Fantasy Simulator - Chapter 842

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Chapter 842: Chapter 842 – Ascension

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Under the gaze of all the gods in the World of Gods, the actions before their eyes began to intensify. In the gods’ eyes, the dazzling Magic Net began to spread and expand. The subtle network contained extremely powerful Profound Meanings of Law.

The consciousness began to spread to the entire World of Gods. This process alone lasted for more than half a month. Without the active cooperation of the World of Gods, who knew how long it would take to do this with Ardim’s power alone.

It would probably be an extremely long time, and there would be many obstacles in the process as the other gods were not fools. Hence they would not watch him advance.

Those who could become gods had their own wisdom. Otherwise, how could they win in such an intense competition and become a god? Not to mention at this moment, as Chen Heng spread his mark, these gods were no longer the divine existence of the secluded kingdom, but the divine existence of the Boundary Sea.

For them, naturally, they could easily understand the benefits contained within. The benefits were huge, so huge that even the gods were tempted, and even made them have the impulse to seize it at all costs.


Under normal circumstances, Ardim dared to guarantee that after seeing his actions, a large number of imitated Magic Nets would definitely appear, competing with him for control of the future Magic Net within a few years.

Although they did not have the Goddess of Magic’s Power of Laws and Divine Spark, Ardim believed in this group of divine existences’ abilities. They might not have the ability to do things perfectly like Ardim, but they definitely could drag him down and mess things up, which was clearly what he did not want. Therefore, directly activating the consciousness and completing this step using the power of the World of Gods was the best choice.

The gods had observed the movement for more than half a month. They looked at Ardim with a rather complicated gaze, their hearts surging with endless emotions. If possible, they would like to surge over and directly replace him, snatching over the newly formed Magic Net.

However, this was not possible. The other party had made a very despicable oath, so much so that it had alarmed the consciousness of the entire World of Gods. At this moment, the promotion of the Magic Net was no longer a matter for the other party but for the entire World of Gods.

Whoever dared to surge forward and block the expansion of the Magic Net was a sinner who would stop the world’s advancement. The other party would probably laugh out loud, even in his dreams. Who wouldn’t laugh after picking up a few Divine Spark out of the blue?

The gods knew they couldn’t block Ardim, but with their personalities, they weren’t willing to just watch him. Even if it were a dog, they would still pull out a few hairs if they saw it, let alone such a large Magic Net.

Soon, they thought of a countermeasure.

‘The human spirit forms the essence of this Magic Net as a link….’ So some gods were secretly thinking.

‘In that case…’

Soon, the gods began to move. They weaved a shabby network at an extremely fast speed in various places. However, compared to Ardim, the gods did not have the Goddess of Magic’s Divine Spark in their hands, and they also lacked considerable experience and the strong promotion of the World of Gods.

Therefore, the Magic Net created by these gods was inadequate, with inferior quality everywhere. However, this did not prevent the expansion of these Magic Nets.

On the contrary, the expansion of these Magic Nets was also very smooth because the gods had their basic disks to exist. The spiritual network was the essence of the Magic Net. The information and spirit were unified by linking one spiritual body after another, thus communicating in this network.

It can be seen from this that the most important part of this network was the person with an independent spirit. Coincidentally, the gods in the World of Gods often held such capacity in their hands. Those were their believers.

As a result, they didn’t need to spend much effort promoting it in the outside world. They only needed to promote it among their believers quickly. A shabby Magic Net prototype was born just like that.

So, did these gods create these shabby Magic Nets to compete with Ardim? Of course not! Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Ardim already had an absolute advantage in the World of Gods at this moment.

Ardim’s Magic Net was not only extremely mature but also had support from the World of Gods. It also had the Divine Spark of the Goddess of Magic as its basic technical support. Hence, it was obvious that it had been prepared for a long time and likely had already been successful in other worlds.

What right did the gods have to compete with such a mature product with the support of a backer based on the low-level, improvised team that the gods had formed early on? To smash their heads against it? That was impossible.

Very soon, the gods’ operations arrived. First, under Ardim’s gaze, the gods raised their completed Magic Net in their hands to the sky. Then, under the World of Gods’ influence, it directly merged with Ardim’s Magic Net and became a part of it.

Looking at this scene, even though Ardim had long guessed that the gods would make a move, he was still shocked by these ridiculous operations.

‘Could they do it this way?’ He had never seen these operations before.

However, the situation was very clear now. The gods created the Magic Net not to fight against Ardim’s Magic Net but to seek mergers and acquisitions. Then, it directly merged into the original Magic Net during its expansion.

This was a reasonable operation. The World of Gods would not reject this operation while pushing the Magic Net’s expansion. This was because the gods’ active cooperation could save the World of Gods a lot of effort and allow them to use their strength in more appropriate places.

As a result, the gods sold the Magic Net they had constructed to Ardim, thus obtaining a return. In theory, they were now one of the shareholders of Magic Net, although the shares were so small that it was pitiful to look at.

Yet, even so, it was much better than doing nothing. Ardim shook his head. He was a little helpless but did not care. Shares did not matter to him. For Ardim, this situation had its benefits. Since there was a common interest, some gods would give up their resistance and maintain a welcoming attitude toward the Magic Net. This was beneficial to Magic Net’s future development.

