Hands yearn for it.

Soon, a pair of young Four Hands brothers took the lead.

The hands below tentatively grabbed the stalagmite in front of them. After confirming that they had grabbed it, they began to swing forward step by step.

The other young people were also unwilling to fall behind. Some held onto their hands at the same time, while some of their brothers took turns to move forward.

The young people displayed their abilities.

At this moment, Jiang Li, who was a bystander, also stepped into the stalagmite area ahead.

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