Genius Summoner-Chapter 932 - Easy Task (2)

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Chapter 932: Easy Task (2)

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“Kid over there! You must protect this space well. If it collapses, none of you will be able to get out alive!” The heavy fog suddenly got up and went towards the giant beast. Mu Canghai immediately looked cold and his gray eyes glittered! He wouldn’t let anything happen to her!

The three contracted Magic Beasts saw that Yun Feng was standing in a ball of thick fog, which was going towards the hooded man. The three Magic Beasts were a bit panicked, but the undead’s persistence made them unable to escape at all!

“Let your contracted Magic Beasts play aside quietly!” The creature in the fog suddenly shouted in a low voice, while Yun Feng smiled awkwardly and sent a telepathic message to the three of them. At the same time, the man in the hood immediately burst into laughter crazily when he saw Yun Feng stepping on a huge fog!

“Hahahaha, Yun Feng, let’s see which one of us is stronger!”

“A dark summoner?” The huge fog carried Yun Feng closer and closer to the hooded man. Yun Feng listened to the hooded man’s crazy laughter with disgust on her face. “That’s right. Can you tell me why you want me to go with you this time?”

“Nobody dares to stand on my back! Kid, if it weren’t for… Hm! Fine, I only agreed to beat the other one down. I didn’t promise you to attack that dark summoner!”

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes. “I asked you to come with me to create an opportunity for you. Remember, you only have one chance. Let’s see if you can seize it!”

What?! Before Yun Feng could digest what he said, she only felt that the thick fog in front of her eyes immediately dispersed. The hooded man and that giant beast were right in front of her!

The corners of the hooded man’s mouth curled up and an excited smile hung at the corners of his mouth with endless evil! He looked at Yun Feng through the hood with a scorching gaze. Even though he didn’t know what was wrapped in the thick fog, he was sure that he wanted this thing!

Excitement, greed and desire!

The giant beast that had merged with the man in the hood suddenly roared. When it noticed Yun Feng’s aura, it was even more furious. Its black eyes were filled with bone-piercing viciousness. Its entire body was trying its best to jump out of the spatial crack, but the thick fog that carried Yun Feng had already pounced over instantly and walked right into the trap!

“I’m going to attack!” With a deep roar, a powerful aura spread out. The thick fog suddenly opened like a ferocious mouth and quickly swallowed the giant beast, the man in the hood, and even that space!

The three contracted Magic Beasts couldn’t help but feel a bit dumbfounded when they saw this scene, but they didn’t have time to be distracted. They tried their best to continue fighting with the undead. Right now, the only thing they could help Yun Feng with was dealing with these three undead! When Mu Canghai saw this scene, his gray eyes suddenly flashed and a drop of blood flowed out of his eyes. It could be seen that a huge change happened in that space!

Bright red blood dripped down Mu Canghai’s eyes drop by drop. Mu Canghai stood there the whole time and didn’t do anything. He stared at that area firmly! Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but curse softly when he saw this. His black eyes instantly turned bloody red!

Mu Canghai was stunned. He turned around and couldn’t help but look at Qu Lanyi next to him. The pressure in the space was inexplicably reduced. Could it be him? Qu Lanyi looked at Mu Canghai with his bloodshot eyes impolitely. “You can’t be the only hero.”

Mu Canghai was stunned. He looked at Qu Lanyi’s blood-red eyes thoughtfully and suddenly chuckled. He turned around and continued staring ahead. There was no longer any blood left, because Qu Lanyi helped him reduce a lot of the space pressure.

“Qu Lanyi, who exactly are you?” Mu Canghai’s cold voice came. Qu Lanyi curled his lips and smiled. “I’m who I should be.”

“You didn’t even tell Yun Feng?”

Qu Lanyi was silent for a while and snorted. “You don’t have to worry about it. Just stabilize this space first!”

Mu Canghai didn’t say anything else. There were indeed some things that he shouldn’t care about, but he couldn’t let go when it involved Yun Feng. Forget it. They should wait until the current matter was over safely! If they didn’t protect this space well, none of them would be able to get out alive!

Outside the space that was swallowed by the fog, the people didn’t know what was going on inside. There was a heavy fog inside that covered the sky and the earth and they couldn’t see anything. Half of the man’s body was exposed. Looking at the endless fog in front of his eyes, he couldn’t help but feel a bit panicked.

“Yun Feng! You coward, come out!” The man in the hood shouted with a slightly crazy voice. His hoarse voice echoed in the heavy fog. Nobody replied to him. The giant beast under him also became irritable and uneasy. There was only the sound of the giant beast’s body sliding.

“You think I can’t do anything with the fog? You’ve underestimated me!” The man in the hood smiled evilly with an indescribable evilness. Dark elements immediately surged out fiercely and directly penetrated the body of the giant beast!

“Roar, roar, roar!” The giant beast let out a furious roar as its body moved abruptly. The thick fog seemed to be cut open, but it quickly closed again! The man in the hood couldn’t help but feel frustrated. “Humph! The members of the Yun family are just so-so. They’re all cowards. They’re all hiding in their turtle shells and can’t come out.”

“What did you say about the Yun family?” A cold and gentle voice suddenly sounded. The man in the hood suddenly felt his heart burning. He immediately turned around and saw the girl standing in front of him clearly with burning eyes!

Before the man in the hood did anything, Yun Feng had already jumped to the opposite side of the man in the hood. The man in the hood smiled weirdly and raised his pale arm abruptly. Two streams of black elements surged out of his body and pounced straight at Yun Feng. It looked like they were going to invade Yun Feng’s body!

She was his. Everything she had was his! Thinking of this, the hooded man’s fingers trembled. The enthusiasm in his heart was surging crazily. He wanted to take everything from her!

Yun Feng had no chance of dodging at all. The two streams of dark elements invaded her body directly! The black jade pendant that had been stuck to Yun Feng’s neck emitted a tiny beam of dark light. The two streams of dark elements were quickly absorbed by the black jade pendant! Sensing the movement of the black jade pendant, the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth also curled up slowly. The man in the hood was thinking about Yun Feng’s various states after being swallowed by his dark elements, but he didn’t expect Yun Feng to be fine in front of him!

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