As for the insignificant shares, it didn’t matter to Ardim. In any case, with Magic Net’s expansion in the future, these shares would eventually be diluted and become negligible. Yet, for now, the gods’ actions meant no longer any opponent in the World of Gods.

After a few months, a soft cry sounded from within the World of Gods. It was as if the entire world was shaking, and the world began to rumble. A powerful aura surged from within the world, shrouding the surroundings.

If someone could look at this world from the outside, they would be able to discover a shocking scene. A huge network appeared in the outside world, directly opening up the world before them. It was as if someone opened up the network, emitting powerful energy.

Within the new network, there seemed to be endless scenes appearing. There were mortals living on the land, farmers farming in the fields, warriors fighting on the battlefield, and kings giving orders in the palace…

All sorts of scenes appeared at this moment, which was pure spiritual power.

“Finally succeeded…” Feeling the expansion of the Magic Net, Ardim’s face turned pale, and he smiled weakly before a tall altar.

The Magic Net process for the past few months was not a small burden to him because the Magic Net’s essence was connected and almost merged into one with him. Therefore, when the Magic Net’s power was exhausted and weakened, his strength would also become weak and fall silent.

Fortunately, it was finally over. Ardim’s plan finally succeeded with the World of Gods’ help. His body began to change when the Magic Net expanded to the entire world.

In the past long period, using the simulator to travel through other worlds freely, it was not that Ardim had never experienced the power of the Magic Net in other worlds. On the contrary, he had even expanded the Magic Net before him into other worlds, covering several worlds.

However, those were only small worlds. It could be deemed insignificant compared to the World of Gods before him. How could worlds incapable of giving birth to divine existences be compared to the World of Gods? Putting everything else aside, any divine existences in the World of Gods could easily wipe out those small worlds.

The whole process would not be easy. Therefore, the Magic Net’s expansion in the World of Gods had to rely on the World of Gods’ power itself. This was because Ardim’s power itself was not enough. If Chen Heng, the main body, was willing to help, then he could still give it a try, but just Ardim himself was impossible.

Nonetheless, he could get Chen Heng to help, but this was not what he had hoped for. Regardless of whether it was Ardim or Kalunu, even though they were avatars, they still walked their paths, where these paths were destined not to allow others to interfere.

No matter what, this attempt was finally successful, and now, it seemed it was time for the test to succeed. Ardim looked at the sky, and a smile appeared on his pale face. Then, he opened his arms and looked at the horizon.

“Come…” A soft murmur sounded, like a ghost whispering, making a seductive voice in the ear. As Ardim spoke softly, a powerful force surged over from all directions.


The World of Gods, which had already calmed down, began to tremble again. The powerful aura shook heaven and earth, causing the entire World of Gods to cast a sidelong glance. The high and mighty gods were not unfamiliar with it.

“He has completed the Magic Net’s expansion and started ascending…” Then, looking at Ardim’s appearance in the distance, a god said with a complicated expression.

The gods of the World of Gods were not unfamiliar with the gods’ ascension. Long ago, many Demigods had ascended to the divine throne in the past thousand years due to various fortuitous encounters, becoming high and mighty divine existences.

The gods were already used to this. Yet, even so, their expressions were particularly complicated looking at the current Ardim. This is because Ardim did not ascend to ordinary divine existence but a Supreme Divine Power.

Yes, a Supreme Divine Power. It was fine if Ardim did not ascend, but he became a Supreme Divine Power once he did. This was the result of the nature of the Magic Net.

The Magic Net expanded the entire World of Gods, and its power was extremely powerful. So, naturally, it could bring a rank of Supreme Divine Power. Even though the Magic Net had just completed its expansion and had yet to enter a large-scale harvest period, the power it could provide could guarantee at least a Supreme Divine Power rank.

Another Supreme Divine Power was about to be born before their eyes. How could the gods not feel complicated? One had to know that a medium-level divine power was already extremely difficult for them. Among the gods, the vast majority of them only had low-level divine power.

If they wanted to advance from a low-level to medium-level divine power, they would need to pay an unknown amount of effort and price to succeed. Yet now, someone directly took a step forward and surged toward a Supreme Divine Power.

How could they not feel complicated? However, so what if they felt complicated? In the end, they could only observe. If it was other gods’ advancement, they might still have some ideas.

For example, they could stab the other party in the back at the crucial moment of his advancement or use various methods to trick and stop him from advancing. If one was lucky, he might even be able to cause the other party to suffer a backlash and subsequently die. That way, the Divine Spark and divinity left behind would be promising.

However, it did not apply to Ardim. Ardim was the spokesperson of Magic Net. At this moment, he was also known as the Magic Net’s incarnation. Every move he made represented the Magic Net.

The Magic Net had combined with the World of Gods, becoming a part of it. In other words, at this moment, Ardim could be deemed one of the spokesmen of the World of Gods, an existence protected by the world’s consciousness.

It would be fine if they were to encounter other people with their methods, but facing such an existence, it was better to forget about it early on. There was no hope.Continue read on B0n n 0 v el. c 0 m.Thank

The gods looked at Ardim’s figure and sighed simultaneously, and their hearts were filled with endless regret. Ardim naturally understood the gods’ concerns. He wouldn’t have chosen to advance in the World of Gods if he didn’t know this.

Wouldn’t it be good to find a suitable world to advance in and return to? The power of the world was shaking. Sensing Ardim’s ascension, the World of Gods poured a wisp of power into Ardim’s body.

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