Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 1417

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Chapter 1417: Furiously Burning the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce

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They were not told that only two of their members were allowed to enter to handle administrative matters. Instead, all of them were allowed in.

Mr. Zhao suddenly had a bad feeling and became more certain that his guess would turn out to be confirmed.

He led the Sincere Merchant Group members to the manager’s office with a nervous heart. But when they arrived, they were told that the manager was not present.

The employee in the manager’s office led the Sincere Merchant Group members to the eighth floor of the tree castle and walked down the single corridor there.

No goods were displayed on the eighth floor, and Mr. Zhao had never been here before.


As they were walking, Mr. Zhao noted the complete lack of people.

The walls around them had iron boards nailed to them, and there was soundproofing Vibrating Gold embedded into the iron boards.

This did not look like a place where the manager handled administrative matters at all.

Just as Mr. Zhao was about to call the Sincere Merchant Group members to stop walking and ask the employee what was going on, the attendant who was leading them suddenly released a dark green and wart-covered toad.

When the toad appeared, the Sincere Merchant Group members sucked in cold breaths.

The pressure from a Diamond/Fantasy fey pressed down on all of them.

The attendant looked amused. It was like a stray cat that had just spotted a trembling mouse.

Mr. Zhao fixed his eyes on the attendant and forced himself to say with feigned calmness, “What are you doing? Take me to see the manager now. We need to set off soon!”

The attendant instructed the toad to move in front of Mr. Zhao and said, “The manager noticed that your Sincere Merchant Group has struck gold and wants me to send you into the Spiked Skin Tongue Toad’s belly for a good rest as a reward for all the hard work you’ve put in.”

Suddenly, the attendant’s tone changed, and he said sternly to the Spiked Skin Tongue Toad, “Spiked Skin Tongue Toad, swallow all of them.”

Just as Mr. Zhao and the Sincere Merchant Group members were about to enter the final moment of their lives, the unassuming man raised his hand abruptly, and a howl of pain from a toad soon followed.

This was when Mr. Zhao saw the dark green toad’s body being engulfed by a brilliant red flame. There seemed to be flowing dark red lava at the base of the flame.

It did not take long for the dark red lava to burn the Spiked Skin Tongue Toad into ashes. Then, the lava swiftly moved on to the attendant and stole his life as well.

The fire did not disappear after devouring the Spiked Skin Tongue Toad and the attendant. Instead, it started to spread in all directions.

All of a sudden, the 400-meter-tall tree castle that housed the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce’s Oak City branch was transformed into a furiously burning tree.

Mr. Zhao had assumed that his life was about to end in the pits of the dark green toad’s stomach and that the rest of the Sincere Merchant Group would be killed in this narrow corridor.

He had been enraged, sorrowful, and self-reproachful. If only he had considered this possibility at the beginning, come to the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce on his own, and told Zhao Jiazhi to take the Sincere Merchant Group away from Oak City once he could not reach his father, the other Sincere Merchant Group members would not have died here.

On the way to the Iron Hammer Federation, Mr. Zhao was excited about the future. He thought that he would be capable of bringing a bright future to the Sincere Merchant Group and living up to Lin Yuan’s hopes for them. He even had hopes of Bean’s first fey being Bronze/Flawless instead of Bronze/Normal or Elite quality.

Alas, the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce turned out to be a demon hiding in the shadows that wiped out merchant groups in order to take over their resources.

Unfortunately, the Sincere Merchant Group did not have the power to fight back against the behemoth that was the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Zhao had never encountered a Platinum/Fantasy fey.

He also never expected the person Lin Yuan had placed by their side to be useful against such a strong enemy. After all, Lin Yuan’s attendant, who wore silver armor, had only possessed the same power as this attendant.

When Han Tianhe attacked, Lin Yuan found out about the situation through Red Thorn. Lin Yuan had fueled Han Tianhe’s attack.

The Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce’s tree castle was one of the tallest buildings in Oak City. It was only 15 meters shorter than the residence of the Class 4 Creation Master family.

By now, everyone in Oak City had spotted the blazing Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce. It came as a shock to all of them that the wealthy and almighty Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce would end up being set on fire.

Besides the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce members, there were also customers and members of merchant groups who had come to trade within the building.

Lin Yuan had no grudge against these people. Hence, the fire only set the building itself alight.

If Han Tianhe had summoned the Earth Core Dragon Snail and used its Creation Breed world power, the entire Oak City would have been reduced to ashes.

Mr. Zhao, Zhao Jiazhi, and the rest of the Sincere Merchant Group looked with silent astonishment at the man who had killed a king-class expert with a raise of his hand and without uttering a single word.

At this moment, a furious voice bellowed from within the tree castle, “Who is the one that had the audacity to set fire to the Deep Freeze Chamber of Commerce? Hurry up and put out the fire. Don’t forget to save the precious furs from the flames. Even if you need to sacrifice your bodies, make sure you protect them.”

Almost immediately after, a gust of coldness burst out from within the tree castle that slowly started to extinguish the flames.

The heat and cold produced a carbonizing effect. The giant tree castle that had turned to carbon started to disintegrate.

All the customers and members of merchant groups within the tree castle fled toward the exit in a frenzy.

The man who had caused the fire was completely unperturbed as he trailed behind the Sincere Merchant Group as they ran out.

This was because Lin Yuan had ordered Red Thorn not to use the Tongue of Relinquish to control Han Tianhe to continue his attack.

At that moment, Lin Yuan, Liu Jie, Little Flower, and Little Grass were rushing toward the tree castle.

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