Fey Evolution Merchant-Chapter 1563

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Chapter 1563: As If I’ll Stop!

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Luckily, the Mother of Bloodbath had sent that group of feys away. Otherwise, if the Mother of Bloodbath summoned the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring in front of them, Blood New Moon might have killed them to protect his daughter and Lin Yuan’s safety.

Just as Blood New Moon was about to issue a warning to Lin Yuan and the Mother of Bloodbath, he noticed that Lin Yuan had entered a state of comprehension.

At that moment, a Willpower Rune related to the soul formed in Lin Yuan’s brain.


The soul power in this Willpower Rune separated and reformed in a continuous cycle. It was similar to how the Remembrance Soul Whale was searching and solidifying souls.

Lin Yuan had comprehended this Willpower Rune that was related to the construction of souls when he sensed that the Remembrance Soul Whale was solidifying Jade Sundial’s soul.



It was extremely suitable for the Remembrance Soul Whale.

Lin Yuan opened his eyes and smiled.

He did not expect to receive this surprising benefit when he was helping the Mother of Bloodbath to revive its mother.


Once the Remembrance Soul Whale evolved to Fantasy Breed, Lin Yuan would be able to evolve it to Diamond X.

At that point, the Remembrance Soul Whale would be able to solidify souls at a faster rate. It would be able to complete Jade Sundial’s soul quicker.

Additionally, the Remembrance Soul Whale’s evolution would allow Morbius to break through past Silver X and reach Gold grade.


When Lin Yuan Spirit Locked another fey, Morbius might be able to wake up.

Lin Yuan had been looking forward to this day for a very long time.

At that moment, the Bronze Furnace Guards arrived at the inner sanctum of the lava zone.

All of the fire-elemental energy in the lava zone had been drained. This change in the environment would seriously affect Bronze Furnace City commercially.

Bronze Furnace City used to rely on the forests around it to develop its fruit and flower sectors.

When the lava zone was formed, Bronze Furnace City had no choice but to redo its entire commercial structure.

But just as they were starting to gain some traction, the environment changed again.

If this change could not be overturned, their prosperity would plummet again.

All of their commercial structures would have to be redone.

But how could it be easy to redo a commercial structure that had taken so long to develop?

The Guard Captain of Bronze Furnace City had also personally come to investigate the situation.

The more he investigated, the more shocked he became.

This was because he realized that the lava zone was completely devoid of fire-elemental energy.

What the hell? God, are you trying to torture Bronze Furnace City to death?

The longer he was there, the angrier he became. When he entered the inner sanctum, he found a group of feys there.

They were blocking the path to prevent him from entering the center of the lava zone.

The Bronze Azure Guard Captain immediately exploded with anger and bellowed, “Are you the cause of the lava zone losing all of its fire-elemental energy? If that’s the case, return all of the fire-elemental energy now!”

The Bronze Azure Guard Captain became even angrier.

All of the major cities were gearing up to enter the abyssal world and build mirror cities there.

Due to the previous change in environment, Bronze Furnace City had only just managed to recover. This was just in time for them to build a mirror city in the abyssal world.

As such, Bronze Furnace City was slightly panicked.

Recently, two veteran factions had wanted to move out of Bronze Furnace City. They eventually stayed after much coaxing from the Bronze Furnace Guard Captain, Xu Kuan.

But now that the environment around Bronze Furnace City had changed again, all of the businesses in Bronze Furnace City that surrounded fire-elemental energy would be doomed for failure.

Bronze Furnace City was ranked second from the bottom amongst the 32 major cities in the Radiance Federation.

Damn! Bronze Furnace City will probably come last in this year’s ranking! How embarrassing!

They had formed contracts with the high-grade feys from the lava zone that protected their spirit qi professionals when they were training in the lava zone.

As thanks, the center of the lava zone was sectioned out and given to these feys to stay.

Although foreign feys commonly attacked the native feys from Bronze Furnace City, the feys that had formed contracts with Bronze Furnace City had all performed well.

As such, Xu Kuan forced himself to swallow his anger.

Otherwise, he would have attacked.

The feys that the Mother of Bloodbath sent to guard the inner sanctum of the lava zone remembered the Mother of Bloodbath’s instruction not to clash against the Bronze Furnace Guard Captain.

The middle-aged woman walked up and said, “We won’t let you in no matter what you say. We won’t lay a hand on you if you don’t barge in. If you need to talk, we can do so once our master arrives.”

Xu Kuan was shocked when he heard this.

When did these feys from the center of the lava zone gain a master? They are clearly supposed to be here to guard the center of the lava zone. The change to the lava zone is definitely linked to their master.

Xu Kuan was the Bronze Furnace Guard Captain. He could not sit back and watch as Bronze Furnace City’s economy collapsed as a result of the change in environment.

This would plunge the lives of countless citizens in Bronze Furnace City into despair.

Xu Kuan shot a look at the Bronze Furnace Guards behind him, and they immediately turned and rushed off in the direction of Bronze Furnace City.

These people were not returning to Bronze Furnace City but going to find a bunker where they would call the branch of Spirit Guards in Bronze Furnace City and ask them to send reinforcements.

Normally, Xu Kuan would be able to handle these feys that were Myth III at best on his own.

However, he could not let his guard down until he met their master.

After sending a group off to bring help, Xu Kuan waved his hand, and two feys in human form appeared next to him.

They were both holding weapons, and it was clear that they had reached at least Myth III.

The feys behind the middle-aged woman were surprised when Xu Kuan summoned his feys.

They were about to retaliate when a young man said from behind them, “Stop!”

Xu Kuan was feeling very frantic.

When he heard someone shout at him to stop, he yelled, “As if I’ll stop! Who do you think you are? What makes you think that you can tell me what to do?”

When the last word fell from Xu Kuan’s lips, a small item flew at him.

Xu Kuan reached out and grabbed it. He saw that it was a small Class 2 Creation Master crest.

Xu Kuan felt suspicious when he saw the Creation Master crest.

You might be a Class 2 Creation Master, but that doesn’t give you the right to order me to stop!

However, his jaw fell open when he saw the moon totem on the Class 2 Creation Master crest.

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